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Best Cross Stitch Stand: Reviews in 2023 (Updated!)

Needlework in fabric with colorful threads can create masterpieces. We all can recall our grannies or moms sewing stunning pieces of art on different fabrics for us, can’t we? This epic artwork comes into life with the help of a little tool known as a cross stitching frame.

While most of such frames are handheld, some versions come with bars for a better experience. The best cross stitch stand can take your fabric art from ordinary to a classic piece of work.

But as the market is flooded with a surge of such holders, choosing the right one can be challenging. That’s why we have listed down 7 of the most functional sewing stands for you. Stay tuned till the end!

Need help to decide? Here you go:

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Top 7 Best Cross Stitch Stand Reviews

You can’t make it to selecting the best product until a number of useful features are there. We took our time to evaluate these considerations and put up the reviews for 7 top stands.

So here we go!

1. Frank A. Edmunds Stitch Master Floor Stand, 6116

Frank A. Edmunds has been a veteran in the field of producing frames, hoops, and stitching accessories for seven decades. Their 6116 floor-stand echoes their mastery from top to bottom.

The skeleton of it has been optimized to hold on to stretcher bars, quilt hoops, and scroll frames in it. You get the freedom to use any given fabric on it at every angle you choose.

It comes with a couple of adjustable yokes that make fitting any frame on it a piece of cake. These yokes can be rotated and flipped to make way for larger frames in it. You can pave the way for frames from at least 8 inches to at best 27 inches wide.

Even if you’re using rounded hoops, you can rotate it to 360 degrees to place it to the most comfortable position you need. That’s because the universal clamps allow holding to any type of frame with convenience.

An exciting feature of this holder is that you can flip the project all the way to its back to check the other side of it. An instant flip, while you are working, makes it a lot easier to reach the perfect finish you deserve.

A provision for easy adjustment of the height was expected from this holder, and it didn’t disappoint. You get to set the height at 16 inches to 37.5 inches, according to your comfort. Plastic knobs make it a lot easier to adjust the heights and fold it up.

When done with your work, simply fold the entire stand down and store it to save space.

Highlighted Features

  • Holds different frames from stretcher bars, scroll frames, and quilt hoops
  • 360-degree rotation flexibility for rounded hoops
  • Height adjustment from 16 to 37.5 inches
  • Width adjustment from 8 to 27 inches
  • Plastic knobs on different points for smooth foldability

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2. Daylight Company LLC StitchSmart Stand, U53047

Who said stitching holders should be made of only wood? Well, at least, Daylight LLC doesn’t think so. That’s why they came up with the U53047, which is made up entirely from plastic.

But hey, no need to raise the eyebrows on its durability. It’s quite strong and sturdy. You can tell it by touching it for the first time. With the strong jaw of it on the top, it can hold any frame in a firm position.

It comes with a unique swivel system on it. This allows you to adjust the height and width of the holder to make room for any frame you put in it. The swivel system even lets you rotate the frame at a 360-degree position, as well.

While most of the regular stands you find in the market fail to support a wide range of frames, this one comes with an exception. Its universal holding system makes it a lot easier to set frames up to 30 inches wide.

If you prefer to sit and work with it, you’re in luck. That’s because the height can be adjusted from 24 to 36 inches from the ground. Whether you are standing or sitting, the stand is always parallel to your hands. 

Its simplistic design makes it quite easy to assemble. This will take you only a few minutes to figure out how to join the pieces together. Similarly, you can fold it up after you use it, to save your space.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with a swivel system for universal fitting
  • Strong jaw for holding nearly any frame in place
  • Covers frame up to 30 inches wide
  • Height adjustment can be made from 24 to 36 inches from the ground
  • 360-degree rotation and flipping system

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3. Frank A. Edmunds Stand with Scroll Frame, 5850

If you are looking for the best cross stitch lap stand to use at your comfort from the couch or bed, well, here’s a surprise from the Frank A. Edmunds family!

The 5850 holder is designed especially for those of you who don’t prefer working on these tools just by standing. That’s why you will notice the dwarf nature of it, and that pretty much says all about it.

As it is going to be almost used on your laps, it is obvious that it needs a lot of strength and sturdiness. This is something the producers didn’t compromise at all. The entire set up is crafted from durable hardwood.

No matter how rough and tough you are using the bar, it is going to last for a long time without a doubt. Use it from the comfort zone of your car, bed, couch, or anywhere you like!

Although the height of it is not so high, you can still easily adjust it according to your comfort level. The elevation starts from 14 inches from the ground, and it can be lowered to 11 and 9 inches, as well.

On top of that, you can regulate the width of the bar. The frame-holder can be stretched to about 21 inches to fit in wider frames.

This stand comes with a very lightweight of only 1.5 pounds, which makes it pretty easy to handle on your lap.

Highlighted Features

  • Short-sized stand that fits on narrow spaces
  • Made from durable hardwood
  • Height is adjustable from 9 to 14 inches 
  • Width regulation up to 21 inches
  • The lightweight product weighs only 1.5 pounds

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4. Ks Creation ZFCL Z

Another convenient stand for those who are looking for comfort while stitching is the Ks Creation Z lap frame.

