Best Embroidery Thread and Floss

Best Embroidery Thread and Floss: Reviews in 2023

If you have a bit of fashion sense, you can’t be wearing the same attire as everybody else, can you? That’s right because someone with a vivid idea of sewing fabrics will be longing for a special touch on it. To meet this thirst for exceptionality, nothing stands in the way of embroidery.

But here’s a catch. Working with embroidery means you need to utilize a few specialized machines and yarns. These are specially made for this purpose. Using the right machine and the best embroidery thread and floss can surely lead you towards crafting the perfect design.

That’s why we came up with a list of the best you can use for your crafting works. So, without wasting time, let’s get in!

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Top 10 Best Embroidery Thread and Floss

Thread and floss can be quite perplexing. You can’t tell one from the other, literally. For these types of products, quality matters more than the look. That’s where it gets tricky for most of us to find the product with top-most quality. So, we dug a bit deeper and came up with the following top 10 lists.

1. Mira Handcraft Premium Rainbow Color Embroidery Floss

Our very first pick is from the premium-quality floss maker – Mira Handcraft. The collection of premium 105 skeins of rainbow ribbon is simply one of the best you can find for your project.

A total of 105 skeins of threads are enough to make you go crazy with the abundant options you get. Choose from the variety of colors of the rainbow – there’s one color for every occasion!

Mira Handcraft did try their best to keep the promise of quality. The flosses are produced from 100% cotton that makes it quite easy for you to use these yarns on nearly any fabric.

Besides the universal usage, pure cotton ensures that the equilibrium of thickness and softness is perfectly met. The thick and soft flosses attach to the fabrics with a stronghold.

With all these 105 stitching tools, you get to explore more than 35 different colors. You get an entire rainbow of colors in it. Select the one that fits perfectly with your project and brings about magic!

Having a really long measurement, you just can’t run out of threads while you are crafting on your fabric. These ribbons come in a 6-string set-up and measure about 8 meters long. This is more than enough for you to get going with multiple projects! 

That’s not all! The package comes with 10 strong needles and a threader. It makes it really easy for you to start off then and there! You can forget ordering needles separately.

Plus, you can find a DMC color card inside the package to keep all the yarns well-organized on the basis of color.


  • A huge collection of 105 different pieces
  • Long threads, measuring around 8 meters
  • Comes with 10 sturdy needles
  • DMC color card included for organizing according to color
  • Made from 100% cotton to ensure thickness and softness
  • Cons

  • The threads tend to tangle when you are separating it from the skeins
  • Check Price on Amazon

    2. Caydo Embroidery Floss 50 Skeins

    If you are a fan of threads made of polyester, then Caydo embroidery floss should be a mesmerizing collection for you. The package offers a true variety of colors with excellent durability.

    You can count up to 50 different variants of colors in the pack. All the vivid colors that are enough to create a true masterpiece of art are finally at your hand. Find all the colors like red, blue, green, pink, orange, gray, black, white, and what not!

    Stitching on fabrics will be a smooth task for you as these are made from soft and smooth polyester. What makes it different? Well, it provides extra smoothness, more durability, and more flexibility. You can get the most out of your crafting work pretty easily.

    Pulling out the floss from the pack is really an exciting part of it. You don’t need to rip off the paper label on it, just find the head of the thread and start pulling it out gently. The ribbon will unfold itself and come out naturally.

    You can rest assured that the ribbon will not be falling apart or getting damaged. All the ribbons are organized and packed with the utmost care and excellent arrangement.

    With each ribbon being 8 meters in length, you can literally set yourself free while stitching your favorite piece. Keep sewing until you are done and still find there are more yarns left!

    The best part of this packaging is, you don’t need to keep the ribbon as it is. You can easily split the floss according to your need and comfort of work.


