Types of Scrapbooks

Types of Scrapbooks: Learn All the Differences!

A scrapbook album is probably the most helpful thing you can make if you want to save reminders, test your artistic skills, or simply mark your memories somewhere.

But what types of scrapbooks can you do? Well, that’s what we want to show you in this article.

We’re going to explain the types of scrapbooking albums by construction as well as size.

This will allow you not only to know how the style of the scrapbook can make it better but also how the right size may or not work on your advantage.

If you’re interested in learning more about scrapbooks, then below you’ll find everything you need.

Types of Scrapbooks: Learn All the Differences!

Scrapbook Types by Build

First, we’re going to start with the different types of scrapbooks by how they’re made. We want you to understand how the construction may affect how you use it and how much you can get from it. Here’s a list of scrapbook types to consider:

  • Three-Ring

Probably the cheapest type of scrapbook you can find. It uses standard three-ring hinges. They hold the page protectors, and inside the paper pages.

What sets this kind of scrapbook apart is the ability to protect everything inside well enough. Page protectors are usually thick and well-made. Similarly, they make it easy to remove and add pages as needed – you just unbind the hinges and add new pages.

The only disadvantage is that a three-ring scrapbook is often thick. Because it is limited by the hinges, it will probably not close completely (the page protectors will be separated from the pages).

  • Strap-Hinge

This type of scrapbook is a little different than a three-ring. It has a few straps (either plastic or metal) that go through the cover and the page protectors to keep them attached to the sheets.

Most of the pages on this type of scrapbook are also bound to the book sleeves. But they can be disarmed, allowing easy taking apart to add or take pages out.

The disadvantage is that strap hinges are not as durable or reliable as other types of builds. So if you want to make them last, you will either have to change them overtime or get a new one eventually.

  • Post-Bound

The most durable and reliable scrapbook is post-bound. This is a little more expensive than the rest because it offers both the ability to put pages in and take them out, but also keeps them safe.

These scrapbooks are designed with two-page protectors that meet in the middle. Here, you will find several screws that keep the page protectors in as well as the sheets of paper. If you want to take anything out or put something in, then you’ll need to unscrew and screw once again.

Similarly, you can place several pages together between page protectors. This can add extra

That’s why the disadvantage of this type of scrapbook is how tiresome it can be to modify. But as long as you don’t have any problem getting over the small inconvenience, it can be pretty useful.

  • Book-Bound

You could say a book-bound scrapbook is the combination of a three-ring with a post-bound. While the cover on this kind of scrapbook is ultra-thick and protective, so it doesn’t have page protectors to keep your scrapbooking safe (as the covers are enough).

At the same time, the covers and bounding center are so thick that it offers a lot of space to play with. So you can add all kinds of stuff on the pages without going too far on thickness (it looks similar to a three-ring scrapbook)

Yet, a book-bound scrapbook has non-removable sheets. And you can’t add new ones either. This happens because the pages are all bound to the covers, firmly and permanently. And because you don’t have page protectors, your scrapbooking will be more susceptible to smearing and slipping out.

  • Spiral

You may confuse a spiral scrapbook with a sketchbook or regular notebook. And that wouldn’t be wrong – they’re entirely similar.

This happens because the spiral (either metal or plastic), grabs the page protectors and the sheets all at once. So you get a pretty compact scrapbook.

At the same time, this makes it possible to lay entirely open. The spiral spine won’t make any pressure on the page protectors to stay closed or anything.

On the negative side, you won’t be able to get pages out without breaking them. And adding new ones can be a headache.

  • Ribbon

Lastly, you’ll find the ribbon scrapbook. This bound is attached with a ribbon on the center, usually with thin covers and a few pages only.

The advantage is the amount of creativity it allows. You can place any type of page protector, sheet, or even art inside without problems. And what’s even better, this type of scrapbook looks fantastic, adding a stylistic touch to the scrapbooking.

But it comes with a few drawbacks. First, ribbons are not as safe as other types of hinges or fasteners. And secondly, they are hard to use (you will need to tie and untie to add or take sheets out).

Scrapbook Types by Sizes

Once you’ve learned about the different kinds of scrapbooks by how they’re made, it is time to learn the different sizes you’ll find (or the most common). Here are some:

  • 6×6 Inches

Perfect for an album, this size offers the chance to put small photos and other types of imagery on them with ease. The squared design makes them effortless to operate.

Sure, they’re limited by space, but they also fit almost anywhere. Storing and bringing a scrapbook of this size around will be super easy.

  • 8×8 Inches

Similarly to 6-by- inches scrapbooks, 8-by-8 models allow maximum versatility and easy use. The main advantage is how spacious they are despite not being too big (the squared design helps enormously as well). So you can move them and store them with ease.

  • 8.5×11 Inches

When you think of a book or notebook, it is probably an 8.5-by-11 inches piece. This is ideal for albums, scrapbooking, note-taking, and more.

The main advantage is how well they look. You will have enough space to put your creativity to the test and achieve all kinds of gorgeous designs. And you can fit them in almost any bookshelf with ease.

Sure enough, being big also comes with disadvantages, but nothing you will hate yourself for.

  • 12×12 Inches

The largest type of scrapbook you can find. It is ideal for maximum decoration and adding everything from notes to photographs. Most family and special gathering photo albums come in this size.

The disadvantage is that these scrapbooks tend to be heavy and harder to store or move around. But that means you’ll have a lot more space to play with.

Additional Types to Consider

Even though these sizes are the most popular, you can always gather some scrapbooking supplies and come up with your own types of scrapbooks.

From mini scrapbooks made with hand-made fasteners to paper-bag scrapbooks with cardboard pages and so on – there’s enough to put your creativity into play.

You can use whatever you have at home, recycle materials, or simply fix old notebooks, booklets, and pads as well. Just set them up to be reliable and versatile enough (also big so you can work with them easily).


So, are you looking to start saving memories and putting your creativity to the test? Then we hope learning about these types of scrapbooks was helpful.

As long as you know what you’re looking for, finding the ideal scrapbook will be a lot easier. So don’t hesitate and look for your needs first.

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