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Best Copic Marker: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

Whether you are a professional artist trying to decide which Copic set to get or an art enthusiast wondering if these pricey markers are worth buying, we’ve got you! 

Art supplies, especially expensive ones like these, are something to be bought with the utmost consideration. Copic is a Japanese marker brand, widely popular among the artists of today. 

Despite what you may think, professionals also face the dilemma of choosing the right kind of art markers sometimes. Here’s where we come in. 

In this article, we are going to discuss all you need to know about the 8 best Copic marker sets for the highest quality artwork. To help you make the perfect purchase, we will also walk you through the pros and cons of our top-rated marker sets.

Keep reading if you don’t want to miss out on our top recommendations.

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Top 8 Best Copic Marker Reviews

Now, let’s dive right into our top picks for Copic markers. We have quite a great selection of luxury markers, and hopefully, you’ll find your right pick here.

1. Copic Markers 6-Piece Sketch Set, Skin Tones 1

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Our first choice, Copic Sketch Set 6 Skin Tone 1, is one of the highest-rated Copic markers available in the market. This set contains 6 exceptional Sketch markers with varying skin tone shades. Let’s see what makes this set the best.

Presented in a transparent plastic package, this Sketch set contains the ultimate markers for high-quality sketches. This set offers double-sided tips, one with a wide tip and the other with a brush tip. Each of these markers can be refilled and the nibs can be replaced.

Among all the nib options for Copic markers, you can replace the nibs of these Sketch markers with three different options- Super-Brush nibs, Medium Broad nibs, and Medium Round nibs. Besides standard painting methods, you can use these amazing markers to paint using the Copic airbrush system.

Though they are on the higher end of the price scale, these markers are the confidant of an artist. If you are into painting human beings, or even anime characters, you’ll love to use these.

Copic markers are recognized for being focused on alcohol. This specific form of ink renders the paint permanent and acid-free, which makes it non-toxic and quick to dry.

Yes, this set is certainly not as cost-effective as others on the market, but as the markers have replaceable features that make them very long-lasting, we think it’s worth every penny.

Highlighted Features

  • Unparalleled color for skin tones
  • Can be used with Copic airbrush system
  • Refills for markers and replacements for nibs are widely available 
  • Long-lasting and non-toxic markers
  • Comes in a transparent plastic case, where the markers can be stored for later use

2. Shuttle Art 51 Colors Dual Tip Alcohol Based Art Markers, 50 Colors 

While we are discussing the best-rated Copic markers, the Shuttle Art 51 Colors Markers Set comes to a close second. It includes 50 vivid-colored permanent markers with an additional colorless blender. Here’s what makes them one of our top contenders.

Packed in a transparent, black-zippered case, these double-sided markers are recommended for the vast quantity of ink each marker contains. And to add to that, they refrain from fading over time.

Each of these markers come with two tips, one-pointed 1-mm bullet tip for general usage, such as sketching, outlining, highlighting, and more, and one broad 7-mm tip for fast coverage. 

Although these tips are highly functional, you have to make sure they don’t touch the paper for too long, or the ink may end up bleeding through it.

With these Shuttle Art Dual Tip Markers, you can blend your colors really smoothly without leaving so much as a streak in your final work, and as these are alcohol-based, they dry off quite quickly.

Designed with uniquely shaped barrels, the markers provide optimum comfort and slip-resistant features. But most importantly, the special design stops the markers from sliding over flat surfaces. 

As the markers are free from acids and are non-toxic, you can use them around kids.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an additional colorless blender
  • A large quantity of ink per marker with continuous usage of about 300 meters 
  • Distinctive triangular shaped barrels for slip-resistant hold  
  • Double-sided brush with a broad 7-mm tip and a narrow 1-mm tip 
  • Layers really well without showing lines dries easily

3. Too Copic Sketch Comic Illustrations 24 Color Set

One versatile Copic Sketch set that we have come across during our study is the Too Copic Sketch Comic Illustrations set. It comprises of 24 most dynamic colors from the 358 Copic Sketch markers. Here’s what makes this one so special.

Selected individually from hundreds of color options, these 24 markers have the right color for you if you’re into comic illustrations. They arrive in a hard, clear box, where you can store them for a long time.

These dual-tip markers can be used for both quick coverage and regular usage. While the narrow tip is meant for standard writing, sketching, or highlighting, the broad tip is there for quick coverage purposes. Just make sure the tips won’t touch the paper too long, to avoid ink bleeding through.

