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Best Copic Marker Paper: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

Copic marker pens aren’t just used by professionals, but by everyone who loves art and are conscious about their ink quality. These markers happen to be one of the most reliable marker pens for professionals and amateurs alike; in fact, most artists prefer using copic marker pens than any other pens.

However, copic marker pens cannot be used on any regular paper without spoiling both the surface and the art. As these marker pens use alcohol-based ink, you need special paper for them, generally known as Copic marker papers.

Only these special papers can be used to make your art perfectly with Copic Marker pens, as these papers contain certain specialities absent in regular paper.

There are many different kinds of special paper available in the market, but only some of them can be used as Copic Marker Papers.

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Top 10 Best Copic Marker Paper: Reviews

Here is a list of 10 specialty papers that will be perfect to use with Copic Marker pens for any kind of art projects.

1. Bianyo BN-5803 XL Bleedproof SketchBook

This is not just a few pages from Bianyo, but a 50-page sketchbook. Whether you are an artist by profession or if it is a hobby for you, this is a lightweight sketchbook that you will be able to carry with you at all times.

The pages are all bleed-proof, so there’s no chance of your ink merging or bleeding into the next page, even when you use force or dark colors. The Bianyo Sketchbook can be the perfect companion for artists and painters, to carry with them as their portfolio and sample book.

Each of the pages of this sketchbook is 8.27” x 11.69” (21cmX29.7cm), perfect for landscapes, portraits, architectural sketches, sketches and any kind of art.

The papers themselves weigh only 70 GSM each, extremely lightweight but still bleed-proof. Even though the paper is thin and light, the ink stays on the surface of the page. The page absorbs less ink from the Copic Marker Pens than other kinds of pages, which also means that your pens would last longer and less ink will be needed for your art.

The paper you get inside is ultra-smooth, made from Acid-free and PH neutral materials. They are glue bound inside the sketchbook, so tearing up a single page, or more, wouldn’t hurt the binding of the sketchbook.


  • 50 pages in a single sketchbook
  • Each page is 8.27” x 11.69” (21cmX29.7cm) in size
  • Each sheet of page weighs only 70 GSM
  • Bleed-proof and lightweight paper
  • Ink stays on top of page and doesn’t get absorbed into the pages
  • White and ultra-smooth paper
  • Made from PH-neutral and acid-free materials
  • Each page sticked with glue for easy tearing
  • Perfect size for landscapes, architectural designs and portraits
  • Easy to carry around in hand or backpack
  • Strong and hard background for support

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2. U.S. Art Supply 9”x12” Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad

This is a set of 2 paper pads, each one containing 24 sheets, 48 sheets of paper in total. Although these papers have been made for Manga art and sketches, they can be used for another kind of art. In this particular set, the pages are each 9”x12” in size.

They are just the perfect size for portraits, cartoons, illustrations, landscapes or manga, or any other form of creativity you are interested in.

The pages are made from Acid-free and pH-neutral materials, completely safe for everyone to use. These papers are perfect to use with Copic Markers, as well as with any other kind of marker pens, pencils, ink and watercolor.

Each of the 48 sheets of paper weigh 60lbs and 100 grams; they are bleed-proof and semi-glossy, perfect for any kind of art. You can even mix different kinds of pens, ink and marker pens together to create your art, and the paper would be able to hold them all.


  • Set of 2 paper pads
  • East paper pad contains 24 sheets of paper
  • Each page is 9” X 12” in size
  • Each sheet weighs 60lbs or 100 grams
  • Uniform and smooth surface
  • Bleed-proof paper
  • Perfect for using all kinds of pen, markers, watercolor and ink
  • Can be used for sketches, watercolor and art

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3. Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad

This is a set of 100 bleed-proof sheets of paper, each of them 9” x 12” (22.9cm x 30.5cm) in size. The sheets are a kind of semi-translucent white paper that’s perfect for Copic Marker pens, as well as water colors, sketch pens, sharp pencils or any other marker pens.

The pages from the Canson XL series are folded over bound to each other, and they are made from completely acid-free materials.

Each sheet only weighs 18 pounds or 70 grams, and together, the whole set is quite lightweight. Instead of being solid, the pages are semi-translucent and bright white in color.