  • A total of 50 different color choices
  • Durable polyester-made thread for long-lasting stitch
  • 8-meter long floss for multiple projects
  • Soft and smooth polyester fiber for better stitching experience 
  • Well organized and arranged ribbons in the pack
  • Cons

  • There is no holder for the floss in the package
  • Check Price on Amazon

    3. Le Paon thread Embroidery Floss 240 skeins 

    If you are a beginner in the field of embroidery, the 240 skeins package from the Le Paon is one of the best options you have. You can easily explore the array of color choices they have come up with.

    With a staggering 240 skeins of collection, you get an ample opportunity to craft the design of your dream. Using these top-quality threads and floss, your crafting tasks will surely become easier than ever.

    These versatile threads will make your embroidery works even smoother, thanks to their compatibility with most common machines. Most of the regular embroidery tools and machines that you find on the market are going to work with these pretty easily.

    Choose from the gaudy options of 120 different colors that suit your persona. For every single color, you get two different shades at least to play with the rainbow of dye and pigments.

    All of these yarns are made from 100% high-quality cotton. This makes these flosses a lot smoother and softer. On the plus side, these ribbons prove to be quite impressive when it comes to holding the color. Fading and discoloration are something you can leave getting tensed about.

    Having a good amount of length, which is 8 meters, by the way, is a great advantage you get while you’re crafting for multiple projects. You just can’t fall short of threads!


  • Comes with 240 skeins of yarns
  • An impressive collection of 120 different colors
  • Fade and discolor resistant
  • Compatible with most common tools and machines
  • 8 meter long threads for long-term use
  • Cons

  • A few skeins tend to stick together inside the package
  • Check Price on Amazon

    4. Le Paon Embroidery Floss 218pcs

    Another smashing hit from Le Paon is the 218 Pcs package of Embroidery Floss. As the name suggests, this pack comes with 218 different colors of threads and ribbons for your DIY and professional projects.

    Packed in 108 skeins, you can start playing with more than 200 vibrant colors to design the best of your craft. Compatible with most embroidery machines, these threads can take you miles when it comes to designing your own craft.

    These flosses are made from 100% cotton that provides extra softness and smoothness. It makes it easier to penetrate through any given fabric. Whether you are working on a T-shirt or just trying to make a friendship bracelet for your gang, it’s going to be the best choice for you.

    Often it feels quite irritating to arrange a big collection of threads like this one. You can’t memorize the exact organization it came with. To solve this issue, this special package comes with a unique solution.

    All the spools in this package are sealed with a specific number. You can locate and re-arrange all the yarns by their colors and numbers marked on the spool. Easier than ever, right?

    On the plus side of this choice, the threads are made from eco-friendly materials. So, whatever you are preparing with these ribbons, just rest assured that no harm to Mother Nature is on its way.

    What surprised us the most is the number of accessories this package comes with. From a brilliant organizing box to a number of needles, knives, pencils, etc. are stuffed inside. Take your crafting job to the next level!


  • Threads are made from 100% cotton
  • A collection of 218 colors with 108 skeins
  • Compatible with common embroidery tools
  • Includes color number markings on the spools
  • Comes with a number of useful accessories
  • Cons

  • Threads are not long enough for multiple projects
  • 5. Prism 6-Strand Floss Jumbo Pack

    For those of you DIYers and hobbyists, Prism comes with a fabulous collection of colorful floss. The 6-strand Jumbo Pack is a master collection of vibrant colors and top-quality threads.

    These yarns are perfect for working on fabrics or any other accessories you like. Are you planning to make cards or craft bracelets, anklets, earrings, or any other project? Well, this is one of the best choices you have!

    The ribbon is made from pure cotton. That’s the sole reason for its exceptional durability and long-lasting effect. Plus, it is soft and thick at the same time. This makes it a perfect fit for versatile projects.

    If you are worried about color-loss, worry no more. The Prism threads are well-designed to be retaining colors to a certain extent. That means washing the floss once in a while doesn’t mean it is going to bleed color.