If you want to continue using these markers for a long period, you have to make sure the caps are sealed when not being used.

However, you can get refills for all these shades and two different nib options if you want to replace them. So, these will last you decades if you use them carefully.

Having the perfect arrangement of color shades, this set is the best present for any artist. Even more so, if they are into Comics.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for comic artwork
  • Alcohol-dyed markers so it’s non-toxic and dries up fast 
  • Comes in a hard, transparent box, which is ideal for water storage
  • Versatile

4. Copic Marker SB12 12-Piece Sketch Basic Set

If you’re a professional artist who’s interested in basic colors, the Copic Marker SB12 12-Piece Sketch Basic Set is a great option for you. This 12 piece marker set includes everyday colors with dual tips, which you can use for just about any form of artwork.

Packed in a transparent plastic case, these markers offer dual tips. While one side has a wide tip for quickly sketching over large surfaces, the other side has a brush tip for more detailed work. This Sketch collection includes the finest quality sketch markers.

In addition to traditional methods of painting, you can also use these incredible markers to paint with the Copic airbrush system.

For longer use, you can replenish each of these markers, and remove the nibs. You can replace the Sketch marker nibs with Super Brush nibs, Medium Broad nibs, and Medium Round nibs, based on your requirements.

Copic markers are known for always being alcohol-focused. Such type of ink makes the painting permanent and free of acids, making it non-toxic and easy to dry.

Despite being on the upper end of the price spectrum, these markers are worth every penny, especially as they have replaceable options that make them very long-lasting.

Highlighted Features

  • Arrives in a clear plastic package, where you can pack the markers for later use
  • Includes all the basic colors for everyday use
  • Marker replenishments and nib replacements are easily accessible 
  • Markers are durable and non-toxic 
  • Compatible with the Copic airbrush system 

5. Copic Marker Montana Rainbow Doodle Kit 7 Markers 

You may be led to believe, quite reasonably, that the best Copic marker sets are only available at high prices, and way out of your budget. That’s where this 7 piece marker set comes in to prove you wrong. 

Assorted with five different pastel colors and two additional multiline pens, this set arrives in a clear case. The pastel rainbow markers are Copic Ciao markers, which are quite like the Copic Sketch markers but comparatively much cheaper although not of the same premium quality.

However, they are pretty great for beginners and art enthusiasts. As these markers offer dual tips, one wide and one quite narrow, you will be able to use them for both full coverage work and detailed artwork.

Moreover, you can apply the Coptic airbrush system with the 5 Copic Ciao markers. In addition to the Ciao markers, you get two multiline pens for delicate work.

If you want to use the Ciao markers for a prolonged period, you can find refills for each ink and replaceable nibs, like Super Brush and Medium Broad nibs. The alcohol-based markers make paintings waterproof and photocopy safe.

Not only are the markers from different color ranges, but they are also relatively inexpensive. So, if you’re a beginner interested in working with light colors, you don’t want to miss out on these.

Highlighted Features

  • Pastel colors appropriate for light illustrations 
  • 2 additional multiline markers
  • 5 Ciao markers can be used with the Coptic airbrush system
  • Ethanol-based markers so dry out fast
  • Readily accessible ink refills and nib replacements in the market

6. Too Copic Sketch Marker 36 Piece Sketch Basic Set

Next up, we’ve got another highly rated collection. It is the Too Copic Sketch Marker 36 Piece Sketch Basic Set, which contains 36 phenomenal dual-tip permanent markers. Let’s find out what makes it so amazing.

Among the 358 Copic Sketch markers available, 36 different colored markers are assorted in this collection, ranging from light grey and yellow shades to dark grey and brown shades.

Having dual tips, these Sketch markers can be used for making highlights, calligraphies, and sketching big surfaces. Such tips make the markers perfect for sketching. 

The Copic Sketch markers have great longevity as they have refillable ink. Besides, you can replace the nib with three different nib options like Super Brush, Medium Broad, and Medium Round, depending on your needs. Just make sure to keep the caps closed to prevent the ink from drying out.

As the markers have an alcohol base, they are free of acid and toxicity. Besides, the alcohol dyed ink allows the paint to dry out very quickly. Not only that, but all these colors can also be blended quite seamlessly. 

