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Best Yarn Swift: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

Want to tie down entire skeins of fiber thread? Then you’ll need the best yarn swift.

There are too many ways your fiber thread can become a knot and eventually be impossible to use. And you surely don’t want that.

The best way to prevent it is by using a yarn swift to tame it. Make it into a ball or cake that won’t entangle away, and you’ll have a much more pleasurable experience when using it.

As a knitter of a weaver, this will feel like an excellent thing to have. And the best of all – it is a piece of cake to use.

Here, we’re going to show you some of the highest-quality yarn swifts available. And we’re also teaching you how to pick the right one.

Care to learn more? Then head right down!

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Top 14 Best Yarn Swifts Reviews

So, there are way too many options out there to pick all of them. And sure enough, most of them were less than enticing – so we ended up with only 14.

But these 14 yarn swifts are easily the best you’ll find in material, construction, and overall ease of use. Here’s a more in-depth look into each one:

1.Stanwood Needlecraft YW-3 Tabletop Amish Yarn Swift

When it comes to quality, few models can match what a Stanwood yarn swift can offer. The YW-3 model is a tabletop/Amish yarn swift made of wood. It delivers the most durable build you can expect, and one of the most practical designs.

The advantage of the piece is the 2.5 feet circumference that can reach up to 6 feet. Yes, this is a total adjustable piece that offers a large enough design for the largest cakes or skeins.

Because of its wooden construction, you can expect it to last a lifetime. With a solid wood material, it is pretty sturdy still and won’t break easily.

Something that truly stands out is the extra-fine sanding. You’ll receive one of the smoothest yarn swifts, which feels totally pleasant to use.

This goes well with the enticing finish. It has a light appearance that will make any person love it. With its simplicity and excellent tabletop design, it is set to surpass even the highest of expectations.

Another enormous benefit is the set of legs. You get a broad base with 4 non-slip pads. It doesn’t matter what type of material you put it on – the piece will handle the job amazingly well.

When it comes to storage, the piece is totally dismountable, so you can take it apart and store when needed.

There’s simply nothing to hate about it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 6 feet of total circumference
  • Sturdy solid wood construction
  • Easy-to-mount & disassemble
  • Super-smooth surface
  • Stable and reliable design

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2.cuteDIY Yarn Swift with Ball Winder

Few models are as practical and easy to use as the cuteDIY Yarn Swift. The thing that sets it apart is the metal construction and the extra ball winder. Together, they add up to make the best yarn swift and ball winder for the cost.

You can consider the thick metal construction to add tons of durability. The whole swift can last several years without issues, and still be easy to use. You won’t need to be extra careful with it – just make sure it does the job well, and that’s it.

Another benefit is the large design. You can set it up as large as 2 feet in circumference, making it possible to wind a lot of skein at once. It is possible to wind about 10 feet of total thread or more in a few minutes.

This excellent design matches well with the capacity to work horizontally and vertically. And with its light design, it allows super easy handling.

The winder is easy to use as well. You won’t have to waste your time or effort setting it up. You just make sure it is clamped in a 1.75-inch table, and that’s it. For the best results, make sure it is an angular-edged table instead of rounded.

When it comes to storing it, you can use the plastic case to save space and make it safe. Due to how light it is and its straightforward design, folding it and storing it will take little to no effort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Quality plastic & metal build
  • Super-practical plastic case
  • Easy-to-use clamp & collapsible system
  • Winds up 10 feet of skein at once
  • Large 2-feet diameter size

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3.Knit Picks Yarn Swift

Quality over everything else, the Yarn Swift from Knit Picks comes with one of the sturdiest builds you can expect.

You can wind up entire skeins in just a few minutes, using the large enough design to work with medium-sized threads of any kind.

The piece also folds down easily. If you don’t want to waste any effort trying to store it – this foldable design comes like an excellent feature.

For extra convenience, you can enjoy the easy installation. It goes well on any 1.5-inch thick table and clamps down firmly. You can use the piece without losing any balance or thread.

To make it even better, you get a gorgeous & sturdy wood build. Using natural birch wood, it manages to go the extra mile in both durability and looks – making your winding process a lot easier.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy several pieces of metal hardware for adjusting the piece. Not only this adds up to the quality of the build, but it ensures flawless operation that you won’t have to waste any time for.

For those who want a good-looking, practical, and long-lasting piece – the Knit Picks Yarn Swift won’t disappoint.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long-lasting Birch wood construction
  • Extra smooth finish
  • Gorgeous looks
  • Ultra-reliable with metal hardware
  • Helps wind up 4 feet of yarn

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4. Lacis Umbrella Yarn Swift

Simplicity and convenience go hand in hand. That’s what you get with the Lacis umbrella swift yarn winder – a super convenient yet easy-to-use piece.

