Best Circle Cutter for Paper Crafting

Best Circle Cutter for Paper Crafting: Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

If you want to cut the most amazing and neat circles on any crafting material, get the best circle cutter in the market.

A good circle cutter will help you to complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Many brands cutters to use on any craft material, no matter how light or thick.

So let’s help to simplify your next project with the top brands in the market. We have taken our time to select the cutters that’ll offer the best service.

 Also, our buying guide and brief instruction on using circle cutters will guide your choice and ensure your satisfaction.

Need help to decide? Check these 3 top products!

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Top 8 Best Circle Cutter Reviews

1. OLFA Rotary Circle Cutter 

At that time, when you desire to cut a perfect circle for your DIY project, this circle cutter will awe you with accuracy and precision. It serves for both left-handed and right-handed DIYers.

This rotary cutter from the OLFA brand cuts circles of 1 ½ inch to 8 ¾ inches. Simply guide the tool with a clockwise motion as if you’re stirring your soup on the fire and make perfect circles. Yes! It’s that simple. 

Coming to the design, this cutter comes with a handle that promotes comfort for the users. You can cut as many circles as you want without feeling the weight of the long hours on your hand. OlFA comes with a patented ratchet handle that protects your hands or wrist from fatigue.  

The best part is that this tool is versatile. You can use it to cut perfect circles on numerous materials such as paper, fabric, fleece, or felt.

From all indications, the OLFA cutter works wonders on thin materials but not thick or hard materials such as metals woods. 

We also commend this circle cutter for its blade of 18mmtht is very sharp and cuts circles accurately. Once you use this OLFA cutter, the blade ensures that edges are smooth and not rough at all. As far as your material is a light one, leave the hard work to the sharp blade. 

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for left-handed and right-handed DIYers
  • Works in a clockwise direction 
  • Features a sharp 18mm blade for neat and accurate cuts
  • Comes with a blade cover plus plastic pivot
  • Ratchet handle protects the users from fatigue
  • Cuts circles of 1.5 inches to 8.75 inches
  • Works perfectly on thin materials such as paper, fabrics, foam, denim, fleece, and denim

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2. Fiskars 193800-1001 Circle Cutter Plus 2 Replacement Blades

Many circle cutters can cut many materials quickly and accurately, but sometimes, some are perfect for a particular type of material.

That’s why we’re happy to tell you that this circle cutter from Friskers is your best bet for fabric materials. It can cut papers as well, but when your DIY material is fabrics, get Fiskars 193800-1001.

This circle cutter can cut circles ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches on any fabric.

One of the things we commend about this cutter is that you can work without having to create a pinhole or trace the cut lines. The tool already has a traced cut path, and the semi-fold construction offers a 1-inch increment to eliminate reaching and twisting unnecessarily.

Moreover, there’s nothing lie securing the material manually. The cutting tool has provisions on securing the material. All you need do is to press it down, and the blade becomes active.

So, whenever you want to achieve perfect cuts without bumps, holes, rough edges, get this Fiskars circle cutter. Moreover, this circle cutter doesn’t require much effort.

Once you engage its blade by pressing it down, run it along the already created track and get the perfect circle. 

One thing about using Fiskars is that its setup helps to eliminate wastages of crafting material. Also, the needlepoint and the clear base feature simplifies alignment and save materials.

With the two replacement blades, this product is one of the good ones in this circle cutter reviews.  

Highlighted Features

  • Works perfectly on every type of fabric
  • Cuts from 1 inch to 8 inches circles neatly
  • Features a needlepoint part  and clear base to eliminate material wastages
  • Offers two replacement blades for optimum performance
  • Comes in a simple to operate setup
  • It eliminates rough edges, bumps, and holes in circles.

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3. OLFA 9911 CMP-1 Compass Circle Cutter

This model of circle cutter from OLFA is the simplest tool you can use for your DIY project. It works just like your compass and creates accurate holes too.

