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10 Best Sublimation Ink: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

In this following article, we will try to highlight some of the best sublimation printing inks and show you the importance of this product. But first, let’s discuss some basic facts.

Anyone who is in the printing business knows that work is impossible without good quality sublimation ink. Dye sublimation is a simple process of transferring dye using a heat press or iron of special sublimation ink and paper to various materials such as ceramic and fabric.

Sublimation ink is most commonly used when printing on textiles and has been shown to give significantly better results and last longer. The whole process is very simple and requires the use of inkjet printers.

As we mentioned you can use any Epson or Ricoh inkjet printer for sublimation. What is very important to emphasize for sublimation ink is that with the help of pressure and heat the paint turns into a gaseous state not liquid.

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Top 9 Best Sublimation Inks

1. 400ml Sublimation Ink for Epson Inkjet Printers

Seogol sublimation ink is suitable for printing on polyester material not cotton. The ink is of high quality and printing on polyester gives the best results. This sublimation ink has excellent durability and longevity. It also has protection against UV rays and is also waterproof and light-resistant.

As we already know, sublimation paper and an inkjet printer are required for printing, in addition to high-quality sublimation ink. The colors in this package are stable and bright. This sublimation ink is water-based and offers fast color transfer on the desired material using the heat press.

Sublimation ink installation is quick and easy and allows for smooth printing. The Seogol sublimation ink offers innovative technology with three-layer filtered ink for easy and fast color transfer.

This ink is suitable for printing on various materials, but as we mentioned, it gives the best results on one hundred percent polyester fabric. Also, good printing results can be seen on darker fabrics. This high-quality sublimation ink provides various possibilities. You can decorate T-shirts, mugs, pillows, bags, hats and many other things.

It is perfect for designing various gifts. As we know it is suitable for a number of Epson inkjet printer models such as ET2760, ET2550, ET3700, XP440, XP446, XP400, WF7710, WF7720, WF3640, ET2720, ET2750 ET2650, WF2750, WF2650, WF2850, WF3720 WF84.

It is also important to point out that the ink is suitable for refillable cartridges. The package includes four ink bottles of yellow, black, cyan, and magenta colors.

Key Features:

  • High-quality ink
  • Suitable for Epson inkjet printers and refillable cartridges
  • Waterproof and light-resistant
  • Stable and bright colors
  • Anti UV

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2. Sublimation Ink Heat Transfer Printing for Refillable or CISS

TBTeek is a brand known in the production of sublimation inks. For them, sublimation is an art and a science. With their high-quality inks you can have real printing experience and see the difference from other sublimation inks.

This sublimation ink is suitable for use with refillable cartridges and CISS ink system. In addition to quality sublimation paper, an inkjet printer is needed, as well as a hot press for the best quality and image transfer.

This TBTeek sublimation ink, which has been tested many times, has proven to be very economical and cannot harm your printer. It is easy to use and offers the best quality and fast color transfer with a hot press. The colors are resistant to light and fast fading.

The textures look smooth and the colors are natural and look bright. This sublimation ink provides great UV protection and, as we mentioned, the colors are stable even after a long time.

This sublimation ink is intended only for printing using a hot press and, as we already know, the best results are achieved by printing on polyester material or with a lower cotton content. It is also suitable for printing on ceramic, plastic, and metal. Perfect for creating interesting gifts for your family and friends.

Design easy and simple t-shirts, hats, mugs, pillows, bags, and other interesting things. This sublimation ink has a low viscosity and should not clog the head of your inkjet printer.

TBTeek sublimation ink is compatible with C68 C88 C88+ WF-3620 WF-3640 WF-3540 WF-3520 WF-2630 WF7710 WF7010 WF7110 WF7210 WF-2760 XP-430 WF-2650 WF-7610 WF-7620 printer models. There are 4 bottles of 100 ml with 4 different colors in the package.

Key Features:

  • UV protection
  • Best quality and bright and vivid colors
  • Perfect print effect

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3. Printers Jack 400ML Sublimation Ink Refill for Epson

Printers jack is one of the main brands in the production of sublimation ink. This ink is of high quality and is intended for printing using sublimation paper, a suitable printer, and a heat press.

It is suitable and can be used for printing on various materials. The best results are visible after printing on 100 percent polyester materials.

Also, the advantage of these Printers Jack sublimation ink is that it allows printing on darker fabrics, including black. But, as we mentioned, the best result will be visible on polyester with less cotton content. One important note is that this sublimation ink is used only for sublimation printing and not for direct sublimation printing.