By the look of this product, you must admit that the convenience it offers should get an A-star. Although it is a bit on the heavier side, it is still quite useful when you are placing it on your lap.

So, is it the best lap stand for cross stitch? Well, there are lots of features in it that may indicate so!

This one being a bit heavy may raise a few eyebrows. But the weight isn’t just there for nothing. The base of this stand is made from solid oak that screams sturdiness from the core of it. 

The design of this frame is pretty open. You get a complete open sided stitching zone on it. Plus, the q-snap stretcher bars or any scroll frames from different brands can be easily placed on the frame.

It comes with a unique ‘Z’ design that not only adds to the look of it but also helps you regulate the height easily. You get to stretch the height of the frame from 4 to 10 inches according to your comfort zone.

Both the base and the clamp of this frame are furnished with golden oak oil rubbed finish. This gives the model a stunning antique look that makes it even more attractive.

Highlighted Features

  • Convenient size makes it easy to operate on laps
  • Height can be adjusted from 4 to 10 inches
  • Unique ‘Z’ shaped design for multiple arrangement options
  • Base and clamp are made from solid oak
  • Furnished with antique oak oil rubbed finish for a smooth look

5. Morgan Products Lap Stand Combo

At times, you feel like stitching some lovely craft on your fabric while you are traveling, right? Well, you are not alone.

There are many stitchers out there who are looking for a perfect portable sewing frame stand. It gets even better if you can put it in a carrying bag! Luckily for them, Morgan came up with their smallest model of sewing bar.

This tool comes in three different sizes. From the small size of 3 inches in height to 5.5 inches of a medium, and 6 inches of the largest size are available on the market. Choose according to your comfort level and suitable placement. 

There are two different plastic hoops on this model – a 7-inch one and a 9-inch one. Both are connected by three strong plastic holders. It gets easier to place and attach two different fabrics in it simultaneously.

Being lightweight and portable, it is very convenient to carry and store. Plus, its simplistic design allows it to be assembled and disassembled pretty quickly and easily.

Although the entire stand is made from plastic, the loops, hooks, and clamps have stainless steel screws. Tightening up and holding the pieces of fabrics firmly in the frames is quite an easy task to do.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight product weighs only 10 ounces
  • Constructed of durable plastic
  • Includes two plastic hoops one over another
  • Available in three different heights
  • Portable set up for easy carrying

6. Frank A. Edmunds Universal Craft Stand,6111

Another ergonomically designed frame-holder from the Frank A. Edmunds production house is the 6111 stitching bar. It’s durable, it’s well-designed, and it’s functional for any professional or DIYer.

The first thing that you notice on this product is its durable build-quality. They have used the top-quality American hardwood to construct this marvelous piece of frame. From the top of this to the bottom, it reflects long-lasting traits.

Being a 37.5-inch stand, this model has the potential to hold hoops, scroll frames, and stretcher bars that come in different shapes and sizes. Just stretch the borders with the help of the clamps and hooks on it and place any extra frame you want.

The most exciting part of this holder is it comes with a unique flexible stand. Its head has two wooden bars. You can place the hoop or the frame in it and use two screws to tighten or loosen it.

You can even rotate this head at whichever direction you need. Just tilt it left, right, and all the way around – just like that!

It’s pretty easy to adjust both the height and the width of this stand. You have the hooks and knobs right in place to alter the measurements to set the whole frame up according to your terms.

On top of that, when you are finished with your work, you can easily fold it up and store it in a narrow place. This saves a lot of space for you, as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Stand made from durable, high-quality American hardwood
  • Maximum height of 37.5 inches
  • Adjustable width and height options
  • Flexible head allows movement of the frame towards multiple directions
  • Easy to assemble and easy to fold for better storage

7. Neatfi Needlework Floor Stand 

Last but not the least, the Neatfi Needlework bar is the ultimate showstopper you would find. If there were a list of heavy-duty contenders for the title of the best cross stitch floor stand, this one would top it!

There are plenty of reasons behind this claim. The base of this bar is made from durable iron. You can easily put your trust in it for years to come. Plus, the base is ultra-wide and thin, which makes it easy to be placed under a sofa or chair.

This gives the entire stand a bit more firmness that you need. Besides that, the frame itself is quite sturdy in its place, that’s why it doesn’t wiggle or walk when you’re working on the fabrics.

It suits both round and rectangular frames you find in the market. So whatever frame you have, there’s a place for every single type in it.

This top-quality frame-holder comes with adjustable height. You can alter the height of it from 28.5 inches to about 42.2 inches, at best. The best part is, you can turn its head sideways for your comfort.

In this way, you can just swing the head of the frame away from you when you are getting up from your couch.

Not to mention, the easy-to-turn lock and knobs of this frame make it entirely easy to lock at a certain set-up. Adjust the width, height, and position of the frame using these super-sturdy knobs with precision.

Highlighted Features

  • Fully adjustable stand for a range of height and width
  • J-shaped bar for tilted use
  • Iron-made base for sturdy and firm set-up
  • Fits both rectangular and round frames
  • Comes with easy-to-turn knobs and hooks for solid locks

What to Look for While Buying a Cross Stitch Stand?