  • Comes in a set of 100 sheets
  • Fold over bound
  • Each sheet is 9” x 12” (22.9cm x 30.5cm) in size
  • Each sheet weighs 18 pounds i.e. 70 grams
  • Semi-translucent paper
  • Bright white in color
  • Can be used with marker pens, water colors and any kind of pens and pencils
  • Bleed-proof
  • Can be used with alcohol or solvent marker pens
  • Made from acid-free materials

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4. Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads

You get 2 packs of paper with the Strathmore Series 400, and each pack comes with 100 sheets of paper. The papers themselves are perfect for all kinds of arts and activities, and can be used with different marker pens, pencils, and any type of ink.

They are also perfect for using with Copic Marker pens, as the ink will stay on the surface of the paper instead of being absorbed by the paper.

The pages are all 60 pounds in weight with a fine tooth surface, made from acid-free materials. Each of the sheets are 9” x 12” (22.9 cm x 30.5 cm) in size, which is the perfect size for portraits, landscapes, architectural designs or any other kind of art.

The 100-sheet pad is a heavy-weight product, and great for both professionals and amateurs for all kinds of dry art media.


  • Comes in packs of 2 sets of paper
  • Each set of paper contains 100 sheets of paper
  • Perfect for all kinds of art and dry media
  • Perfect to use with Copic Marker pens
  • Made from acid-free materials
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Great for sketches, designs and cartoons
  • Each sheet is 9” x 12” (22.9 cm x 30.5 cm) in size
  • Each sheet weighs 60 pounds, i.e. 89 grams/m2
  • Only for dry art media, not water-based media

5. Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Sketchbook

Available at an extremely affordable price, this sketchbook from Crescent Creative might look like an ordinary notebook, but it is actually a 8” x 8” sketchbook with 32 sheets in each.

The sheets are bound together by a wire spiral binding, making it easy to open the pages completely and using every inch of your paper. The sketchbook folds completely allowing you to make edge-to-edge artwork.

There are a total of 32 sheets in one sketchbook, but you can draw on both sides of the sheet. The Rendr no-show technology allows the artist to use both sides of the paper even when you are using dark marker pens, sharp pencils or even watercolor.

All kinds of dry and water-based media, including pens, marker pens, spray paint, charcoal and watercolor pens can be used on these papers.

This sketchbook from Crescent Creative features the widely popular 85-square formal, and each of the sheets weigh 110 lbs or 180 GSM. They are made from acid-free materials and completely safe to use, even when used with alcohol-based or solvent-based ink.


  • Total of 32 sheets in one sketchbook
  • Both sides of the paper can be used
  • 8” x 8” in size
  • Bound together by a wire spiral binding
  • Can be used with dark marker pens, sharp pencils, pens, charcoal, spray paint and watercolor
  • Each sheet weighs 110 lbs or 180 GSM
  • Made from acid-free materials
  • Can be opened all the way for making edge-to-edge art

6. Canson Artist Series Pro Layout Marker Pad

It is possible to use this Marker Pad with any Copic Marker pen, as well as any other kind of pens, pencils and marker pens, The sheets aren’t just white and smooth, but they are semi-translucent and extremely bright in color.

This marker pad from Canson Artist Series is perfect for any kind of drawing, doodling, sketching, portraits, cartoons or landscapes. The paper works absolutely perfectly with all kinds of pens and pencils, as well as solvent- and alcohol-based markers.

Each marker pad contains 50 sheets of paper, each 11” x 14” in size. The sheets each weigh 18 pounds or 70 gram, and are all made from acid-free materials. These are bleed-proof papers no matter which marker pens and which color you use; the ink will stay above the paper and not reach the next page.


  • Each marker pad contains 50 sheets
  • Each sheet is 11” x 14” in size
  • Suitable for all kinds of pens, marker pens and pencils
  • Works with both solvent-based and alcohol-based paper
  • Each sheet weighs 18 pounds or 70 grams

7. Copic Marker XPBC Express Blending Card

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From the same brand that makes the world-renowned Copic Marker pens, this is a set of 125 extremely high quality cardstock. These cardstocks have been manufactured especially to use with Copic Marker pens, but can also be used with any other marker pens, gel pens, regular pens and pencils.