If you’re looking to buy high-quality art markers for basic painting or sketching, this set is for you. It contains all the basic colors, so this could be the perfect starter pack for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Refillable inks and replaceable nibs available 
  • Perfect starter pack for artists
  • Can be used for basic artwork like making calligraphies, highlighting, bullet pointing, and more
  • Alcohol base helps the paint to dry fast on paper
  • Free of acid and toxic substances

7. Copic Marker I6-Skin Ciao Markers, Skin, 6-Pack

Much like the Copic Sketch Skin Tone 1 Set mentioned at the beginning, Copic Marker I6 Skin Ciao Markers Set is also an excellent-rated marker set for coloring skin, but at a much lower price. Here’s why you should get this!

As this Ciao bundle includes the absolute markers with double-sided ends, they can be used for all forms of artwork. With the brush tip, you can cover bigger areas, and with the narrow tip, you can outline, make shadows, and give your work an enhanced outlook. 

Although the Ciao markers are not of the finest quality as Sketch markers, they are still much better than most markers available today. They will certainly give you a premium feel.

Additionally, the inks can be replenished and the nibs can be exchanged. You can replace the nibs of these Ciao markers with two different alternatives, Super Brush nibs or Medium Broad nibs. 

Like all Copic markers, they have alcohol-based ink, and this particular form of ink makes the paint waterproof and acid-free, so the painting doesn’t take long to dry.

So, if you’re a beginner interested in drawing living beings, or even if you’re a professional with similar interests, you’ll love using these colors which have great dynamics.

With this set, you can own Copic markers, without having to break your bank!

Highlighted Features

  • Set includes six varying shades of skin tones  
  • Perfect shades for coloring skin
  • Prolonged and non-toxic markers 
  • Marker replenishments and nib replacements can be purchased anywhere 
  • Markers with prolonged use and non-toxic ink

8. Copic IB12 Ciao Markers Basic Set, 12-Piece

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Last but not the least, the Copic IB12 Ciao Markers Basic Set is one of the fairly affordable options. Including 12 basic shades for regular use, this set is certainly the perfect choice for beginners. 

Priced lower than most Copic sets, this set contains colors for everyday use. These colors can also be combined very smoothly, thanks to the high-quality Copic ink. On top of that, these markers have an alcohol base, which makes them waterproof and non-toxic. So, it doesn’t take long to dry and is also safe to use. 

You can use these Copic Ciao markers to quickly cover larger surfaces and also to highlight and give delicate finishing touches as they have two different sized tips.

Because they have replaceable nibs and refillable ink, the Copic Ciao markers have excellent durability.

Based on your art form, you can choose whether to replace the nibs with Super Brush or Medium Broad nibs. But you have to ensure the caps are kept closed at all times in order to stop the ink from running out.

If you’re an amateur artist looking to explore the world of top-notch markers, you should consider this Copic Basic Set. It has all the neutral colors, so this could be the ideal starting pack for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for simple illustrations like sketching, shading, journaling and more
  • Suitable for beginners, and artists, too
  • Plenty of refills and nib options in the market
  • Acid-free alcohol-based ink so fast drying process 
  • Results in permanent and waterproof paintings

What to Look for While Buying A Copic Marker? 

When it comes to Copic marker sets, you have a variety of different choices. Bearing in mind the following considerations will enable you to make the correct decision.

Different Types of Markers

Let’s get to know the various types of Copic markers.


Recognized as the original Copic markers, these are dual-tipped square barrel-shaped markers with a wide tip and a narrow tip on different ends. 

These are not intended for top-quality skilled artwork and are usually used for simple crafts. So, they have 9 separate choices for replacement nibs. Another important feature, these can be used with the Copic airbrush system.


Mostly used by professionals, such markers are suitable for high-quality illustrations. These are also double-sided, having one broad tip and one brush tip.

You have three different nib options to choose from. Similar to the Copic Classic, these markers are also compatible with the Copic airbrush system.


Much similar to the Copic Sketch markers, these markers are also double-sided with a broad nib and a brush nib. But the Copic Ciao markers are much cheaper and not of the same premium quality.


Very different from the other Copic markers, these are only available with one tip, which is extremely wide. They are perfect if you need a wider surface area to paint but are only available in 36 separate colors, and you have 1 replaceable nib option.


As you must already know Copic Markers are not cheap because of their premium quality. However, among the four different types of Copic markers, the Copic Ciao sets are pretty affordable as they are not of the highest quality, but they sure give the utmost superior feel of Copic markers.

If you are a beginner interested in buying one of these, and the price is not an issue, the Ciao markers are highly recommended for you.

Type of User

You have to consider the user profile as well.

  • Beginners

If you have come this far, you already know Copic Markers are quite expensive, and yet you want them. For beginners, the Ciao markers are advised for sketching purposes. As for craftwork, you can try out the Copic Classic markers.

