Prismacolor vs Copic Markers

Prismacolor vs Copic Markers: Which One Is Better for Art Projects?

If you clicked this article, it probably means you’re a fellow artist looking for the best marker possible. And that means comparing Prismacolor vs Copic models.

This is not an unusual debate or contest. In fact, Prismacolor markers and Copic markers have been battling for their place in the market for several decades.

They’ve both improved over time and now deliver amazing results with almost all of their products.

But still, there should be a winner, right? Well, if you’re eager to learn more about these markers and probably find out which is best – then keep scrolling.

You will learn everything there’s to know about them, and probably a lot more so you can decide which one is ideal for you.

What are Prismacolor Markers?

First, let’s go over Prismacolor markers and explain what they offer.

Most of the Prismacolor products focus on saturated yet vibrant and pretty rich colors. That means they are excellent for colorful projects, as they don’t leave any color behind wherever you pass them through.

Most Prismacolor markers come in sets. You will often get standard colors as well as unique shapes and nibs and/or tips, depending on what you go for. And still, they are super affordable.

What’s even better, they are well-made despite their affordability. You can find Prismacolor markers decently durable, consistent, and leak-resistant.

As alcohol-based markers, they also provide smooth use. You won’t have to drag the markers on paper to make them work. And sure enough, they don’t run through the paper as water-based markers do.

Apart from all that, most Prismacolor markers are dual-ended. That means you can use them on either side of the stick when needed. They usually offer one broad and one thin tip accordingly.

Overall, they’re among the best you can get without a doubt – and for a pretty accessible cost.

What Are Copic Markers?

If you want to know the winner between Prismacolor markers vs Copic, you also need to explain both.

Here, we have alcohol-based markers again. Copic markers are among the high-end options out there. This places them in a step above in price, so they’re often pretty expensive.

However, Copic markers are artist-quality. That means they can handle even the most difficult of projects without problems while delivering decent durability, super smooth tracing, and outstanding colors.

The gliding is so smooth that you won’t believe they’re actually markers.

Being alcohol-based markers also lets them be easy to blend. You can pair up several colors without problems and enjoy unique combinations if needed. And sure enough, they rarely run through paper – even the thinnest ones.

You will also find Copic markers to be dual-ended, most of them. So you’ll have the chance to enjoy two tip sizes so you can produce art of any kind.

Sadly, all the quality they offer comes with a slight disadvantage: they’re super expensive when compared to all competitors. But still, they’re totally worth it.

Prismacolor vs Copic Markers: Feature Comparison

So, are you ready to start comparing these two brands? Then let’s go!


First off, let’s explain the variations and see whether Copic or Prismacolor markers are worth it.


For Prismacolor, you’ll find unique types to choose from. The Premier Gray is a set of different shades of gray, ideal for those who like drawing in black & white.

Then you get the Premier Illustration, offering up to 200 colors for all kinds of art projects.

And then, you can pick the Fine Art variations either with Chisel or with Brush. Both offer 196 different colors in each type of tip, depending on your needs.


But Copic doesn’t stay behind. It also offers excellent options starting with the Classic that offers 214 colors and comes with both Broad and Fine tips.

Then you get the Sketch type. These come with up to 358 colors and stand out for their richness. You can find them with both Super Brush and Medium Brush – both thicker-than-normal tips.

The Ciao is another excellent alternative from Copic. It offers different nibs as well, going from Super Brush to Medium Broad. Yet, it only provides 180 colors to choose from.

Finally, you’ll find the Wide option from Copic. It is the ideal alternative for creating broad lines anything you want. You can use them for filling or coloring drawings, or Broad Calligraphy and the like.

Final Verdict

As you see, both Copic and Prismacolor offer tons of variations to choose from. But of course, Copic wins in terms of versatility, as it provides the most practical array of options.


As explained in types, you can find hundreds of colors with both Copic and Prismacolor.


But if we go into specifics, you will find Prismacolor offering a total of 200 tones. That’s enough to get almost any project working. And you’ll have the chance to blend them.


Despite having a lot of colors, Prismacolor doesn’t get close to Copic. It offers 358 colors in total, which is a huge difference – and even more so if you want to blend them.

Final Verdict

That makes it clear that Copic is the ideal one for color availability. You’ll have almost limitless tones to choose from.


An important factor that many people tend to forget about is the barrel. And sure enough, in our Copic markers vs Prismacolor markers comparison, we have to talk about it.


Here, you’ll find Prismacolor markers coming with large and rounded barrels. They are ideal for comfort and make it easy to glide through paper, even if you need to push it down.

Still, the Premier Illustration set, for example, comes with thinner barrels. These are ideal for precision, especially when you need to make fine lines.


As for Copic, the shape of the barrel changes exponentially in almost every type. The Classic set, for example, offers a squared and large barrel. They won’t roll over, but can also be a little uncomfortable.

The Sketch set doesn’t offer round or square shapes. Instead, it comes with oval barrels. These are perfect for comfort and still offering anti-roll capacity.

And the Ciao markers are super small. They come with a rounded shape that allows ultra-comfortable handling. Add the small design, and they will be super easy to draw with.

Finally, you will find the Wide set with a flat and oval design. Holding the markers won’t be as comfortable as round shapes, but it will still be decent, and they won’t roll over.

Final Verdict

Here, it all comes down to your needs. We would recommend Prismacolor if you love simplicity. But if you want something that can match different results & needs, then go for Copic.


Before choosing either Copic or Prismacolor, you need to know how long they last. Here’s a brief explanation of both:


One of the best things about Prismacolor is that all of its markers can last thousands of traces. And thanks to the large design most of their markers offer, you can use them for months.

Sadly, they’re not refillable, so they don’t last too much.


The advantage that Copic markers have over almost all other brands is that they’re totally refillable.

The Classic set can be refilled up to 9 times. Broad markers can be refilled 7 times. But Sketch and Ciao markers can be refilled between 12 and 15 times each.

And if the markers’ nibs stop working, you can always get new ones and replace them.

Final Verdict

When it comes to durability, Prismacolor is decently long-lasting, but its markers not refillable. That’s why Copic, despite having less ink on its markers, offers the best durability with their refilling capacity.

Price & Availability

When comparing Prisma markers vs Copic, you also need to consider their cost and how easy they are to find.


Here, you’ll find that Prisma markers are among the most affordable high-quality options out there. You can find them ideal for their quality without breaking your wallet.

Apart from that, you can find them almost anywhere you look.


Copic is not as widely available or affordable. Its markers actually the hardest to find, even online. And their cost tends to be slightly inflated. If you’re on a low budget, Copic markers will feel utterly expensive.

Final Verdict

There’s no doubt Copic markers are the most expensive of the two. That makes them inaccessible for many people. Here, Prismacolor takes the advantage, as they’re affordable and well-made still.

Prismacolor vs Copic Markers: Which One to Choose?

As you can see from our comparison, Copic markers are slightly better in almost every feature.

But that advantage comes with a price.

That’s why Prismacolor is not a bad option, even when compared to the highest-quality Copic markers.

So, if you need something for an art project that takes quality to a whole new level, then go for Copic markers. They won’t let you down in almost any way. You just will need to spend a hefty amount of money on them.

In contrast, you could go for Prismacolor. They are decently well-made, offer superb results, and still manage to deliver exceptional durability.

They don’t have as many colors or a refilling feature, but their price makes them an excellent choice.

Which one is better for your needs between Prismacolor vs Copic? The one that best meets your demands – that’s the one to go for.

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