The piece comes with plastic construction. This plastic allows maximum lightness so you won’t have any problem operating the piece quickly or gently as needed.

For the extra handiness, you can expect little to no effort to set it up – it comes with wooden twist screws that allow ultra-fast setup. No need to do it all by hand and make too much effort. Just turn the screws slowly as needed, and that’s it.

Another incredible thing to think about is the overall diameter. You can wind up skeins of up to 60 inches in diameter. That’s the standard size of most medium skeins out there. If you don’t need to tidy up too much – then you’ll find this model a top-notch idea.

To make it even better, you get an integral handle. It allows you to use it as a winder for even better results. And when it comes to adjusting it, you can enjoy the clamp that works in horizontal, vertical or even angled installation as you need.

There’s almost nothing about it to overlook. You get the lightness, ease of use, practicality, and size for a perfect experience winding up skeins.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-light design for easy operation
  • The quality metal build with plastic parts
  • Straightforward umbrella & clamp
  • Large umbrella at 60 inches diameter
  • Works at any angle you want

5.Premium Knitter Umbrella Yarn Swift

Just as the name of the brand says, the Premium Knitter Yarn Swift with umbrella design sets the quality higher. This one not only looks fantastic, it also works way better than lower-quality models and offers a way more durable build.

The looks come entirely from solid birch wood with a sanded finish. It is as smooth as you can guess, with the light tone that Birch offers.

Yet, it is not the looks that make it so interesting – but the quality of the wood. With a machined outside and a super-sturdy composition, this wood can resist even the highest of strains. You can use it for several hours straight, and it will stay intact even after years.

With a comfortable-to-use design it also adds ease of operation. You get two screws for tightening it up and folding/unfolding the umbrella. Yet, it stays firm and allows hands-free operation so you can roll up the ball with ease.

All of that is only possible with the quality clamp system. It sticks sturdily to any table or almost any 2-inch surface or less – so you can wind up safely and easily. This matches well with the winder rotation, so you can move the umbrella system and wind up the skein even faster.

It makes no sound, it is totally foldable and feels super smooth on your hands. There’s probably nothing else to ask from it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful birch wood construction
  • Effortless clamp & collapsible design
  • Clamps in 2-inch thick tables
  • Extra-smooth finish for safe use
  • Durable build with Birch & metal hardware

6.Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift

Coming back with a Stanwood yarn swift, now it’s time for a simple model – the Modern Umbrella.

It has nothing to overlook, going from the 6-feet circumference system. You can enjoy one of the largest options to wind up yarn skeins of up to 6 feet or more in length. And you can do so with total ease.

The design also boasts an excellent clamp system, making it possible to install in 1.75-inch thick tables. Even in the sturdiest tables, this swift will work with no issues.

There’s also a high-quality wooden build to enjoy. With birch wood and a premium-quality finish, you can expect it to last and look fantastic.

Another considerable advantage is the smooth spin. Once you clamp it to a table, it will spin as smoothly as you need for an even more convenient experience.

You get conveniently made and designed screws for folding and clamping the piece. And everything is made of quality wood for reliability.

Last but not least, you can fold it and store it with total ease. Wherever you want and without making too much of an effort – it ensures super easy storage.

Considering its build quality, ease of use, and good looks – there’s almost nothing more to ask from it. This swift will probably go beyond your demands.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-smooth spin for easy use
  • Quality finish for gentle surface
  • Easy-to-use screws for folding & clamping
  • Up to 6 feet circumference
  • Clamps easily in tables

7. CHIAOGOO 1098 Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift

We can’t stay with umbrella swifts for the rest of the articles – so we decided to bring another Amish-style model. This time, you meet the CHIAOGOO 1098.

At first sight, you’ll realize how practical this model is overall. It all starts with an adjustable peg system – you get the chance to take it from a few inches up to 6 feet in total diameter. Winding up your 400-meter skeins will be a piece of cake – or the smallest 60-inches long ones.

The piece is made of quality wood. You’ll receive one of the most durable and sturdy pieces out there. But because the birch wood is finished smoothly, you can enjoy how soft and good-looking it is – offering an even more pleasant experience.

On top of that, storing the swift won’t take much effort. You can just take it apart and accommodate it wherever you want. It doesn’t take much space and allows easy operation with its lightness.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the table base. It has four legs that maximize overall stability, especially with the non-skid pads on the bottom.