The cards in this pack are all high-quality products, each 8.5” x 11” in size. Made from cid-free materials, these card stocks are compatible with inkjet and laser printers. Made in the United States of America, the surface of the paper is ultra smooth and perfect for working on.

For complicated artwork and paintings, the Copic Marker Blending Cards are great for blending different colors together, The ink stays on top of the paper, looks bright and vivid, instead of being absorbed by the paper.


  • Made by the manufacturers of Copic Markers
  • Each set contains 125 sheets of paper
  • Each sheet is 8.5” x 11” in size
  • Compatible with laser and inkjet printers
  • Made in the USA
  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Perfect for Copic Markers and other mediums
  • Great for mixing and blending colors
  • High-quality cardstock

8. Crafter’s Companion Spectrum Noir Cardstock

This 50-sheet pack of cardstock from Crafter’s Companion has an ultra smooth finish and a high-quality surface.

It can be used with Copic Marker pens, as well as any kind of alcohol-based marker pens. Besides sketching, drawing, doodling, watercoloring, these cardstocks can also be used for stampin and digital printing.

Each sheet of paper is 8.5” x 11” in size, and weighs around 80 lbs. The papers each has a 97-brightness and they are extremely affordable for everyone.


  • Ultra smooth surface
  • Comes in set of 50 sheets
  • Each sheet is 8.5” x 11”
  • Perfect for using with Copic Markers
  • Can be used with any marker pens, pencils and watercolors
  • Can be used for digital printing
  • Perfect for stamping on
  • Each sheet weighs only 80-lbs
  • Papers have a 97-brightness
  • Ideal for any alcohol-based marker pens

9. Canson XL Series Bristol Pad

If you are looking for heavyweight paper for your art, this is a brand that can surely meet your needs. Each sheet is 9” x 12” in size, and weighs around 100 pounds. The pages are heavy and smooth, and perfect for any kind of art.

The Canson XL Series gives you paper that’s bright white in color, smooth and extremely durable. Each set has 25 sheets of paper and they work perfectly with any Copic Marker, pens, brushes and ink.

The papers are made from acid-free materials, and are completely safe to use. Even if you use solvent-based and alcohol-based marker pens, the paper is safe to use for adults and children alike. You can use the paper to scan your artwork and painting to your computer after you are done, as the paper is smooth enough for a scanner.


  • Heavyweight paper, each weighs 100 pounds
  • Each sheet is 9” x 12” in size
  • Smooth surface
  • Comes in sets of 25 sheets
  • Bright white in color
  • Excellent erasability in case of pencil
  • Can be used in a scanner
  • Perfect for using with Copic Markers
  • Safe to use with solvent-based and alcohol-based markers
  • Each sheet weighs 100 pounds, i.e. 260 grams
  • Works with pens, pencils, watercolour and charcoal

10. Premium 50 Sheets Sketch Marker Paper Pad

From renowned manufacturers BOXUN, this is a set of 50 sheets of sketch pad, bound together in a pad. Each sheet is 9” x 12” in size and weighs 90 grams. They are all made from acid-free eco-friendly papers; all sheets are naturally white in color and perfect for all kinds of dry media.

You can use these papers for everything – from sketching and doodling, to drawing, cartooning and coloring. These premium sheets from BOXUN are completely bleedproof and can be used with Copic Marker pens.

In fact, the sheets are completely safe to use with any solvent- and alcohol-based marker pens. The sheets are available in a fold-over bound and can be easily teared away without any harm done to the pad.


  • Comes in a sketchbook with 50 sheets
  • Each sheet is 9” x 12” in size
  • Semi-translucent paper in naturally white color
  • Works with Copic Marker pens and any marker pens, pencils and charcoals
  • Works with any dry media
  • Can be used for everything from doodling to coloring
  • Bleed-proof
  • Safe to use with any solvent- and alcohol-based ink
  • Fold over bound together
  • Easy to tear away from pad

Copic Marker Paper Buying Guide

Buying the right paper for your art isn’t something that you can do without some serious contemplation. The right paper is just as important as the markers or the pens you are using, and almost as important as the subject matter of your art.

If you plan on using Copic Marker pens, which are undoubtedly one of the best marker pens in the market, you definitely need paper that can accommodate the ink used in Copic Markers.