What is important to know when using this ink is that the settings will be different on heat presses depending on the different substrate.

These Printers Jack sublimation inks are water-based and are suitable for printing on plastic, ceramic, textiles, and metal. Three-layer filtered ink is suitable for printing with a hot press, providing bright and vibrant colors.

Also, the colors are water-resist and fade more slowly. These sublimation inks not only provide better quality but also faster color transfer. With Printers Jack sublimation ink you don’t have to worry, there is no clogging and it is easily transferred.

You can create various gifts by using this sublimation ink. With the help of Printers Jack sublimation ink you can create T-shirts, salt, hats, pillows, and other interesting things.

This sublimation ink is compatible with a large number of Epson printer models such as C88 C88+ WF7710 ET2720 WF3640 WF7110 WF7210 WF3610.

In the package we have 4 bottles of 100 ml with 4 different colors (yellow, black, cyan, and magenta).

Key Features:

  • High-quality sublimation ink
  • Fast transfer rate
  • Water-proof colors
  • Best quality results of printing with 100 percent polyester fabrics
  • Water-based, vibrant, and bright colors

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4. Aomya Sublimation Ink Refill kit for Inkjet Printers

The Aomya is a leading brand in the production of sublimation transfer ink. Their goal is based on the production of economical and environmentally friendly inkjet inks. They have paid attention to the production of high-quality, environmentally friendly, and economical inks.

This sublimation ink is suitable for printing on polyester materials or with lower cotton content, but the best results are visible after printing on 100 percent polyester. It is also suitable for printing on plastic, textiles, metal, and ceramics. The three-layer filtered ink provides a smooth transfer and no clogging.

This item is easy to use. What’s improved are the extended bottle tops that make it easier to fill the ink into the cartridges. This ink is intended for printing and color transfer by using a heat press.

Also, this brand of sublimation ink provides a fast transfer rate. The important thing is that this sublimation ink does not contain toxic particles that are harmful to the environment.

This sublimation ink kit protects from UV rays and provides color stability and durability. The color does not fade and it is waterproof. The color transitions are realistic and look natural, all thanks to this water-based sublimation ink.

Also, the color is much more accurate and brighter. This set of sublimation transfer ink is suitable for creating T-shirts, mugs, pillows, hats, bags, and other interesting things. This sublimation ink is compatible with many models of inkjet printers. This package is very cost-effective because it contains four bottles of one hundred milliliters of 4 different colors.

Key Features:

  • Best works with polyester materials
  • High-quality sublimation transfer ink
  • Water-proof water-based sublimation transfer ink
  • Suitable for plastic, ceramic, metal and fabric
  • The sublimation ink does not contain toxic particles

5. 2X100ML Topcolor Black Sublimation Ink Bottle

TopColor is a brand that produces high-quality sublimation transfer ink. This black sublimation ink kit is suitable for printing with the sublimation paper, suitable inkjet printers, and heat press. Easy to install, you just need to refill your cartridges and prepare the printing material.

Also, as we mentioned you need a heat press and a suitable transfer paper. The whole process of color transfer with this sublimation ink is quick and easy. Before printing, the setting of the heat press will depend on the type of substrate you are using.

The Topcolor sublimation ink gives the best results when printing on one hundred percent polyester fabric and it is not recommended to use it on fabrics with more than thirty percent cotton content. With this set of sublimation transfer ink you can create different things. You can create mugs, pillows, t-shirts, bags, and other different things.

Make the perfect gift for your family or friends with this sublimation ink. This high-quality sublimation ink provides perfect results after printing. The colors are waterproof and durable.

Also, the transmitted image on your T-shirt will be permanent, it will not fade and the colors will look bright and realistic. This sublimation transfer ink is compatible with a large number of inkjet printer models. This package contains two bottles of 100 milliliters of black color.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Best printing results are visible on 100 percent polyester fabric
  • Water-proof, high-quality sublimation ink
  • No fading, cracking and clogging
  • Vivid colors and smooth textures

6. Anti-UV Sublimation 100Ml Ink for Epson

This package contains sublimation ink intended for printing by using a hot press. To receive the ink as well as possible on a certain material, you also need a suitable inkjet printer, as well as a suitable transfer paper. This sublimation ink offers amazing results of the transferred image. It enables fast transfer of the desired design on a certain substrate.