If you’re a fan of practical and well-made yarn swifts, then you’ll love this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy Amish-style design
  • Adjusts to different skein sizes
  • Sturdy birch wood construction
  • Smooth rotation for easy use
  • Stable and reliable design

8.Olikraft Yarn Ball Winder and Umbrella Yarn Swift

Want a yarn swift and ball winder that gets the job done without much fuss? Then you’re looking for the Olikraft Umbrella model.

It combines the ability of an umbrella swift to be clamped almost anywhere with the super handy ball winder. You can make those balls of yarn thread without making much of an effort – just let the piece do it all by itself and wind up the skein away.

The piece offers excellent capacity as well. You can enjoy a 4-ounce yarn winding process each operation, making it super convenient in most cases.

This pairs up with sturdy metal and plastic construction. And with an extra ball holder, you can enjoy a super-handy experience from the first use to the last.

To make it even better, there’s the foldable design that comes with a plastic case. You can fold the swift and store it as necessary.

Finally, clamping the swift to the table and making it work takes less effort and time than you can expect. You get a 1.75-inch clamp thickness capacity and a straightforward collapsible design, so it all gets done with little effort.

If you’re tired of difficult-to-use and impractical models, then this one won’t disappoint you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes with practical winder
  • Works with up to 4 feet of yarn
  • Durable metal & plastic build
  • Totally foldable & easy to use
  • Clamps to 1.75-inch tables

9.Glimakra Swedish Wood Umbrella Yarn Swift

Going from 12 to 100 inches in total diameter, the Wood Umbrella from Glimakra is among the most practical you can get.

It’s possible to adjust it using the screw-in handle in the middle of the piece. This matches well with the handle for clamping, so you can set the piece on almost any table effortlessly and with utmost stability.

The real advantage of this piece is the birch wood construction. You get one of the sturdiest materials you can expect a yarn swift to have. It will make your whole experience at winding up skeins a lot better.

Because it is made in Sweden, you can expect the whole piece to be of the maximum quality possible. This ensures maximum durability and a super-smooth, noise-free, and practical winding experience.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the smooth and light construction. While it lasts a long time, it still allows practical handling. No need to feel overwhelmed when using it.

Overall, it takes quality to a whole new level. As the most expensive on the list, we can assure you it’s totally worth having.

Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth surface for safe yarn handling
  • Long-lasting birch wood construction
  • Noise-free rotation
  • Premium-quality construction
  • Effortless clamp & umbrella systems

10.Nagina International’s Umbrella Yarn Swift

If we had to pick the most beautiful pieces in the list – we wouldn’t hesitate before going for the Nagina International yarn swift.

This piece comes with an umbrella design that allows ease of use and excellent results at 35 inches of diameter. Yet, it is the Rosewood & maple wood construction that truly sets it apart.

The quality choice of material with precision machining and build will ensure a super-durable experience. Even after years of use, the yarn swift will stand the weight of time and help you wind up even the longest of skeins.

Yet, it is the gorgeous finish that stands out the most. Either in Beech for a light tone or Rosewood for a reddish-brown tone – they’ll make your winding experience a lot better.

Sure enough, you get the same collapsible design as most umbrella models. Yet this one comes with four arms and an ultra-smooth rotating center so you won’t have any issue winding up skeins.

As for adjusting it, you get quality wooden keys as well. They allow easy and safe adjustment on the clamp and the umbrella arms.

The piece also comes in a slightly smaller version that doesn’t clamp down to tables but instead comes with a non-skip base. It makes usage even easier and faster.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in Rosewood & Beech
  • Comes in clamp style & tabletop style
  • Opens up to 35 inches in diameter
  • Collapsible & easy to store
  • Resilient build overall

11.shouyi Umbrella Wooden Yarn Swift

Simple construction and stunning design – that’s what you get with the shouyi Umbrella Yarn Swift.

The first thing you’ll notice is the medium size capacity at 25 inches in diameter. You’ll have the chance to wind up standard skeins without any issue.

Because it opens with ease, you won’t have any issue getting it to work. An easy-to-use adjustment system lets you adjust the umbrella arms at different diameters and clamp it in almost any table.

On top of that, it is super well-made, so you can also enjoy a smooth rotating system. It will make the whole winding process faster and easier.

You won’t have to set it up either. It comes almost completely assembled so you can operate it without making much of an effort. And with such an exciting design, it also allows vertical or horizontal installation – so you can use it however you prefer.

And lastly, you’ll enjoy the quality birch wood construction. It delivers a durable build and a gorgeous finish that feels smooth on your hands and the yarn.