    No matter how many times you wear, it will shine like new – every time!

    All the yarns you find in the 6-stand pack are quite long. You get to use this long ribbon for multiple projects of yours. Simply pull out the thread from the skeins one after another until you reach 8 meters in length! That’s how long the threads are.

    Explore the vibrant colors of this package to match your dream design! With 79 solid colors and 26 variegated ones, there are more than enough shades for your projects!


  • A wide collection of 105 colors
  • Colors are separated by 79 solid ones and 26 variegated ones
  • Made from pure cotton
  • Long-lasting color effect
  • Perfect for DIY projects and accessories
  • Cons

  • It’s tough to separate the flosses to use 2 or 3 threads while cross-stitching
  • 6. Le Paon Embroidery Floss Rainbow Color 50 Skeins

    The 50 skeins collection of Le Paon comes with top-quality threads for your dream projects. These flosses are made from 100% top-quality cotton that has been merchandised for further strengthening.

    Besides being thick and soft, the yarns come in 50 different color variants to meet your demands for multiple shades. Choose from the vivid collection of dye to take your DIY project to a new level.

    Each floss comes with 6 strings that can be easily separated. No need to take or peel off the label, just pull the thread head from the spool.

    A complaint is often heard from crafters that the ribbons are not long enough to support multiple DIY projects. Well, this is not the case for this package, at least. You get a minimum of 8-meter long yarn for each color in this pack. That’s long-enough to meet all your crafting demands.

    Worried about washing the crafts and losing color? We know that’s a nightmare for any crafter as it ruins the beauty of your accessories. Using this floss in your accessory, you can bet for color-retention like never before.

    This high-quality thread can effectively retain color after long-term use and even after a couple of rigorous washing.

    You get to use these vibrant-colored flosses to decorate anything from bracelets, postcards, ornaments to anything you like!


  • It is made from 100% top-quality mercerized cotton
  • Threads are 8.75 yards long
  • Designed to retain color for a long time
  • A vibrant collection of colors
  • Durable and super soft floss for any use
  • Cons

  • No coding or marking for colors
  • 7. DMC 117-823 6 Strand Embroidery Cotton Floss

    This one-piece package comes all the away from France. The bright navy blue color looks amazingly lively. It’s a 6-string thread that can be easily separated for any of your tasks.

    Although you don’t get a variety of colors with this one, you get a charming navy blue color to shine up your craft. It can be used with almost all the regular types of machinery and tools that are used for embroidery.

    Having said that, this one can easily be stitched and embroidered in any fabric and accessories you like. Planning to make a friendship bracelet or starting your own DIY crafting business? This yarn can give your project a more professional look, for sure.

    You get a total of 8 meters of length in this floss. Take it out and use it for as many projects as you like. There’s more than enough thread for you to explore and use!

    The best part of this floss is the color does not fade away. It is obvious that washing on a regular basis may pose a bit of threat on the color. But washing it once in a while a few times doesn’t pale the color at all.

    Not to mention, the floss is made from pure cotton. That’s the reason it tends to last long and come up with amazing softness.


  • Comes with a bright navy-blue color that lasts
  • Resistant to color-fading
  • Made from pure cotton
  • Long 8-meter thread for multiple uses
  • Compatible with regular embroidery machinery
  • Cons

  • Offers only one color option
  • 8. DMC Color Variations Floss Pack-Holiday 8/Pkg

    Very few of the crafters are fond of elegant colors. Well, that’s because most DIY projects can be done with regular, common colors, isn’t it? But if you are one of those very few perfectionists, and looking for something extraordinary, then here’s your bet.

    The variants you are getting are from a spectrum of colors. To name some, you’ll get the very merry, emerald isle, toasted almond, buttercup, mixed berries, and many more! The colors are as elegant as they sound! In total, you will get 8 new skeins of these multi-colored floss for your next project!