  • Professional Artists

Copic Markers are designed specifically for professionals, and they are the topmost quality markers out there. You can’t go wrong with any of the options listed above, especially if you get a Sketch set. However, the right set for you depends on your purpose of use. So, keep reading.

Purpose of Use

If you’re looking for something generic that you can use for everyday use, you can get one of the Basic Sets, like the SB12 Sketch Basic Set, or perhaps the IB12 Ciao Basic Set.

But if you prefer working with light or pastel shades, you can get one of the rainbow sets, like the Montana Rainbow Doodle Kit.

And, if you deal with painting living beings or cartoon characters, there are a few different options for you. Copic has different skin tone sets available which are very impressive, like the I6-Skin Ciao Markers, or the Skin Tones 1 Sketch Markers mentioned above.

However, if you’re not much into sketching, and rather want markers for craftwork, Copic has got markers for you, too. You can get the Copic Original markers with any replaceable nib of your choice.

How to Use Copic Markers Properly? 

Apart from coloring solid blocks of colors with Copic markers, there are two basic methods for blending. For the first method, you may use a combination of two or more shades. As for the second method, you can use a colorless blender.

  • Method 1: Color Blend

The first method is pretty straightforward. Firstly, always choose shades from the same color family when blending, as they look the most natural when paired together and the final product will also appear cohesive.

Secondly, get colors that are two to three shades of each other. However, you can experiment outside that range. As long as they are within a difference of five, you are good to go.

It is advised that you first choose the lightest shade, then slowly move on to the darker ones. Initiate by coloring the entire area of your choice with the lightest color.

Then slowly use the darker colors using firm strokes, raising the marker marginally at the end of each stroke. This is to ensure you don’t get any visible lines while coloring. 

Once you are done with that, take the lighter color again and blend where the two shades fall together. Basically, to get a clean and flawless result, you will use the lighter shade to remove the darker color.

  • Method 2: Colorless blend

Now, the second method also uses the same solution as the markers, but without color. The colorless blender’s key feature is that it easily extracts color. This will allow you to blend, fix, and remove colors.

Similar to the first method, you can initiate coloring with the lighter color, and then paint over it with the colorless blender when it’s still wet. After that, you go over that blended area with a darker color. Doing it the other way around works, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best brand of Copic markers?

Often used by professionals, Copic is the most premium-quality marker brand available at present.

The list above contains the top Copic marker sets, like Copic Sketch Set 6 Skin Tone 1 for painting bodies, Shuttle Art 51 Colors Markers Set for all kinds of painting.

2. Are Copic markers better than Promarkers?

While using the circle method, which is quite common for alcohol-based markers, Copic markers mix exceptionally well on paper without any kind of visible lines. Besides, the Copics have advanced color options and finer nibs than Promarkers. 

Given the fact that Copic markers are fairly expensive, they have a refill option which makes it much cheaper than buying one. Overall, the Copic markers are better.

3. Are Copic markers good for beginners?

Even though these are mostly used by professional artists, you can use them, too, if you like using alcohol-based markers. Among the various types of Copic markers, some are designed for enthusiastic beginners.

4. Why are Copic markers so special?

Having a fast-drying alcohol base, these markers allow you to paint over paintings without reacting with the initial colors or damaging the paper, leaving the surface just as smooth. The colors also have great intensity and unparalleled richness.

5. Which is better Ohuhu or Copic?

Although both Copic and Ohuhu markers have an alcohol base and arrive in a vast array of colors, Ohuhu markers do not have the same level of richness in terms of color as Copics.

Besides, Copic markers are much smoother and appear to be much darker on paper.

6. How long do Copic markers last?

Like most alcohol-based markers, Copic markers ultimately dry out.

However, since they are reusable and the nibs can also be replaced, these markers can be used for years, as long as you continue to refill them and replace the nibs. 

7. Can you use Copic markers on canvas?

You can definitely use Copic markers on canvas. While they act in a different manner on canvas compared to paper, they can surely produce quite impressive effects.

Final Words

If you really want to cherish your experience of sketching, you have to find yourself the perfect selection of markers.

However, with hundreds of options out there, you can’t just select one without figuring out which one would better fit your requirements.

So, we have included the best Copic marker sets in this article after exhaustive research. We tried to recommend the marker sets which are truly great and have versatile uses.

And as these markers have refillable options and nib replacement options, we assure you they will last a very long time. 

We wish you the best of luck in purchasing the right marker set!

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