The Ink-Jet sublimation transfer ink is suitable for printing and color transfer on various materials such as fabrics or ceramics. The best results are noticeable on fabrics with one hundred percent polyester or with a lower percentage of cotton.

The colors are durable, bright, vibrant and the textures are smooth. It is also important that the colors are waterproof and not prone to fading. They also contain protection against UV radiation.

It should also be noted that with this Ink-Jet sublimation ink kit you can create interesting mugs, hats, T-shirts, bags, and other things. This sublimation transfer ink is just perfect for creating interesting gifts.

This sublimation ink is compatible with certain Epson inkjet printer models such as CX4800, CX5800F, CX7800 C68, C88, C88+, CX3800, CX3810, CX4200. This package contains 4 bottles of one 100 milliliters of 4 different colors. This sublimation ink kit does not come with a syringe.

Key Features:

  • Anti UV protection
  • High-quality transfer heat press ink
  • Colors are water-proof and durable
  • Smooth textures
  • Perfect for creating different designs and various gifts
  • Best works with100 percent polyester fabrics
  • Fast-drying ink

7. HEMEINY 6X100ml Bottle Sublimation Ink

High-quality Hemeiny sublimation ink is intended for printing using heat presses. It is perfect for your home use and printing business. For perfect printing results, you also need a suitable transfer paper that will absorb color faster, as well as a suitable inkjet printer.

It is very important that the ink dries faster and transfers faster on the substrate, and Hemeiny sublimation ink can give you that. The best transfer temperature is 190 to 210 degrees. The colors are durable and waterproof, they look bright and vibrant, while the textures look smooth.

This sublimation ink is perfect for decorating and making interesting gifts for your friends and family. It can be used on various materials such as ceramics, plastics, textiles…Make and decorate your T-shirts, mugs, bags, hats, phone cases, and all that very easily and simply.

If you want to decorate your T-shirt, the best results will be visible on the polyester fabric. This package is very economical because it contains 6 bottles of different colors of one hundred milliliters. The Hemeiny set of sublimation inks offers six colors such as black, cyan, magenta, yellow, light cyan, light magenta.

The products are compatible with many Epson inkjet printer models and with most of Epson ink cartridges. Also, the ink will work perfectly with refillable cartridges. And also, It is guaranteed that this high-quality ink will not harm your printer.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant, durable and water-proof colors
  • Sooth textures
  • No fading colors
  • Economical pack with 6 different colors
  • Works with Epson inkjet printers
  • Perfect for gift making and decorating

8. Sublimation Ink CISS System for Epson C88+ C88

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In the printing business, we can say that the CISS ink system is much more economical and cost-effective. This is a method of transferring a large amount of ink from an external ink tank and using a tube to bring it to the printing head of an inkjet printer. This sublimation CISS ink system is simple to install and use

This product is very economical and you will not have to change your cartridges with it, all you need to do is refill the paint in the outer tank. This sublimation ink is of high quality and will give you amazing results when printing. It is quickly transferred and dries on a certain substrate.

The colors are durable and do not fade. If you want to create your T-shirt, it is best to use a polyester fabric, the colors will not fit nicely on fabrics with 50 percent cotton. If you have a cotton T-shirt then you will need pigment ink.

This sublimation ink CISS system is compatible with the Epson inkjet printer model C88+ and C88. If you are in the business of printing with sublimation ink and a heat press then this set of sublimation inks is the right thing for you.

The pack contains 400 milliliters of sublimation ink with 4 different colors (black, yellow, cyan, and magenta), also four air filters, four syringes, and 2 tube holders.

Key Features:

  • Works with Epson inkjet printer models C88+ and C88
  • High-quality sublimation ink
  • Best printing results with polyester fabric

9. XPRO IV Series HD DYE Ink CISS Continuous Ink System (CISS)

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XPRO IV dye ink CISS Ink system is assembled in America. This product provides high-quality ink. This is not sublimation ink so if you are in the business of printing with a heat press and sublimation transfer paper this is not the ink for you.

Dye inks are mainly used for inkjet printers. Also, the good thing about these inks is that they are durable and the colors are much more vivid and brighter.

This XPRO IV set with dye ink is very economical because it comes with pre-filled ink tanks. You also don’t have to change the cartridges all the time, just refill the tank with the new paint. The system is easy to install and use and will save you money on ink. This CISS ink system is perfect for printing your photos.

