Best Art Markers for Professionals

Best Art Markers for Professionals: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

It’s not only professional artists and painters who love their colors and markers, but everyone enthusiastic about coloring. Children and adults alike – we all love a lovely set of colors on our desks, whether for our coloring books, paintings, doodling or simply highlighting important sentences. 

Although while the novice are satisfied with crayons and coloring pencils, It is especially the artists who understand the value of and love a set of professional-grade art markers.

Art markers are completely different than the crayons and coloring pencils we had used in our childhood, or still use; they are available in a wide array of colors and blends, perfect for every kind of sketching, paintings and drawings.

There are different types of art markers available in the market, from various brands and in different shades and colors to choose from. In this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about art markers, and the right way to choose them.

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Top 10 Best Art Markers for Drawing Review

Here are 10 of the most popular art marker sets available in the market, preferred by artists, professionals and amateurs alike. 

1. Shuttle Art 51 Colors Alcohol Based Markers

Shuttle Art 51 Colors Alcohol Based Markers

  • Set of 51 art markers
  • Comes in a zippered storage case
  • Can be used for 300 meters of continuous coloring
  • Works on clothes, wood, ceramic, glass and paper
  • Acid-free and non-toxic ink
  • Non-slip ergonomic triangular shape
  • Colors blend in with each other
  • Ink dries quickly and can be layered
  • Dual tips: 1 mm and 7 mm

This is a set of 51 colors, with every shade of color in the rainbow! From white to purple, grey to yellow, you can get multiple shades of the same color in this amazing set.

The colors are vibrant and bright, and doesn’t fade over time. Each of these art markers can be used for 300 meters of continuous coloring, making them last long even after regular use. 

These art markers can be used on paper, wood, clothes, glass and ceramics, and anywhere else you want to use them. You can use the same set of colors to decorate your whole house, draw and paint on your furniture and windows, crockeries and bedsheets.

If you want to decorate your children’s bedroom in bright colors, you can use these markers on all surfaces and all their belongings. 

These markers from Shuttle Art are all acid-free and non-toxic – perfect for your children to use them in their art. The markers themselves have an ergonomic triangular shape, which makes them easy to hold, non-slip and unable to roll away from the table.

The markers come in a zippered storage case for when you are not using them. Besides, these are dual tip markers: a 1mm tip for thin lines and a 7mm top for broader lines. The colors blend in perfectly with each other, giving your paintings a complete look; they dry quickly and can be layered, as well.

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2. Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Marker 

Shuttle Art 51 Colors Alcohol Based Markers

  • Dual tipped markers with a thin and thick tip
  • 40 vibrant colors
  • Comes is a carrying case
  • Can blend with each other
  • Dries out very quickly
  • Each marker can color 984 feet
  • Color coded and marked marker caps
  • Doesn’t blotch or smudge
  • Can be used for doodling, sketching, drawing and coloring

These are dual-tipped art markers, one for a thin line and another for a thicker line. In a set of 40 vibrant colors, you can use these best markers for drawing, sketches, doodles, painting and coloring and even for decorating your home. These art markers come in a black carrying case that you can put in your bag or backpack for carrying. 

These colors blend with each other very nicely, and can be layered against each others. You won’t have to worry about blotches or smudges with these marker pens, as they dry very easily Each art marker can color at least 984 feet, which means you won’t have to worry about your pens drying out finishing very soon. 

All the marker caps are color coded and have the identifying numbers on top, which makes it easier for you to replace the markers if some of them are finished. 

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3. Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers 

A massive set of 88 art markers, with any shades of any color that you might need in your work. Both for professionals and amateurs, these markers doesn’t fade over time or dry out too quickly.

You can use each of these markers to color up to 300 feet of length, and the ink is completely acid-free and non-toxic. Even children can use these art markers in their paintings and school projects without any problem. 

The inks blend in with each other perfectly and dries in a very short time. You can use these markets on every kind of surface, including paper, ceramics, cloth, wood and glass.

The unique triangular shape of the markers keep them firmly on a surface instead of rolling off the table. These markers also happen to be dual-tipped, with a 1mm fine tip on one end and a thicker 7mm tip on the other end. 

You can use these markers to layer against each others, as they dry very quickly and doesn’t smudge or blotch. 