For thicker materials such as mat board, sheer styrene, or paper board, you can expect the best outcome. The only issue it has with materials such as foam core is that the pivot area may bore a hole on it.

Also, if you want to create a hole on photos, paper, or nylon stock, this circle cutter will work fine. The best part is that it creates a circle on light wood materials when you pass it many times on the material.

Just like the other OLFA model, this particular also works well for left-handed and right-handed users. It doesn’t discriminate at all. With this model, you can cut up to 6 inches circles, and it also comes with six COB-1 blades.

These 6 blades ensure that you can use the tool for a very long time and different types of projects.

Highlighted Features

  • Works for left-handed and right-handed users
  • Perfect in a clockwise motion
  • Features 6 extra blade for diverse craft projects 
  • Cuts circles of 6 inches  diameter
  • Perfectly on thick materials and even on light wood. 

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4. NT Heavy Duty Cutter With Aluminum Die-Cast Body (C-3000GP)

Many people use simple circle cutters to complete their DIY projects. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when you want to carry out a large capacity project that entails speed and efficiency, get this NT circle cutter.

The sole aim of constructing this product is to use it for heavy-duty projects. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for casuals, but when things get serious, this tool must be there to lighten the load. 

This cutter comes in a durable and robust aluminum body to ensure longevity and high-capacity performance. Users are equipped with a non-slip rubber handle that helps them to keep the cutter steady and accurate when cutting a circle.

We can’t help but admire the blade that can cut circles of 1 1/3 inches to 10 ¼ inches on any material.

Yes! With the NT circle cutter, you can create neat circles on carpets, floor sheets, thin veneer, cardboard, rubber acetates, ceiling tile, etc.

It comes with two single-edged blades that can last as long as you want. These blades are of the professional standard and can ensure precise and optimum sharpness for heavy-duty tasks. The material used for the blades are carbon steel, and there’s no doubt they are the best in the industry.

Another commendable feature of this cutter is the built-in compartment. This part is where you will store the extra blades when they’re not in use.

That way, you can prevent unnecessary accidents. You can use the tool to handle different kinds of projects such as industrial projects, roofing, drywall, DIY crafts, or flooring depending on your need.

The only observation we have is that you must turn the grip many times on the target surface to get the best results. That notwithstanding, this cutter is strong, efficient, and durable.

Highlighted Features

  • Die-Cast aluminum body for durability
  • Creates circles of 1 1/3 to 10.75 inches 
  • Offers 2 extra single-edged blades
  • Features a built-in compartment for storage
  • Handles heavy-duty cutting tasks
  • Perfect for  carpets, floor sheets, thin veneer, cardboard, rubber acetates, ceiling tile, etc

5. Fiskars 111310-1004 Fabric Circle Cutter

Here is one fabric cutter you can use to create fine and accurate circles at any time. We’ve already reviewed one of the models from Fiskars, and this particular one has all the features you’ll love in the best circle cutter.

The company has been in the industry now and has made a name for providing high-quality cutters for DIYers. 

Whenever your target is to create a neat circle on materials such as transfer paper, polyester, cotton, etc. This tool needs to be there. It can help you to create different sizes of circles ranging from 2 inches to 12 inches.

According to the manufacturers, users have 11 sizes of circles they can create with this Fiskars 111310-1004. 

One other thing we love is the handles. This unique cutter has a rotating handle that ensures a smooth cutting experience for users. Say goodbye to reaching and twisting while working with a circle cutter.

Also, with the beautiful half-fold design of this cutter, you can forget about the tiring experience of making pinholes and tracing circles. This push cutter has a template track that you’ll utilize for smooth and accurate cuts.

Apart from eliminating pinholes, twisting, and tracing, you can also wave goodbye to rough edges, and bumps as you work. All it requires from you is to fold your material into two halves and place the tool’s template on it.