The colors also look natural. The item comes with a pre-filled ink tank of 400 milliliters. It is compatible with the Epson Artisan 1400 and 1430 printer model.

This continuous ink system comes with 6 different colors such as black, light cyan, cyan, yellow, magenta, and light magenta. These dye inks are great because they dry very quickly even on glossy paper. Also, you can use any kind of paper for printing.

Key Features:

  • Fast-drying and high-quality dye ink
  • Vibrant, durable and natural-looking colors
  • Economy pack with 6 different colors and pre-filled ink thanks
  • Easy to install and use
  • Works great with Epson inkjet printers
  • Perfect for photo printing

How to Use Sublimation Ink Properly?

In this part of the text we will try to instruct you how to use your sublimation ink most easily and effectively. There are several important steps in using sublimation ink and the whole process is very simple. As we already know sublimation ink is used for printing and decorating various surfaces. Most sublimation inks can be used on fabrics, ceramics, or plastics.

First of all, it is important to know if your sublimation ink is compatible with your printer. Although most inkjet printers can be adapted to sublimation inks, your sublimation ink may not be compatible with your printer. Most Epson and Ricoh printers can be compatible and use sublimation ink.

Before buying sublimation ink, check the specifications on the website to make sure it is compatible with your printer. On the website or the sublimation ink package itself, there is a list of printer models with which the ink is compatible. Otherwise you could be spending money on the wrong sublimation ink.

Today on the market various brands produce sublimation ink of various characteristics. What you need to know is that with most sublimation inks comes the cartridges and syringes or injectors.

If you are using sublimation inks for the first time on an already used printer, you must first remove the cartridges from the printer and add the new ones that came with the sublimation ink. If the sublimation ink is compatible with your printer then the cartridges that come with the ink will be compatible with your printer.

By changing the cartridge, your inkjet printer will become a sublimation printer. Many Epson and Sawgrass printers have this option and you can use them both as inkjet or sublimation printers. The next important step is to refill the cartridges with ink.

Each sublimation ink usually comes in a package with four bottles of four different colors. Black, yellow, cyan, and magenta usually can be found in the sublimation ink package. These bottles generally have a larger capacity than the cartridges themselves.

So, it means that you can refill the cartridges with ink using syringes or injectors. Fill the syringe with paint and transfer the contents of the syringe to the printer cartridge. Each cartridge is marked with a color so you can’t go wrong, then continue refilling the cartridge until it is full.

Fill each of the cartridges with a certain color, but be careful to use syringes for each cartridge that comes with the sublimation ink. Since there are usually four bottles of paint in the package, you will also get four individual syringes or injectors.

If your set with sublimation ink does not contain syringes, you can also use the regular one from the nearest drug store. That is why it is very important to remember to use the injectors separately for each color and be sure to wash them after use.

There is also a CISS continuous ink system that uses external ink tanks that connect and refill your printhead instead of syringes. After refilling the cartridge, you can print the image and the final results will be amazing.

Such amazing results can only be achieved by using sublimation ink. Vivid and clear colors that are both equally durable and waterproof, these are the real results of using sublimation ink. We hope this article has helped you learn how to use sublimation ink.

We hope that in this article we have explained to you how easy and simple it is to use sublimation ink and how important it is to check the compatibility of your inkjet printer with sublimation ink before buying and choosing ink.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sublimation ink?

Today, various brands on the market that deal with the sale and production of sublimation ink. These brands offer different features and different qualities of sublimation ink.

If you are new to the sublimation printing business and do not have experience with the purchase of sublimation inks, we hope that this text will help you as much as possible when choosing your sublimation ink.

Choosing the ink itself if you do not have experience can be difficult. There are important things that you need to pay attention to and that you need to know before buying sublimation ink. Before choosing, it is important to note that sublimation printing using a heat press requires appropriate sublimation ink.

If you are new to sublimation printing, you should know that your sublimation ink must be compatible with your printer. Most Epson and Ricoh inkjet printers use sublimation ink, but to avoid making a mistake, look at the specifications of the product itself before buying.

This way you will avoid buying the wrong ink and spend your money on choosing the right sublimation ink for you. Most brands that produce sublimation inks in the description of their products state with which models of injection printers the ink is compatible.

The next important thing to pay attention to when buying ink is the brand.

As we have already mentioned, there are a large number of brands on the market and you should choose the right one. Sublimation inks are generally high-quality, but it would be best to choose a brand that has been tested by other customers.