  • Pack of 88 permanent markers 
  • Comes in a carrying case
  • Can color up to 300 feet 
  • Acid-free and non-toxic ink 
  • Safe for children’s use 
  • Can blend in with each other 
  • Dries up very quickly 
  • Dual tipped markers 
  • 1mm fine tip and 7mm broad tip 
  • Works on glass, paper, cloth, ceramics and wood 
  • Can be used to layer against each other 
  • Doesn’t smudge or make blotches 
  • Unique triangular marker body prevents rolling off

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4. Copic Maker SB-12 Sketch Basic Set 

This is a relatively smaller set of art markers, preferably for basic sketches and first additions to your collection. You can get the basic colors in this 12-piece set, everything from black to green, blue to orange.

These art markers all come in a plastic case that you can keep on your desk or work table – for drawing, sketching, highlighting or doodling. 

These are actually refillable markers that you can use for years, simply by adding more ink to the markers. The nibs can also be replaced, and are compatible with Copic Air brush system.

As long as the marker is intact, you can keep refilling and using the same pens for decades.  The ink is alcohol-based and permanent, safe and non-toxic. Anyone can use them in their painting, drawing or other projects – young and old, amateur and professional. 


  • 12-piece set of beginner’s markers 
  • Only basic colors 
  • Comes in a plastic case 
  • Refillable markers that can be used for years 
  • Replaceable nibs 
  • Alcohol-based permanent ink 
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Safe for children

5. Prismacolor 3620 Premiere Double-Ended Art Marker 

This set of art markers come in two sets: 12-count and 24-count. They are double-ended, double-tipped markers with a sharp tip on one end and a thick tip on the other – perfect for sketching, doodling, coloring and writing. The colors are vibrant and truly exceptional, with alcohol based dye ink inside that gives you a great blend. 

Coloring is almost flawless and effortless, with a single reservoir in the middle that gives consistent coloring on both ends. You get all the basic colors in the 12-count pack and different shades of colors in the 24-count pack, which comes with a case. 


  • Comes in packs of 12 and 24 
  • Double-ended, double-tipped markers 
  • Vibrant, alcohol-based ink 
  • Single reservoir gives  equal color to both sides
  • Basic and shades of colors 
  • Sharp and thick tip on either end 
  • Dye-based exceptional quality ink

6. ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers 

A large set of 60 art markers that comes in a carrying case, with individual slots for each piece – this is definitely a set you’ll love to keep in your studio or on your desk.

The case comes with 72 slots for organizing your markers, so you can add to the collection later if you want to. Professional artists or amateur coloring enthusiast, everyone can use these dual-tipped art markers for their projects, paintings and drawings. 

Each art marker has a fine, thin tip for writing, sketching and drawing, and a thicker tip for coloring and highlighting. These markers can be used on many other surfaces besides paper, including glass, woof and plastic. 


  • Large set of 60 markers 
  • Comes in a carrying case with 72 slots 
  • Can be used on glass, wood, plastic and paper
  • Permanent color 
  • Dual-tip with fine and thick tip 
  • For painting, lettering, coloring and sketching 
  • Blends in perfectly with all colors

7. ARTOOLI 36 Dual Tip Brush Pens  

This set of 36 dual-tipped brush pens for both soft coloring and sharp lines. One end has a sharp 0.4mm fineliner tip and the other end has a soft brush tip, and the entire set comes with an adult coloring book that you’ll love!

The colors all come in a portable, zippered bag with individual slots for each and every color that you can carry with you in your bag. The carrying case is only 10.8-inches x 8.3-inches x 1.2-inches, which makes it perfect to fit into any bag. 

Perfect for coloring, highlighting, sketching, doodling or drawing – these are permanent ink markers that will not leak, fade, bleed into the next page or smear. Completely free from acid, these non-toxic markers are perfect for both professionals and beginners, adults and children.

Since these are water-based markers instead of alcohol, there are no lingering odor when using these markers. The ink dries quickly, almost the very second you finish coloring, which is extremely convenient for the user. 


  • Set of 36 art markers 
  • Comes in a zippered carrying case with individual slots 
  • Zippered case is only 10.8-inches x 8.3-inches x 1.2-inches in size 
  • Fineliner 0.4mm tip on one end 
  • Soft brush on another end 
  • Perfect for children and adults 
  • Doesn’t smudge, smear, fade or bleed 
  • Acid-free and water-based 
  • No lingering odor 
  • Comes with soft copy of an adult coloring book

8. MILO 24 Art Marker Set Dual Tip Artist Markers   

These art markers come in a beautiful white box that you’ll love to keep on your work table or desk – a set of 24 markers perfect for writing and lettering, decorating, coloring, doodling, highlighting or drawing. A perfect combo if you are looking for the best art markers.