Adding up all that to one of the lowest prices in the list, the shouyi Umbrella Swift is undoubtedly an option not to dismiss.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-durable birch wood construction
  • Attractive design with a smooth surface
  • Opens up to 25 inches in diameter
  • Effortless adjustments with handy keys
  • Practical collapsible design

12.CKB LTD Amish Style Yarn Swift

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Do you like Amish-style yarn swifts? Then you’ll love the model from CKB LTD.

As simple as it looks, this is one of the most practical models you’ll find. And it all starts from the adjustable pegs – so you can achieve up to 4 feet of diameter and wind up the longest skeins out there.

The winder or rotating system is also super smooth. Working amazingly well with the peg system, you can expect it to allow maximum smoothness when winding.

You get a quality construction nonetheless. It delivers tons of sturdiness and a pretty durable product overall. Even after years of use, it will stay working neatly.

To add even more convenience, you can enjoy the fast-assembly process. You can take it apart and store it whenever necessary.

Consider the bottom base for extra stability when using. And with quality beech wood build, it is also designed to look good.

If you’re on a short budget and want something decently reliable and easy to use – this Amish-style Swift will not let you down.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large 4-feet diameter design
  • Extra-handy adjustable pegs
  • Easy to disassemble & store
  • Quality beech wood build
  • Smooth rotating system

13.Knitter’s Pride KP800361 Signature Series Swift

Winding up a skein doesn’t have to be boring. The Knitter’s Pride KP800361 is a perfect example of that.

This swift comes from the Signature Series, a well-made and good-looking set of pieces that make threading activities a lot more enjoyable.

One of the things that set this model apart, for example, is the colored array of arms on the umbrella. With a rainbow-like design, it offers a way more appealing design to most people.

The finish doesn’t disappoint either. It is ultra-smooth and feels super soft on your hands. And all of that is thanks to the birch wood construction, adding the extra touch of durability.

But it is not only birch wood, but it also contains a few parts of laminated Birch, which increase the sturdiness. This also makes it possible to add the colored design that adds personality to the piece.

Sure enough, it rotates smoothly and allows winding of skeins in minutes. Thanks to its 60-inch diameter design – even the longest skeins will work amazingly well with this piece.

Highlighted Features:

  • Attractive colored design
  • Superb birch wood build
  • Excellent laminated parts for lightness
  • Ultra-smooth rotation for easy winding
  • Up to 60 inches of total diameter

14.Nagina International Umbrella TableTop Yarn Swift

There’s nothing about the Umbrella Tabletop Yarn Swift to hate. It boasts a uniquely gorgeous design, a super-enticing color, and still manages to last a lifetime.

The first thing you’ll notice is the medium-sized design. You can wind away skeins of up to 60 inches without issues. Yet, it comes with a unique tabletop design so you won’t have to clamp it to any edge.

It is a piece of cake to use too. You get a smooth rotation that doesn’t squeak or provide any discomfort. And with the top key, you can spread and collapse the piece for easy storage.

Then you’ll see the beautiful finish once again. Boasting maple wood, it delivers a sanded finish that goes far and beyond your needs.

And when you add the light build at only 1.6 pounds, then it feels even better. You can handle the piece without making much of an effort.

When it comes to winding up your skeins, few models feel as resilient or are as good-looking as this one. And it still manages to be affordable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstandingly durable maple wood build
  • Super-light build at only 1.6 pounds
  • Highly attractive maple finish
  • Squeak-free rotation system
  • Up to 30 inches of diameter

Yarn Swift Buying Guide: Things to Consider!

So, you’re thinking of getting the best yarn swift? But you don’t have much of an idea what to go for? Well, don’t worry. We have it figured out for you.

Next, you’ll learn about the different factors that make a difference in your final choice. If you take these into account, then you’re more likely to pick something you genuinely like. Take a look:

Overall Size

When you take a look at yarn swifts, you realize they are not like other products out there with easy-to-follow measurements that anyone can know at first. These are somewhat more complicated.

The first thing you’ll notice is that they come in only two sizes: medium and large. And telling one from the other can be somewhat tricky.

Why? Well, it’s all because you can usually use these swifts both horizontally and vertically. In some cases, they may even offer the chance to work in an angled way.

What this changes is the amount of space you’ll need, and how far they can go. For example, an horizontal model can extend up to 8 feet in diameter. You’ll need a lot of space for this large swift to work.

Vertical models may extend to the sides and up/down instead. This one can reach similar diameters, so you’ll need tons of space as well.

Luckily, most yarn swifts fold away so you can store them more easily. Sure enough, medium and large models will vary in storage space as well. So be careful when choosing something with the right size for your needs.