In this way you will invest in the right brand and extend the warranty to your printer. On many websites, you have available information about each brand and product. That is why it is important to choose high-quality ink because if the ink is of low quality it can affect badly on your printer.

The next important question is how much ink to buy if you are new to the sublimation printing business? The process of getting acquainted with this type of work will take time to start, buy a slightly larger amount of ink until you get used to the printing process.

When buying sublimation ink, it would be desirable to pay attention to the size of the package. As we know, sublimation ink can usually be found in 100-milliliter bottles, but there are also larger packages with several colors. 120 ml and 240 ml bottles can also be found.

If you use sublimation ink often, we recommend that you buy larger packs of ink. The larger the bottle, the less often you will have to refill the cartridges. But if you don’t use sublimation ink so often then you’ll probably be happy with a 100ml bottle.

What is very important before buying sublimation ink to check if there are other accessories in the package such as syringes or tube holders. These accessories can be very useful and pay attention to whether they are included with sublimation ink.

Although sublimation inks are mostly waterproof please note in the product description on the words water-proof or water-resistant. This way you will be sure that you have bought a quality ink that does not fade and is durable.

Also, pay attention to the flexibility of the sublimation ink. Sublimation inks can be used on a variety of surfaces such as textiles, ceramics, plastics, or metals.

When printing on fabric, it is important to use fabrics with a higher percentage of polyester. The best results are visible on a fabric made of one hundred percent polyester. So before buying, pay attention to the product description, which indicates that you mainly use fabrics with less than 30 percent cotton.

We hope that this article has helped you to better analyze the product itself and its characteristics before buying.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

In this part of the text, we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to sublimation ink. Let’s dive right into it.

1. What is sublimation ink?

We can say that on the market today we can find 3 types of ink that are most often used for printing, and one of them is sublimation ink. Sublimation ink is mainly made for inkjet printers like Epson and has found wide use in the business of sublimation printing using a heat press.

Also, this ink requires a special transfer paper. The specificity of this ink is that it converts a solid into a gas without converting it into a liquid form.

2. Can you use sublimation ink in any printer?

As we have already mentioned, not every printer can use sublimation ink. Epson and Ricoh printers are the only ones to have a printhead that accepts sublimation ink. In fact, any Epson inkjet printer can be used for sublimation printing you just need to buy special transfer paper and refillable cartridges.

3. Is sublimation ink waterproof?

Sublimation ink is most commonly used when printing on textiles and has proven to be very good and waterproof even after many washes. The colors are durable and not prone to fading. Also, this ink allows quick and easy transfer of paint that dries quickly.

4. How long does sublimation ink last on shirts?

Sublimation ink is usually quite durable and long-lasting, and in addition to all that, waterproof. For long-lasting colors, it is best to use fabrics made of 100 percent polyester. Of course, its longevity depends on many factors and the quality of the ink itself.

But roughly we can say that it can last more than 6 months on the T-shirt. And because its water-proof the printed color stays durable after many washes.

5. Can you sublimate on wood?

The answer to this question is yes, sublimation ink can be received on wood and even stone, but for that, you need a special water-based coating.

Poly-Natural is a product that allows you to print using sublimation ink on untreated wood and stone. With this water-based coating your picture looks like it has been printed directly onto the wood like a tattoo.

6. Can you sublimate on dark fabric?

Sublimation printing is also possible on darker or black fabrics. As we already know, for the best printing results we need a fabric made of one hundred percent polyester or with a lower percentage of cotton.

Also, for now, lighter fabrics have proved to be the best, but it is certainly possible to print on a black background with the help of certain transfer sublimation papers. Some of the sublimation paper manufacturers have developed a special type of transfer paper that is adapted for printing on darker fabrics.


Choosing the best quality sublimation ink is certainly important if you are in the business of sublimation printing. But choosing the best it can be hard mostly because the sublimation ink manufacturers offer similar features.

For the best results, you need not only the highest quality ink, but also a compatible inkjet printer, suitable transfer paper, and with the help of a heat press and pressing at a certain temperature will give you a perfectly vivid image of bright and lasting colors.

By choosing the perfect quality sublimation ink you will surely enjoy beautiful and vivid colors on your printed T-shirt or mug. We certainly hope that this text on the best sublimation inks has helped you choose the right one for you and that you feel more confident about making the big purchase.

Thank you for your attention, make sure you’re staying safe in these times and have a good one, guys!

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