    These ribbons are made from top-quality cotton all the way from Egypt. The cotton build-up makes it really easy to be used in any materials, whether it is fabric or any accessories you like. Plus, cotton makes the threads quite thick and soft as well to be used in diverse materials.

    Using these flosses with different embroidery machines shouldn’t be a problem at all.

    These will easily fit most of the regularly used devices and tools. So, you can rest assured that these are actually compatible with the common machines we use.

    The package comes with a set of free designs with it. You can take these designs as benchmarks to craft your new projects or design your own! That’s a huge help for designers, especially the newbies!


  • Made of high-quality Egyptian cotton
  • Long and thick threads for multiple uses
  • Compatible with different embroidery machines
  • Comes in 8 elegant color contrast
  • Retains color and prevents fading
  • Cons

  • Limited skeins with no accessories attached
  • 9. CHZIMADE Six Strand Cross Stitch Embroidery Floss Thread 

    They say black is beauty! Well, that’s definitely true for the CHZIMADE 6-strand black threads! These mesmerizing dark flosses can turn any piece of accessory to a masterpiece!

    The package comes with 12 different skeins. These are well-organized and folded inside the pack. Pull out the yarn head to gradually unfold and use on your projects.

    All these strands are made from premium quality polyester cotton. What makes polyester-cotton better than regular cotton? Well, it does have some advantages over the regular one. The polyester coat makes the thread a bit more flexible to be used in any type of fabric.

    Plus, it makes it even stronger than pure cotton. So, whatever you are crafting with it, the stitches are going to remain strong and sturdy for a long time!

    Each of these yarns is exactly 8 meters long. Meaning, you get the opportunity to use these on a variety of projects. There are many ways you can use these threads. You can use these in crafts, tassels, cross-stitching, and many other different projects.

    No need to get confused when you are separating the flosses from the pack. This well-organized package lets you easily take out the strings one by one.


  • Made from pure polyester cotton
  • Stronger and more flexible floss than cotton-made ones
  • Each thread is 8 meters long
  • Compatible with most common embroidery machines
  • Easily separable strings
  • Cons

  • The packaging is poor as skeins tend to stick to it
  • 10. DMC Stranded Cotton Number 413

    Our final pick for this top-10 list is the DMC 413 cotton thread. This is a one-piece package that comes with a gray-colored floss.

    For those of you who are interested in crafting DIY accessories on materials other than fabric, you need strong yarns. The DMC 413 can come to you as one of the strongest of all – perfect for your type of work!

    That’s because it is made with 100% long-staple cotton. It does mean strength, by default. But to take it to the next level, the cotton is double mercerized.

    This means it’s further strengthened to withstand rough conditions. That is the reason this yarn is perfect for stitching on all types of fabrics and accessories.

    Moreover, the floss comes with 6-strand divisible yarns. You can separate these and take out one by one pretty easily.

    On the plus side, the threads are washable. You can put the accessories and fabrics in the washing machine, as well. Don’t worry; the color won’t fade at all as the floss is fade-resistant.

    Again, the yarn is around 8 meters long to support you in multiple projects. If you are planning on carrying on smaller projects, it will easily cover up 3 to 4 projects pretty easily.


  • It is made from 100% long-staple cotton
  • The cotton is double mercerized for better strength
  • Thread length is 8 meters
  • Washable and resists color-fading
  • Extremely strong thus perfect for use on any fabric
  • Cons

  • Comes with only one color variant
  • What to Look for While Buying Embroidery Threads?

    So now that you know what the best embroidery floss and thread are, it’s your turn to make a decision. But before you go for a purchase, here are some points you need to keep in mind.

    What Type Do You Need

    Before you even decide to go for a purchase, you need to make your mind up about your project. What exactly are you planning on? Are you planning to stitch on fabric, like a T-shirt or a skirt? Or are you just interested in making a few friendship bracelets?