Above, you can find names and details on the ten best paper and pads for Copic Markers in the market. Next, here is a list of all the features you need to look for when deciding on a particular brand of paper.

  • Number of Sheets

When buying a set of papers, it is important that you focus on the number of sheets you are getting. Getting a set that has the maximum number of sheets means you won’t have to order your paper often.

Sets and pads of paper come with sheets ranging from 50 to 125, as well as more or less. For example, the U.S. Art Supply 9”x12” Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad comes with 24 sheets of paper but the Copic Marker XPBC Express Blending Card is a set of 125 sheets of paper.

Some paper sets even come in multiple packs, such as the Strathmore Series 400 Sketch Pads, which is a set of 2 packs, each pack containing 100 sheets of paper.

  • Binding 

Some sets of papers come individually, without being found into a notebook or a sketchbook. These are great if you randomly pick up a sheet of paper for your artwork, send it to someone or use it in a scanner to get a digital copy.

The Copic Marker XPBC Express Blending Card is such a set of paper. This set of cardstock comes in a pack of 125 sheets and they are loose and unattached. These kinds of sets make it possible to use the papers for purposes other than art.

On the other hand, most artists prefer a bound sketchbook or a marker pad. This way, all your drawings can stay in the same notebook, and it can make a great portfolio to show potential clients and art enthusiasts.

Most of the paper needed for use with Copic markers are available in sketchbook forms, and they are bound together inside a notebook.

The Bianyo BN-5803 XL Bleedproof SketchBook, for example, is a fold-bound sketchbook with 50 pages. The Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Sketchbook, on the other hand, is bound together by a wire spiral binding. Wire spiral bindings are actually preferable for sketchbooks as the notebook can be opened all the way through.

  • Size 

The size of the paper or the sketchbook is very important, when it comes to art and drawings. If you work with cartoons or portraits, a smaller notebook can be enough for you, However, if you prefer complicated designs and landscapes, you’ll need larger and wider sheets of paper.

For example, the Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Sketchbook is a rather small sketchbook, with pages that are only 8” x 8” in size, as opposed to the Canson Artist Series Pro Layout Marker Pad which is a 11” x 14” marker pad.

  • Weight

The weight of individual sheets of paper doesn’t actually matter, because they are all extremely lightweight. Most sheets of paper don’t exceed 100 pounds of weight, but together, especially when bound together in a sketchbook, they could become heavy.

When you plan to carry your sketchbook or marker pad in your hands, inside our backpack or on our travels, it is better to get a lightweight sketchbook.

The Canson XL Series Marker Paper Pad is one such marker pad with very lightweight sheets of paper, which is only 70 grams or 18 pounds per sheet.

Besides, the weight of the paper also affects the ink usage and the quality of the art. There are two types of paper when it comes to weight: lightweight and heavyweight.

Artists prefer lightweight paper because they absorb less ink into the paper and the Copic marker loses less ink. On the other hand, heavyweight papers absorb more ink and your Copic markers will dry up quicker.

  • Paper Quality

The quality of the paper is perhaps the most important feature to focus on when deciding on a brand of paper for using Copic Marker pens. There are a few different types of features that artists look for in their paper, such as:

  1. The smoothness of the paper
  2. The color of the paper
  3. The thickness of the sheets
  4. The shine of the paper
  5. The erasability of the paper, etc.

All these features are important for professional artists even when they don’t mean a lot to the amateurs and the beginners.

  • Bleed-proof Features 

Copic Marker pens use very dark and heavy ink, and if the right kind of paper isn’t used, the ink can bleed into the next page. This is why, any piece of paper that you use with Copic Marker pens need to be bleed-proof.

In bleed-proof papers, the ink stays on the surface of the paper instead of being absorbed by it. The ink, however dark or thin, doesn’t reach the next page to ruin your art. In fact, with some papers, you can use both sides of the sheet for your artwork.

The Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Sketchbook, for example, guarantees that you will be able to work on both sides of the paper, even when you are using Copic Marker pens.

  • Materials 

Most markers are made from alcohol-based or solvent-based materials, so they need a safe surface for work on. The kind of papers that are completely acid-free are the best choice for marker pens which, fortunately, most papers are.

Especially when using Copic Marker pens, it is very important that you choose a brand of paper that has been made from acid-free and safe materials.