Make sure that you align the bottom lip of the template with the material’s folded edge. Place your cutter in any track you want and press down for the blade to appear. Once it does, run the blade slowly along the chosen track for that perfect circle. 

Highlighted Features

  • Create circles of 2 inches to 12 inches
  • Softgrip feature eliminate hand discomfort
  • Comes with ¼ inches  circle seam and an optional half-circle seam of ¼ inches
  • Eliminates holes, rough edges, and bumps
  • Works on different types of fabrics, such as polyester, cotton, etc.
  • Rotating handle eliminates twisting and reaching
  • The half-fold design ensures zero pinholes and no tracing

6. Logan WA8001 FoamWerks Foamboard Circle Cutter

Here is one of those circle cutters you can use to create perfect ones on foam boards. No need to guess on the perfect tool for your material when the Logan tool is handy.

One thing we love is the simplicity of the tool. It is easy to use and creates circles without demanding much from the users. 

Once you pick your package, the manufacturers equip you with five extra blades to ensure longevity and optimum performance. You can use this tool to cut different sizes of circles ranging from 1” to 6 inches.

The best part is that this Logan circle cutter can handle large projects, but to an extent. If you want to make the most of it, don’t use it steadily for too long.

Another commendable aspect of this cutter is that the blades are simple to use. Some people claim that loading them was a breeze.

Also, this tool cuts the holes very cleanly, but you must know that the setting can be tricky. So, we recommend you take some materials and test-cut to know the right setting you need. Also, to get a cleaner cut, always put a small material under the target area and cut beyond the material to the scrap. 

Apart from foam boards, this Logan circle cutter works perfectly on mats. Many users testified that the circles it creates come out perfectly without jagged edges. So, for your next project with mat or foam, use this cutting tool.

Highlighted Features

  • Creates perfect circles on foam boards and mats
  • Offer different sizes ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches
  • Simple to install and use blades
  • Eliminates jagged edges
  • Comes with five extra blades for longevity
  • Durable and easy to use circle-cutting tool.

7. Clear Cut Cutter Ic-1500p Enuti Yen

When you consider the appearance of this tool, you may think it’s not going to deliver. But to tell the truth, this is one of the simplest and most efficient circle cutters to use. 

We took our time to investigate about this tool, and all the users mentioned how great it was. One DIYer enthusiast assured us that once you use this circle cutter, you’ll be hooked.

User shares their experience as, this Clear Cut tool makes you wonder why you got stuck with low-performing cutters for a very long time. 

Apart from working wonders for your plastic and paper material, and enables you to cut many sizes of circles you can think of.

The best part is that it also cuts larger circles using an extension. This cutter works with a clockwise motion, and any other style may lead to tearing your material. So, be very careful about that.

Another thing worth commending is that the cutter is versatile. Also, according to the manufacturers, our little kids can use it for all their scrapbooking projects. You don’t have to fear for their safety since the tool is easy to use.  

The most important point is that your package comes with six extra blades. It has a CE-700P extension bar, and this part enables users to create circles of 6 ¼ inches to 15 1/3 inches, or you can say 16 to 40 cm.

We also love the bars because they come in metal construction material. Even at that, the bars are very flexible, and many users love that.

This simple but wonderful cutting tool works great on vinyl, paper, and film. If you want to use it on thick materials, simply pass it many times on the material for the perfect cut.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses an extension bar to make large circles
  • Works perfectly on paper, vinyl, and film
  • Cuts heavies materials after few passes
  • Allows for different sizes ranging from 6 ¼ to 15 1/3 inches
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Bar material is of metal to ensure durability
  • Safe for kids, teen, and adolescents

8. Grace Company 360 TrueCut Circle Cutter, Multi-Color

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This is one of those fine-designed circle cutters that inspires productivity. This TrueCut tool fastens your work time by creating circles without stress. Everyone can use the tool because the design is made to suit all. 