Type of Swift

You may think that yarn swifts are super simple, and they’re all the same. But they’re not. You will find several categories to consider when browsing through our reviews. Here are two of these types explained:


This is the standard type of swift, the most typical. What makes it so popular is the ability to be clamped to any table and/or top. Then it can open up or unfold into what looks like an umbrella without the fabric.

As you can guess, umbrella models fold and unfold (or collapse) when you want to use them or store them accordingly. This ability makes them super practical and easy to use.

They clamp into tables and other similar surfaces using a screw-in clamp on the bottom. And they fold and unfold using a screw-in system in the middle.

As we explained in the size section, most umbrella swifts can work horizontally or vertically. Some even work in an angled position. Either way, they’re straightforward and allow easy operation so you can wind up small, medium, or large pieces of yarn skein.


Also known as a tabletop yarn swift, this one works exclusively horizontally, meaning it only spreads to the sides.

But because they can only spread to the sides and don’t offer a collapsible design, these can reach a lot more diameter. On top of that, they offer tons of adjustments, so even if the total diameter of the swift is 8 feet, you can adjust it to 7 feet, 6 feet, 5 feet, and as little as 2 feet or a few inches.

Instead of collapsing, however, Amish/tabletop swifts disassemble. You can take all their pieces apart and store them accordingly.

But overall, they offer an excellent winding experience and don’t take much effort to get them to work.


The material of the ball winder and swift is also a key factor. This will let you know how durable it can be, how smooth and easy to use, and how heavy.

Most swifts are made of hardwood (solid wood) like Birch and maple. Most of the swifts are made entirely with the same material – be it an umbrella or an Amish model.

But not all swifts are made of wood. Some models come with metal, plastic, or both. Sometimes, they may even combine metal, plastic, and wood at the same time.

Metal is another quality material to consider, but it is a little heavier. Overall, though, you may find that most metal parts are the screw-in handles and the bolts that connect the arms. Sometimes it is the winder.

With plastic, you’ll find the same. They usually only appear in specific parts of the swift like the arms/skeleton of the umbrella.

Entirely metallic or plastic models tend to be more affordable than entirely wooden ones. Yet, they can also be harder to store and use.

How to Use Your Yarn Swift?

Are you winding yarn without a swift? You will probably find that it is super hard – taking a lot of time and effort that you could put into knitting instead.

Well, don’t worry. Using a swift is the total opposite – it saves tons of time and effort and makes knitting a lot more effective.

Here’s how you can use your yarn swift:

Secure the Swift on a Tabletop

The first step to take is to clamp the swift into the tabletop. Here, you will have to proceed, depending on the type you have.

· A standard umbrella model will go on the edge of the table. In contrast, an Amish-style or tabletop model will sit on a flat surface instead.

· There must be enough space around so you can work comfortably and don’t damage either the yarn or the swift. In that case, proceed by considering the diameter of the piece.

· Then, just make sure it is secured firmly enough so you can proceed to tie up the yarn.

Attach the Yarn to the Swift

Once you have the swift attached to the table or put on a stable surface, then you need to attach the yarn.

This process is easy, yet it requires a few steps you may not know about:

1.   Get the band (a paper piece that keeps it together) out of the skein. Throw it out or store it if you’re going to use it later.

2.   Now detangle the skein and get the circle. Place this circle on top of the disassembled or collapsed swift.

3.   Then adjust the swift to your desired diameter. Make sure the yarn is firmly attached, but not stretched as you may end up ripping it off.

Prepare the Yarn

Once you have the skein of yarn attached to the swift, you can proceed and wind it.

1.   You’ll find two ties holding the skein together. Cut these ties away.

2.   The strand of yarn will start to loosen up. You can extend the diameter of the swift if needed.

3.   The ends of the yarn will loosen up as well. Grab one of those and set it up with the winder or, if you’re winding by hand, grab it with your hand.

Start Winding

Now that you have one of the ends ready to start pulling, then you can start winding.

· Remember to do it gently, not to damage the yarn in any way.

· The yarn should start coming off the skein slowly.

· If the yarn gets tangled or doesn’t unwind smoothly, then you may need to adjust the pressure (diameter of the swift.)

· After 1 to 5 minutes, you should have the yarn ball ready to be stored.

This is it – you’ve successfully winded away a skein into a ball.


After reading our reviews and learning all about them with our buying guide, you should be ready to take the next step. And that is making your last decision.

We know there are way too many options to pick from. But if you take good care of our advice and pick following your demands – then you should have no issue choosing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best yarn swift for your knitting projects now and save the time and effort of unwinding hanks of yarn manually. Whatever you go for – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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