These are dual-tip markers with a soft brush on one side and a chisel on another side. These brushes can even be used in calligraphy. 

These are alcohol-based permanent art markers that lasts a long time and gives you high-quality ink. You can use them on coloring books and posters for your projects, as they won’t bleed, smudge or fade with time.

The colors easily blend with each other and can be layered against each other, great for both amateurs and professionals. 


  • Set of 24 art markers 
  • Alcohol-based permanent ink 
  • Perfect for amateurs and professionals 
  • Great for lettering, highlighting and calligraphy 
  • Comes with a chisel and a brush end 
  • Comes in a white storage box 
  • Doesn’t bleed or smudge

9. Tanmit Marker Pens Dual Tip Permanent Art Markers 

In a beautiful black storage box, this is a set of 40 art markers for any kind of drawing, doodling, coloring or sketching. These are dual-tipped markers with a 2mm fine tip for drawing and a chisel tip for coloring and covering up. The precise tips of these markers are excellent for detailed drawings and letterings, as needed by professionals. 

The caps of each of the markers are color coded and comes with the number, which can be a great help if you need to replace any of them. The colors and codes on top also helps in organizing the pens in your storage box, which is a black zippered case perfect for carrying with you.

The caps are also better designed and improved from before and now has a better fit and grip for the user. 


  • Set of 40 art markers 
  • Comes in a zippered carrying case 
  • Dual-tipped markers 
  • 2mm tip and chisel tip 
  • Excellent for drawing, lettering, coloring and covering up 
  • Color coded and numbered caps 
  • Non-slip good-grip caps

10. 40-Colors Dual Tip Marker Pen 

These marker pens from HSCC are completely safe for children to use, as they are non-toxic, acid-free, odorless, alcohol-based inks. They are perfect for everyone to use, for drawing, coloring, covering, lettering, calligraphy, sketching and doodling, both for professionals and beginners alike. 

All the pens blend in well with each other, giving you a complete and perfect look, in your own colors that you have created. The caps are all color coded and comes with their numbers for you to organize easily, into the zippered black case that comes with the markers. You can carry the case everywhere or keep it in your bag. 

These are double-tipped marker pens: a fine tip on one end for lines and a chisel tip on the other end for coloring and covering. You can use these marker pens for adult and children’s coloring books without any chances if smudging, smearing or bleeding. 


  • 40-marker set 
  • Comes in a black, zippered carrying case 
  • Double-tipped marker pens 
  • Sharp and chisel tips on either sides 
  • Perfect for drawing, calligraphy, coloring and sketching 
  • Safe for children to use 
  • non-toxic, acid-free, odorless, alcohol-based inks
  • Can blend with other colors to create new shades 
  • No chances of smudging, smearing or bleeding

11. Memoffice 80 Colors Dual Tips Alcohol Markers  

Quite a massive set, there are 80 art marker pens in a zippered carrying case. All of these alcohol-based markers are non-toxic and safe for children to use, as there is no odor from these pens. You can use these marker pens to blend with each other and create new colors for your drawings and sketches. 

These art markers are all made from eco-friendly materials, with an alcohol base that dries easily and doesn’t smudge or bleed. The double-tipped nibs on either ends help you to draw precise lines with the fine end and color with the hisel ends.

The caps are color-coded for easy recognition and organization, to be kept in your convenient storage carrying case. The ink dries extremely quickly, without any blotches or bleeding. 


  • Set of 80 art markers 
  • Comes with a zippered carrying case 
  • Dries extremely quickly
  • Non-toxic and odorless 
  • Safe for children 
  • Alcohol-based ink 
  • Made from eco-friendly materials 
  • Doesn’t bleed, smudge or blotch 
  • Double-tipped ends for fine lines and coloring 
  • Color coded caps

12. 100 Color Super Markers Watercolor Real Brush Pens   

Once you get this massive 100-piece art marker set, you won’t need any other colors for at least a few good months, even when you use them frequently and regularly.