TrueCut works perfectly on fabrics and other materials. After using this tool, you’ll appreciate the fact that you didn’t experience wrinkling or bunching during the cut.

One thing we love about the Grace brand is that they made the tool to produce precise cuts by proving exact marking for that. 

You can create circles ranging from 2 inches to twelve inches. The tool has a center point that ensures accuracy in making circles and curves.

Once you place your order, you’ll receive the cutting tool and 2 extra blades from the manufacturers. Another good thing about this brand is that you can use it on felt, too, no matter how thick it is.

Many users love the fact that they don’t have to trace circles with this cutter. However, they advise you to spend little time mastering how the tool works.

Another user also mentioned that you could say goodbye to slips with this cutter. Moreover, if you’re into heat transfer projects, this cutter can still be your assistant for that. Also, you can follow the manufacturer’s instructions without issues.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 2 extra blades
  • Cuts paper, fabrics, and thick felt materials
  • Eliminates wrinkling and bunching during cuts
  • Ensures precise outcomes with exact markings on the tool
  • Creates circles of different sizes such as 2 to 12 inches
  • Features a center point that promotes accuracy
  • Serves as a heat transfer tool 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Circle Cutter 

Every woodwork, artwork, or craft work needs the best circle cutter. If you pick a high-quality product, you can be sure of great results.

But we’ve discovered that these circular cutters come in a different class. Many out there are not as good as the hype, and if you want to avoid them, always check these factors thoroughly.

  • Type of Cutter 

We are adding this factor because it’s the first thing you must consider before buying any product. What is the cutter meant for, or what type of material will it cut perfectly?

If you’re going to buy paper and fabrics for your craft, make sure to buy a fabric circle cutter or a paper circle cutter. Peradventure you’re using wood for your craft business, ensure that you invest in the circle cutter for wood.

One may wonder what is the difference between the two. A cutter suitable for paper and fabrics can be operated manually by hand, and it as a blade that facilitates the smooth cutting of circles.

A wood circle cutter, on the other hand, works with blades and drills to execute a task.  So, get the circle cutter that matches your project to tee, and thank us later.

  • Blade Quality

Without stressing the point,circle cutters are as good as the blade it uses. So before buying any brand at all, inspect the blade.

If it’s of low quality, save yourself the stress of replacement. The only time you can manage such low-quality blade is on paper material, but for how long?  

When it comes down to using fabrics or wood and metal, you will not be able to complete any project. So, always ensure that the blade of your circle cutter is the best there is or don’t invest at all.  

  • Versatility

There are many circle cutters in the industry, but not all are one-size-fits-all. We’re talking about the capacity of a cutter to handle diverse sizes of circles on any material.

Check the radius ranges of the cut it makes and also check its increment increase. Once you determine that, check if it fits your project requirement before buying. A large radius produces larger circles and vice versa.

So, take your time to determine this and choose accordingly. Also, remember that many projects may be more tasking than others, so choose a cutter that can handle both large and small-sized projects. 

  • Adjustability 

Some cutters are only fit for one type of circle. However, if you can find the one that can be adjusted to create different circles, things will be much simpler.

Many brands come with interchangeable sizes. You may get the micro size, mini and maxi size to interchange a required. At least, you can cut any size of circle you want without having to buy two cutters.  So, shop rightly and nail it once. 

  • Handle 

The importance of getting a circle cutter with a suitable handle cannot be overemphasized. Some brands come with a straight handle while others come with a curved handle.

It all depends on your preference to choose between the two options. You can go with the curved ones for a better grip or the straight handle for a loose grip.

However, you will still get the best result with the tool, but the level of comfort may not be the same.

  • Safety Latch

 A good circle cutter should come with a safety latch to either cover the blade or expose it during operation. Many brands that offer high-quality rotary cutters equip it with features that promote user’s safety, such as an automatic closure.

Therefore, when you go shopping for a rotary tool, check the description and be sure there’s a mention of a user-friendly safety latch somewhere.