    Well, this question is crucial because, for the former type of work, you need embroidery yarn. As for the latter, you need floss. So, you need to think about the type of stitching you are planning on. Then decide on the type of embroidery thread or ribbon to match your project.

    What Is It Made Of

    The actual build-quality of the yarn matters the most when you are crafting with it. Most top-rated threads are made from 100% pure cotton that provides the necessary strength and softness.

    Alternatively, you can go for high-quality polyester, as well. It is also proven to be one of the best when it comes to stitching on crafting fabrics and accessories.

    Thread Length

    This is something most of the users don’t pay attention to. If you are getting a good vibrant-colored thread on the pack, it doesn’t mean you should immediately go for it. Check the length of the yarns the producers have to offer.

    If the length is not adequate, you will end up using a specific color on a project before you are finished. That’s why you need to have the necessary supply until you are done with your works.

    Therefore, make sure the threads are at least 7 to 8 meters long so that it can provide adequate support to you.

    Compatibility with Machines

    It’s not that you are going to use the floss and thread with your hands all the time. Sometimes, you do need the help of a few machines and automated tools for embroidery works.

    If your thread and ribbon are not compatible with the commonly used machines, you are surely going to be doomed with your tools. There won’t be much of choice other than throwing these in the trash can.

    So, make sure your yarns are compatible with common machines, at least.

    Color Fastness

    If you are using a fabric that is crafted with embroidery threads or flosses, it is evident that you are going to wash it anyway. But if the fibers are not washable, chances are there that the color is going to fade away in a couple of washings.

    Make sure the ribbon and yarns are colorfast and resistant to fading. This way, you can be sure that the color of your craftwork is not going to be pale and dull in the long run.

    Color Card

    Although this is not a must, a little bit of help from the color card can make your organizing task quite easier. The color card helps you keep all the threads and flosses in the right place when you are working.

    It even helps you to switch threads quickly while you are stitching on a project.

    Default Accessories

    Last but not least, you should be looking for accessories in the pack. Most of the top-class products come with a number of accessories like needles, holders, etc.

    These accessories are quite useful as these are, by default, compatible with the thread that comes in the package. Besides, who doesn’t want free accessories?

    What Kind of Thread Should You Use for Embroidery?

    There’s no specific type of thread that you should be using for your embroidery works. But there are certain traits and features that you can look for if you are planning on using the best type.

    First of all, make sure it is made from top-quality materials like cotton or polyester. You can even consider the blend of these two. The strength of yarn lies in the core build-materials.

    That’s why fibers that are made from pure cotton or polyester should be used for embroidery. Plus, the yarns that don’t bleed color is another feature you must find in it. If it is bleeding color, the strength of it becomes meaningless.

    What Is Embroidery Floss Used For?

    The embroidery ribbon is a cotton embroidery thread. This cotton is mercerized to provide strength to it. Floss is generally used in surface embroidery. Plus, it is also used for needle painting using satin stitch and cross-stitching.

    Some other popular applications of embroidery ribbon can be smocking, punch embroidery, crewel, quilting, and appliqué.

    Is Embroidery Floss the Same As Thread?

    The answer is no. Embroidery thread and floss are not the same things. Although both of these are used for a variety of crafting works, there are some differences between these two types of embroidery tools.

    For example, a thread is made from a material that actually looks like a twisted one. On the other hand, a floss is made from 6 strands that can be separated.

    The ribbon is a bit thicker than the yarn. That means these are stronger, more expensive, and of course, more durable.

    Because of its softness, embroidery yarns can be used on fabrics. On the other hand, floss can’t be used on fabrics. Instead, these can be used on a variety of materials like cups, keys, headbands, jewelry, and many more!

    Final Words

    That’s it! This is where we wrap up our reviews! We know that dealing with floss and thread can really be a tough job as it’s a complicated material. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding out the best one in the market. We hope our reviews have made it easier for your query for the best embroidery thread and floss.

    Make sure you keep our buying guide handy before you make a move! Happy crafting!

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