This is a set of 100 art marker pens, in every color imaginable – everything you might ever need in your painting, drawing or coloring. The brush tips are soft and flexible, perfect for both amateurs and professionals. 

These art markers are perfect for children, completely safe as they are odorless and made from alcohol-based materials. The ink is non-toxic and acid free, certified safe by the ASTM D4236 and EN71 certification.

Children from ages 3 and up can easily use these marker pens for their drawings and school projects. The marker pens also come in a convenient plastic storage case that you can easily keep on your desk, but also has snap-buttons buttons you can use to close the case for carrying in your bag. 


  • Massive set of 100-piece art markers 
  • Comes in a carriable plastic case 
  • Made from alcohol-based ink 
  • Non-toxic and acid-free 
  • Certified safe by the ASTM D4236 and EN71 
  • Safe for children ages 3 and up 
  • Odorless and safe 
  • Soft and flexible brush tips

13. Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points    

A large 100-piece set of art markers that you can use for a lot of projects and purposes, from coloring and drawing to calligraphy and writing. They all come in a plastic case that is durable and sturdy – something you can keep standing on your desk and use for years.

The pens themselves are thin and handy, with color coded caps for recognizing and storing them conveniently. The nibs give you fine lines for drawing, but can also be used for coloring. 

The markers are completely safe to use, as certified by the ASTM D4236. Children under 3 years of age can use these markers safely, as they are a water-based ink, completely non-toxic and acid-free. You can even wash these markers away from your skin or fabric if there is ever any mishap. 


  • 100-piece set of art markers 
  • Water-based, acid-free and non-toxic 
  • Comes in a durable plastic case 
  • Color coded caps for easy recognizing and storage 
  • Certified safe by the ASTM D4236
  • Safe for children over 3 years 
  • Washable from skin and fabric

Art Markers Buying Guide: What are the Features to Look for 

When you are thinking of buying the best art markers for drawing, there should be a number of facts influencing your choice. From the numbers of colors to the quality – these features are what’s important in a set of art markers. 

Number of Marker Pens

Of course, the first decision to make is to decide on the number of marker pens that you want in your set. This is an important decision to make because the more number of pencils in your set, the varied your paintings are going to be.

Especially if you are a professional artist who uses these marker pens in your work, the more colors, the better the work.  

Sets like Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points and 100 Color Super Markers Watercolor Real Brush Pens have 100 marker sets in them while sets like Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Marker has 40 marker pens and the Copic Maker SB-12 Sketch Basic Set is only a small 12-marker pen set. 


The price of these marker sets depend on two things: the number of marker pens in the set and the brand. Sometimes, a 100-piece set costs almost the same as a set that contains half the pieces, because the latter is from a more reputed brand.

For example, the Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points will 100 marker pens costs less than the Copic Maker SB-12 Sketch Basic Set with only 12 marker pens and the ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers which has 60 colors. 

When it comes to marker pens, it’s important to focus more on the quality of the pens and the brand name than on the price, because you’d want these pens to last a long time and give you flawless coloring. 

Carrying Case 

Some marker sets come in zippered carrying cases, like the Ohuhu 40-color Alcohol Marker, the Shuttle Art 88 Colors Dual Tip Art Markers and the ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers, while the others come in a plastic case, like the Copic Maker SB-12 Sketch Basic Set and the Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points.

While the marker sets that come in a plastic case can be kept on your desk or work table, the zippered carrying cases are quite easy to carry around. 

Dual Tips

Most of these marker pens have double tips on either ends, a fine end and a comparatively thicker end. The finer ends are usually used for drawing lines, sketches and lettering, and the thicker ends are used in coloring and covering up. 

Marker sets such as the ARTEZA Everblend Art Markers, the Tanmit Marker Pens Dual Tip Permanent Art Markers and the MILO 24 Art Marker Set Dual Tip Artist Markers are all dual tip markers but the 100 Color Super Markers Watercolor Real Brush Pens and the Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points are single-tipped markers. 

Single tipped marker pens have comparatively thicker tips that you can both draw and color; on the other hand, with dual-tipped markers, you can use the fine tip for drawing and sketching in thin lines, and then use the thicker, chisel end to quickly color or cover up the space inside. 

Safety and Ink Quality 

Instead of harmful chemicals, these permanent marker pens are made with an alcohol base, that is completely non-toxic and free from acid. This means that there are no odors when you use these markers and they are completely safe for children to use.