With that, you can prevent unnecessary accidents and also elongate the lifespan of the blade.

How to Use a Circle Cutter 

Using a circle cutter is not difficult at all. All you need is to understand the necessary parts that will do the job for you.

Remember, if you are working with paper or other softer materials, you will use the handheld circle cutting tool. So there will be a rotary tool and an attachment with a center pin to facilitate the cut.

This pin will be working as a pivot as it will guide the tool to make the circle cut. Once you use a rotary tool and center pin to cut a circle on your material, it will come out clean and perfect.

Circle cutters can create holes that are smaller than one inch or up to twelve inches. 

So, how do you use this circle-cutting tool?

Step 1 Gather your materials. 

To make a successful circle cut, make sure you have the following 

  • Two clamps
  • 2*2 lumber (3 pieces)
  •  Rotary tool (handheld)
  • Cutting bit
  • A 1/8 inch drill

Step 2. Lay out your lumber to form a parallel line on the work area. Ensure that the lumbers are not close to the circle diameter you want to cut. 

Step 3. Put your material, which may be paper, felt, fabric, etc. across the lumber you’ve arranged.

Step 4. Hold the material and the pieces of lumber firmly on your worktable with the clamp by placing it on both sides.

Step 5. Now on your material, get the perfect center for the hole you want to create on the material and mark it. Then use your drill and make a hole at exactly the mark you made. Don’t forget to attach the drill bit to make things faster and easier. 

Step 6. Get your rotary too, and install every part it requires, such as the cutting attachment and the bit.

Step 7. Adjust the attachment to the particular circle size you’re targeting to cut. Also, set it to suit the material in thickness and an extra of 1/8 inch to ¼ inch.

Step 8. Now hold your rotary tool in your right hand and hold the knob of the cutting attachment in your left hand or how it works for you. Turn on the tool and move its guide pin to the hole you drilled and let the bit to plunge cut the material. 

Step 9. Turn your rotary tool clockwise to form a circle. Before completing the cut, use the last lumber to support your material to prevent cracking or even tear. Once you do, the attachment will slowly cut the circle you want by guiding the rotary tool and the cutting bit. 

There are some tips we want to share to ensure the best cutting experience always. 

  1. You can replace the lumber with sawhorses if you have them handy. So instead of placing on the two 2 by 2 lumber, you can place your material on the two sawhorses. 
  2. Never exert force while trying to cut through your material with the bit. All that is required is to guide your rotary tool steadily and smoothly to form a circle.
  3. Always make sure that you use the right cutting bits for the type of right material you have. 
  4. Always protect yourself with a dust mask, safety glasses, and hearing protection.  
  5. When it’s time to change the blade, do so carefully to prevent accidents 
  6. Always keep the safety latch closed when you are not using the circle cutter. 
  7. No matter how old the blade is, always handle it with care because it may be blunt on fabric but sharp on your hands. 
  8. A rotary tool is not a screwdriver, so don’t use it as one.
  9. Make sure you dispose of the blade carefully no matter how blunt they’ve become.
  10. Never bring your fingers close to the edges of the ruler. 


We took out time to select and investigate these eight best circle cutters in the industry. Many manufacturers out there will say anything to sell their tools, but review experts like us know how to sieve the best out of the millions.

We’ve presented some of the leading brands known for high-quality tools for DIYers. Each of those circle cutters can deliver accurate cuts and easy to use functionality. 

With brands such as Fiskars, Olfa, Grace, and NT, you won’t go wrong in your project. Check their features carefully and select the best fit for your project.

Some of the features and capabilities enumerated in this circle cutter reviews came from real users of the products.

Choose the best out there and enjoy a stress-free project. Also, don’t forget our guide on how to find the best. We also shared some tips on how to use a circle cutter and the things to avoid for your safety. Follow these instructions and enjoy your purchases.   

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