  • Versatility 

Most papers are quite versatile and you can use them with not just Copic marker pens, but with most other pens, markers, charcoals and pencils.

These papers are usually strong enough to hold the ink and color from different mediums. However, some papers should only be used for dry media, such as the Premium 50 Sheets Sketch Marker Paper Pad.

Besides, some other papers can also be used for stamping on and for scanning, i.e. the Canson XL Series Bristol Pad.

All of these, or at least most of these features, should be present in your choice of Copic Marker pens if you want your art to be flawless and free from interruption.

What kind of paper is best for Copic markers?

Copic Marker pens are unlike any other markers that you can find in the market. Unlike the cheap brands that dry out quickly, Copic marker pens are refillable and last for years.

It is one of the most popular brands in the world preferred by both amateur and professional illustrators, artists, cartoonists and painters. Copic marker pens might be costlier than the other brands, but the quality of the pens and the ink used in the pens are truly amazing.

Copic marker pens are filled with very high-quality ink that is thick and vivid, and the ink is alcohol-based. While the ink used in Copic marker pens and non-toxic and low-odor, they need a special kind of paper to be used on. We know these papers as Copic Marker Papers.

The papers we need to use for Copic Marker pens should ideally have a few features or characteristics.

The best kind of paper for Copic marker pens needs to be of a certain weight. The weight of a sheet of paper crucially affects the quality of the ink, which leads to affecting the quality of your art.

If the paper is too heavy, or a heavyweight kind of paper, the ink will stay on the surface of the paper, but a huge portion of the ink will also be absorbed into the paper. This may not cause the ink to bleed into the next page, but it also means that you’ll need to refill your ink tanks more frequently.

On the other hand, a lighter paper, or a lightweight paper, will absorb less ink. If you are using lightweight paper in your art, you won’t need to refill your markers so often.

Color also plays a very important part in choosing the best paper for Copic markers. The brighter and the whiter the paper, the best your Copic marker ink will look on them.

For this reason, most of the brands manufacture paper that are intensely white and extremely bright, as opposed to faded and matte colors.

If you tend to apply a lot of pressure on your drawings, or if you are thinking of blending your colors together for the best effect, it is always better to choose a high-quality, thick paper. When the paper is thick, the ink won’t bleed through the paper, even when you’ve used a lot of ink on a small area.

Even though copic marker pens are created and tested for smooth application, the best paper would also have to be quite smooth for the perfect drawing and coloring experience.

Just like the color, most papers suitable for use with Copic markers are manufactured to be extremely smooth. The smoother the surface of the paper, the better the Copic marker pens would work on them.

If you use a regular piece of paper, applying the Copic marker pens won’t just bleed through the paper, but also make it weak. The best paper for these marker pens will, on the other hand, strengthen the paper. Even when ink has been absorbed by the paper, the sheet will stay strong and erect.

However, it is always better to experiment on several pieces and brands of paper and find your favorite own.

Sample papers in various sizes are available everywhere, so before buying a whole pack, it is a good idea to use some Copic marker pens – both dark and light in color – on various brands of Copic marker papers and see which one is more suited for your artwork.

Is watercolor paper good for Copic Marker Pens?

Watercolor papers, just like copic marker papers, are also smooth, bright and of high quality. Watercolor papers usually have just the right kind of texture that can give your art a vintage, more textured look.

However, watercolor papers are used to water-based paint and ink, which means that the ink is more prone to spreading beyond the lines. Copic colors, too, have the tendency to bleed more than any other kind of markers. This feature of Copic marker pens make it easy to blend the colors together, but it also makes it harder to stay inside the lines.

Watercolor papers are very high-quality papers, but they are used to water-based colors spreading and bleeding around the edges of the border.

With most watercolor paints, artists don’t really bother with staying strictly inside the lines. On the other hand, artwork done with Copic marker pens are usually supposed to stay strictly inside the lines.

Therefore, whether watercolor paper can be used with Copic Marker pens depends on the type of artwork you are creating and how bleeding and spreading can affect it.

If you want the color to stay strictly inside the lines, watercolor papers aren’t the best option for you. Since Copic marker pens will most certainly bleed and spread a little, especially on a watercolor paper, this is not something you can continue.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind the ink spreading just a little beyond the edges and bleeding into the other side of the paper, watercolor papers can be great for using with Copic Marker pens. In fact, the combination of textured watercolor paper and vivid Copic Marker pens is something that can give your artwork a beautiful, vintage look and feel.