These inks are completely safe for your skin as well, so it’s no problem if you or your young children get them on the skin. 

While most of these marker sets are alcohol-based, some are water-based, such as the Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points, which can be washed out with water from your skin and clothes. 

Other Features

Some other important factors that are not essential, but helpful in using these markers, are: 

  • Ergonomic design of the markers, so that they are easy to hold and use for a long time; 
  • Triangular shape of the pens, so they don’t roll off the table; 
  • Color coded caps for easy choosing and organizing;  
  • Convenient to use on surfaces other than paper; 
  • Ink that don’t bleed into the next page; 
  • Ink that doesn’t smudge or blotch; 
  • Colors that blend into each other; 
  • Colors that can be combined to produce different shades; and
  • Pens that can be used for a long time. 

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing the right marker set for yourself, whether you are an amateur coloring enthusiast, or a  professional artist. 

The price is a big factor, yes, but so are the other factors like the brand, the number of marker pens in the set and the brightness of the colors and the quality of the ink

What are the Different Types of Art Markers?

Although you can use the same marker set for different purposes, there are different kinds of pens available in the market. Actually, there are a few ways we can distinguish between marker types. 

  • Based on Ink-Type  

First of all, there are three types of ink that are found in art marker pens: alcohol-based, water-based and solvent-based. 

Alcohol-basedinks are a combination of inks with alcohol. Their specialty is that these inks dry extremely quickly, as soon as you’re done coloring or drawing. You won’t have to wait for these inks to dry after you’re done, but simply close the notebook instantly.

These inks are also permanent and cannot be removed easily from clothes or your skin. Sometimes, these inks come with a strong odor because of the alcohol and other chemicals inside, and the smell can be irritable to the eye, especially if children are using them.  

Alcohol-based marker pens are water-proof, but they are soluble in rubbing alcohol. Professional artists often use rubbing alcohol to blend the inks with each other, or with the help of a separate blender marker. 

On the other hand, water-based inks are a mixture of ink, water and glycerin. These inks are completely odorless because there are no chemicals on them, and safe for children to use.

Using these inks gives your paintings a watercolor look, and most of these water-based markers come with a brush up. They dry quickly, but take a longer time compared to alcohol-based pens, so you might have to wait a few minutes before the whole thing dries up. 

These water-based inks are perfect for calligraphy and coloring, but they need to be used on heavy paper that can take on watercolor. 

Solvent-based markers are the ones with a mixture of methyl isobutyl ketone, xylene and butryl acetate. These are mainly chemical-based markers that can give out a strong scent that can be harmful for young children’s lungs.

They are also waterproof and lasts long, though not exactly permanent. One specialty of these solvent-based inks are that they can be used on multiple surfaces besides paper, both porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • Based on Tips 

Based on tips, there are three types to choose from: fine tips, chisel tips and broad tips. 

Fine-tipped marker pens are used to make lines, draw, sketch, doodle or draw letters. Most fine tips are anything from 0.3mm to 5mm, just like a regular pen tip, but in different colors. Fine tips can also be used in coloring small, detailed spaces. With fine tips, you also get a choice between extra fine markers and fine markers. 

Chisel tips are for both fine lines and coloring. They are kind of a slanted tip, sharp on one side but can also be used to cover up a large space when the whole tip is used. Chisel tips are most commonly found in highlighter pens and calligraphy pens, and on one side of dual-tipped marker pens

Broad tipped marker pens have a tip larger than 5mm, and are generally used for coloring and covering large spaces in a very short amount of time, or writing in large letters on a large surface. 

There’s another special kind of tip known as the brush tip, which is like drawing or coloring with a paintbrush. The tips of these pens are soft, and the depth and breadth of the tip depends on the pressure you put on the pens. These pens are very useful in lettering and calligraphy. 

With most marker sets in the list above, the marker pens all come with dual tips, which means you get two kinds of tips on the same pen. These are usually a fine tip with either a brush tip, a broad tip or a chisel tip.

Only with the Pro Art PRO-MAR100 Bullet Points and 100 Color Super Markers Watercolor Real Brush Pens doesn’t have dual tips from this list. 

The types of markers you want to buy depends on your purpose. Whether you are a professional artist who wants to use the markers in their illustration or an amateur coloring enthusiast who loves coloring books – there are multiple brands for you to choose from. Now that you know the different kinds of art markers, you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

How to Use The best Art Marker?

