How to Use a Cross Stitch Stand

How to Use a Cross Stitch Stand?

So, stitching with needles and cross stitch can bring about wonders on fabrics. Even though using a cross-stitch is quite old-school, this helps a lot to get the perfect finish that your crafting demands.

But using a stand to keep the cross-stitch in place is something relatively new. It’s not that we all have seen our grannies using such a tool, but it’s quite common nowadays. So, what’s the benefit of this and how to use a cross stitch stand?

As for the benefits, it serves two major purposes. First, you get to avoid all those shakings while you are stitching. It will keep the frame in place and firm.

Second, you can use the cross stitch while standing and sitting without even having to hold it with both of your hands.

Steps to Use a Cross Stitch Stand?

As for using the stand, you have to follow a few steps.

Setting Up the Frame

The first thing you need to do before using a cross stitch stand is to set it up. And the setting up process is kind of unique for different models of such a tool. But having said that, these methods should be more or less the same.

For the ones that can be manually set up, you need to follow a few simple steps to get it ready. You will have a set-up manual with the product that you can follow for this purpose.

According to the guideline, you can set the screws and other parts together to erect the stand perfectly. It should not take more than 30 minutes, even for a new user.

Adjusting the Height

This is perhaps, one of the most important functions that a cross stitch stand comes with. The height of the stand can be lowered or erected as per your need.

So, first, decide how you plan to start your stitching work. If you are planning to sit, then adjust the height up to your chest while sitting.

But if you prefer to use it while standing, then extend the height of it to its maximum capacity.

Adjust the Fabric

Most cross-stitch stands have provision for round and rectangular frames. That means you can place both a rectangular and oval/round frame on it. So, you need to fix and attach the fabric accordingly.

In case you have got one that has only one type of frame-support, you have to use that one only.

Keep It Firm

Now make sure that the frame is tightly held to your fabric. That’s quite crucial. Without the frame being tightly attached, you can’t really get a perfect output.

Apart from that, keep the frame on an even platform. It will make sure that the stand doesn’t frequently move when you are stitching on it. Most frames may come with a strong and robust bottom that can place itself.

But many come with a slide-in bottom that needs to be slid inside the couch to make it firm.


Okay! Now, you are ready to stitch. Take out your needle and threads and sit or stand with the perfect position for your physique. Make sure there are enough sources of lighting on your stitching area. You may even consider a light-stand beside your workstation.

Once you are ready, start creating masterpieces!

Final Words

So that’s all on using a cross stitch stand. Remember, if you can’t manage to get a top-quality product, you can’t take the full advantage of such a device. Make sure you get the perfect stitch stand available and unleash your true potential!

Happy Stitching!

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