So, you have made up your mind to buy a cross-stitch stand? Well, before you rush to hit the ‘Add to cart’ button, here’re some vital features you need to ensure in the product you are interested in.

Build Quality

This type of frame-holders is not something that you are buying every other day. Plus, these stitching appliances take up a good amount of space in your house, as well. So, before you are thinking of getting one, make sure you are concerned about the durability it provides.

As far as we have seen, cheap plastic-made bars will make your job a nightmare. It will break apart after a few weeks of use, and it will find its place in the trashcan later.

This is always better if you are going for the models that are made from hardwood, oak, or even strong plastic or iron base.

These types of stands will support you for a long time, even if you are using these every single day.

Adjustability to Shapes of Frames

This is something most of the users don’t miss. But if you are not careful while you’re purchasing, you may miss out on this crucial feature. The stand should have provision for both rectangular and oval or round frames.

You see, you won’t be using the rectangular frame in it all through your life. That’s why you need to have the option for round one, as well. It will allow you to stitch more and even better.

Adjustable Height and Width

Although a cross-stitching stand is primarily used to work standing, it won’t be the case every single day. At times, you will be in need of sitting and relaxing on your couch while sewing some marvelous pieces of art on fabric.

This means you should be able to regulate the height of the bar so that you can keep it at your comfort level, even if you are sitting.

Sturdy Base for No Wiggling

It really bothers when you are trying to focus on the craft you are working on, and the stand keeps moving and walking. This happens due to the shaky base that most of the cheap frame-bars come with.

Look for a strong base that you can rely on when you are in the middle of the work. You can go for iron-bases that are proven to be the sturdiest in this case. Hardwood made base can also be a great alternative.

Easy to Fold and Store

As we said earlier, this type of stitching tool can be quite heavy and space-consuming. It’s not a good idea to keep the set-up as it is even after use. That’s why you need to have one that comes with a convenient folding capacity.

This way, you can easily fold the entire frame-holder and place it somewhere narrow to save up a lot of space in your home.

360-Degree Turn and Flip

When you are using round frames on the holder, it is quite natural that you would need to flip the entire frame on a 360-degree angle. This is true, as well, when you need to flip it just to see what’s going on the other side of the frame.

Most stands that we find on the market lack this feature. Make sure your chosen product does come with this option.

Do You Need a Frame for Cross Stitch?

Well, of course, you need a frame to cross-stitch on a fabric. If you are planning to sew without a frame pulling the fabric from four directions, it won’t be a good sewing experience for you.

You will lose the exact shape you are planning to give to your craft. The needles won’t be going through smoothly, and the threads will be untidy. On top of all, you will not get the desired art you want to reflect on the fabric.

That’s why a frame is needed so that it stretches the fabric from different directions and makes it easier for you to put through needles and thread to bring about beautiful effects on it.

What Size Cross Stitch Hoop Should I Use?

Well, there is not a single answer to this. You can’t say that there is a universal size of cross stitch that fits everybody. So, when it comes to selecting a hoop size, it is better to be told that the one that you feel comfortable working with, should be the one you choose.

Most of the new stitchers may find a large hoop to be the best to use, but this is not the case for everyone. A large hoop may give you space to hold the entire fabric under the frame, but is it that necessary?

Not always. You can use smaller hoops and drag the frame from a place to another and still carry on your work. Moreover, a smaller hoop is pretty easily handled and feels more comfortable in the palm of the hand than a larger one.

How Do You Finish the Back of a Cross?

Before you get into this, you must make sure that you are totally finished with your work. You can’t attempt this for a temporary finish. Once you have made all the cuts and finally tied all the knots, you can’t go back and re-do it. So, make sure you are finished.

Now, when you are done, the first thing you do is tie a strong knot. Make it a double and go through a double square that is placed side by side.

Then thread the needle in the fabric in an up and down fashion. This should be roughly around 1 cm apart and should cover the circle of the frame.

Now, you will be in the first place where the original knot was. You would have a bit of thread left at this point. So, pull the entire thread.

As you have now squeezed the extra fabric inside, stitch the back of it by a fabric of your choice.

That’s it; you are done!

How Do You Cross Stitch without a Hoop?

While it is true that some stitching does need the help of hoop, it’s also pretty convenient to go without one. It has a bit of an advantage over using a hoop, as well.

Here, you don’t get the mark of the hoop on the fabric. All you need to do is just pull the fabric by your hands. Don’t be too hard on this traction imitating the hoop, a little bit of force is enough to make it easy for you.

This way, you will get the freedom to move the fabric around as you wish, as well.

But you need to iron the entire fabric after you are done. This is the only catch you need to deal with.

Final Words

Besides newbies, even some professionals find choosing the best cross stitch stand to be a tough task. This is because of the overwhelming products you see flooding the markets every day.

We hope we saved you a lot of time by listing out the top 7 stitch bars that you can order right now. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on our detailed buying guide before making the final decision!

Happy stitching with RichardCastle!

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