In some ways, art markers are no different than using a pen to write or crayons to color; in other ways, they are completely different. However, if this is the first time you are using marker pens, you might need some instructions and suggestions on the matter. 


The first step would be to familiarize yourself with the kinds of ink, pen and tips you are using for your project. The details of the particular brand that you are using will also help in your work, i.e. whether the ink blends easily, bleeds into the paper and whether it dries quickly. 

The tips or nibs of the pens that you are using are also important for your project. With fine tips, you can draw lines, sketch and fill in small spaces of your drawing, and with the chisel/brush tips, you can cover a large space within a very short time. 


The second step would be to test your strokes on a different piece of paper, especially if this is a new brand or a new pack that you are using. When you practice your strokes on a separate piece of paper, you’ll know beforehand how the colors are going to come out.

You can do this with all the marker pens after you get a new set, or with each individual pen before you are going to use them. The colors you see on the caps are somewhat different than the final color that’s going to show after drying on a piece of paper, so making practice strokes can be quite helpful. 

Besides, the same color looks different on different kinds and shades of paper, so it is more helpful if you can make the practice stroke on a similar piece of paper. Also, colors become lighter when they dry, which means they look different when wet than they do when dry. 


Start with the lighter shades first. If you have multiple shades of the same color, always start with the lightest shade that you can darken later. You can use the same marker pen twice to bring the color to a darker tone, or use another marker with a darker shade to do the job. 

In the same way, always color the lighter parts of your drawing first, leaving the darker colors for later. Keep the parts you want to be dark for later, for after you’ve done all the lighter parts.

This way, you can always darken the lighter parts of the picture/drawing if needed to keep pace with the rest of it. It’s better not to start with the darker colors because you can’t make them lighter if you want to, but you can make the lighter tones darker. 


You can use the chisel tips or the brush tips for covering the large parts of the drawing quickly, and the fine tips for the smaller sections. The fine tips can also be used to draw margins, highlight a particular part, make shades, or to use between two colors to blend them together. 

If you are completely new to using art marker pens to draw and color, what’s more important is that you learn by practicing. It can take you a few tries to get the right look for your drawing, but practicing is more helpful in learning than reading about it. 

However, here are a few extra tips on using art marker pens that might also come in handy. 

Art marker pens are permanent, so you need to be very sure about the colors you’ve chosen. In very few cases, you can change the color after you’ve started on a part of the drawing.

In the same way, it is better to start with the lightest shade available of a particular color you have in mind so that you can darken it later. 

Always choose the right kind of paper for your project. If you are going to use your marker pens for coloring in a book, you need a coloring book that can handle art markers.

Some coloring books, especially the ones for children, are made for pencil colors and crayons, not for markers. Adult coloring pages can handle art marker pens, and you can recognize them from the thicker pages and because they have a single illustration on each page. 

For the best results, you need to invest in good brands of art marker pens and thicker papers. There are some inexpensive paper and marker pens available in the market, but they won’t give you the best colors or the best performance. 

Use blending pens when you need to blend multiple colors together. Blender pens come in a wide variety of colors for different palettes. These pens can be used in between to blend two or more colors together in a more effective way than regular art markers. 

You might be able to use different marker pens from different brands in the same painting, but they need to be compatible with each other. Practice your strokes or blending on a separate but similar piece of paper to know if the two brands you want to use together are compatible with each other. 

Take your time coloring, this is nothing to hurry about. For a lot of people, coloring or sketching is a relaxation technique for when they are stressed. The more time you take, the more detailed your work can be. 

If you want to make shades in your work, it is better to work with alcohol-based marker pens. These inks are easier to shade than water-based or solvent-based inks. 

If the piece of paper you want to work with is a thin one, place another paper at the bottom when you are using alcohol-based or water-based marker pens. This way, the piece of paper on the bottom will absorb most of the ink, and there will be less chances of bleeding or spreading. 


These art marker pens are perfect for both professionals and amateurs, young children and adults, for a number of reasons and projects.

Whether you like to draw and paint, or like to color in books, or simply doodle, do calligraphy – there’s always a particular brand that’s perfect for you. All of these marker pen sets are of high quality, long lasting and will give you vibrant colors that will stay the same year after year. 

Now that you know everything there is to know about art markers, you can make the best decisions of which one to get for yourself. 

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