What Sketchbooks are Good for Copic Markers?

There are certain advantages to using a sketchbook instead of loose sheets of paper for your artwork. If you work in a sketchbook, all your work would stay in the same place instead of being scattered all over your work room.

Sketchbooks make perfect portfolios of your work, as well; you can easily travel with them, carry them around in your hand or bag, and you’ll have all your work with you if you want to share them with a customer, a client or another art enthusiast.

Some sketchbooks are made so that the pages can be teared away easily from the book, as the papers are joined together in a fold over bound, punctured dotted lines or by a wire spiral binding.

Besides, sketchbooks are easy to use. The paper for sketchbooks made especially for Copic marker pens will not bleed into the next page even if you use too much ink or apply a lot of pressure.

A number of sketchbooks can be perfect with any type of paintings, portraits, sketches and artwork done with Copic marker pens.

The Bianyo BN-5803 XL Bleedproof SketchBook, for example, is a 50-page sketchbook with pages that are 8.27” x 11.69” in size. The U.S. Art Supply 9”x12” Premium Manga-Marker Paper Pad too, is a marker pad with 24 sheets in each one.

The Crescent Creative Products 8-inch RENDR Sketchbook is a smaller sketchbook that can be perfect for portraits and sketches, and it is only 8” x 8” in size. This sketchbook has only 32 pages inside, but even with Copic Markers, it is possible to draw on both sides of the paper.

Besides, this sketchbook is bound together with a wire spiral binding, which makes it possible to use every bit of the paper, and allows you to complete edge-to-edge artwork. The Canson Artist Series Pro Layout Marker Pad, on the other hand, is a large sketchbook that is 11” x 14” in size, perfect for landscapes and complicated designs.

These are only some of the sketchbooks available in the market that you can use with Copic Marker pens. There are many others, as well, but the right choice of sketchbook depends on your budget, the number of pages you need in every sketchbook and the size of the paper.

Can you Use Copic Marker Pens on Printer Paper?

Printer papers can be used for a lot of purposes, but using Copic Marker pens for art is unfortunately not one of them. While you can use printer papers for random doodling or sketching with Copic marker pens, these papers aren’t steady or strong enough to hold all the ink usage in a complicated and detailed design.

Printer papers can be of different types and qualities, depending on their brands, their prices and the kind of machines they are made for. Although printer paper can be used for many purposes, they are primarily used in copiers, fax machines, inkjet and laser printers.

Some of the most important features of printer paper include:

The coating. Most printer papers are coated with a special kind of polymer layer and they make the paper glossy, matte or smooth. This coating isn’t necessary for using Copic marker pens; rather, the coating can make it difficult for the paper to absorb the ink from the Copic marker pens and the ink will very likely spread and bleed on the surface of the paper.

The Brightness. In terms of brightness, too, there are many varieties of printer paper. The brightness of these kinds of papers is usually measured inside the range of 1 to 100. Most printer papers fall within the range of 80 to 90.

While this is adequate for printing, the best papers for Copic marker pens are brighter and fall within the range of 95 to 100. Therefore, most printer papers aren’t bright enough to be used with Copic marker pens.

The weight. Printer papers also happen to be quite heavyweight, around 90 grams to 150 grams each. White the weight isn’t a problem for the art, the heavier the paper, the more ink it absorbs.

If the paper is very heavy, it means that it will absorb most of the ink and the Copic marker pens would need to be refilled more frequently.

Therefore, as you can see, printer papers aren’t the best choice for using Copic marker pens. Although it will be possible to use these papers for art, they won’t be able to give an artist the best performance because of their coating, their brightness and their weight.


Copic Marker pens are well-known all over the world as one of the best marker pens for all kinds of artwork, from sketching to coloring, cartooning to landscapes. Just as there are many different types of Copic marker pens available, there are also different brands and types of paper to choose from.

The paper needed for these marker pens must not just be of high-quality, but also bleed-proof, smooth and extremely white in color. In a sketchbook, marker pad or loose sheets of paper, it is very important that you find the right Copic Marker paper for your very unique kind of artwork.

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