best office chair for lower back pain

Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain: Reviews 2023

For those of us with a regulated lifestyle, visiting our offices are part of the deal. That means, you need to spend up to eight hours (or more) in the office. Let me tell you: It’s not easy.

I can imagine people holding their backs tight just with the thought of sitting upright that long. Why wouldn’t they? Back pain is a real threat after all.

However, this article can help you overcome the threat of back pain and conditions related to that (i.e. abdominal stress, bad posture, herniated discs etc.).

How? Just by helping you in buying the best office chair for lower back pain. Here you’ll find quite a few recommendations. If you’re not sure yet, read the buying guide on how to come up with the ideal one all by yourselves. At the very end, there are some tips to help you get used to the product.

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Why a Specialized Chair for Lower Back Pain?

For those of you alien to the idea of back pains or lower back pains, a chair to counter these issues may seem irrelevant. But the truth is, when you’re working long hours in the office or spending time sitting at one place at your home for too long, your muscles get stiff.

Soon people realize that the lower back is starting to tingle. Before long, the tingling sensation turns into unbearable pain.

Leave it untreated and without prevention and it’ll become a chronic condition in no time. Plus, with normal office chairs, our spines are very often forced to be at uncomfortable positions.

This results in a long-term defect called “Bad Posture.” As a result, a person cannot stand or sit upright for most of the times. This can lead to various physical and societal problems in the long run.

Frightened? Well, this is what specialized office chairs are for.

My Recommendations for Best Office Chair for Lower Back Pain

I’m sure people will have their own preferences and choices when it comes to buying this office furniture. The problem is, many of them won’t turn out to be “That” prolific as they promise to be. That’s why I’m handing out a list of chairs that I found upon hours and hours of research.

1. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair Flip-Up Arms

Very often when working at the office, we tend to lay back and put our backs to rest. Wouldn’t it be nice if the chair we sit on had a backrest to make things easier? But the backrest shouldn’t be too wide or long. We have a list of preferences when shopping for these chairs.

Fortunately, Flash Furniture has a product catering to our needs. This little office chair features a backrest that supports our backs from the mid-section to upwards.

Do You know that this Swivel chair has Lumbar support as well? Lumbar support helps our ears, shoulders, pelvis, and knees to stay aligned in a line. Also, it helps to maintain the natural posture of our spinal cord. All in all, this one here is the perfect chair if someone’s working with computers all day.

Of course, this thing swivels. You can rotate your body 360 degrees thanks to the mechanism in place. Also, the edge of the seat boasts a “Waterfall” design. I found it beneficial as it relieves the pressure from my legs and hips. As a result, I don’t have aching issues whatsoever.

Don’t even think for a second that this chair will cause you to sweat more than usual when you’re sitting on it. This product from Flash Furniture has breathable mesh at the back. It helps air to circulate properly. It does the job of an AC without us realizing the fact.

The arms of this thing is mesh padded. I like to rest my elbows on these things a lot. However, there are people who don’t want armrests to be around. But they don’t want the hassle of detaching them either. This is perfect as these armrests can be flipped upwards if someone doesn’t need their services.

This little chair features a tilt locking mechanism. This thing helps to lock the chair in place preventing any breakage or accidental back spasms from putting too much weight into hanging back. Also, you can lock the seat at various positions that may be comfortable for you.

Thanks to this, people of all heights can use this chair.

Last but not the least, people have a durable nylon base that they can depend on. Not to mention, there are two wheels in every leg. It gives this chair more stability. The legs won’t break that easily now.

Things I Liked the Most with This Chair:

  • The material is breathable; it doesn’t let people sweat due when put in use.
  • This is the perfect chair for mid and upper back support.
  • Comes with padded armrests and they can be flipped.
  • One can lean backwards and lock the position thanks to a mechanism.
  • You can adjust the height with ease as well.

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2. KADIRYA High Back Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair with Mesh Seat

KADIRYA is among the top three for me when it comes to the best chair for back pain relief. Why do I say this? Well, you’ll a degree of have posture assistance in this case. It keeps your knee, feet and spine perfectly aligned so that you don’t suffer from imbalance of weight. Wait, there’s more.

My friends know that I’m highly vocal when it comes to ergonomic chairs. These are great when you want the pressure points of your body to be relaxed. KADIRYA features an adjustable lumbar support. Yes, unlike few of the models, you can actually adjust the lumbar support to your liking.

I liked the addition of a headrest. These seem to know which parts of your body need better care. Like other parts of this furniture, one can adjust this thing as well!

For me, this is one of the best choices when it comes to office chairs. Thanks to the mesh seat. It’s breathable. No, you won’t face cramps in your legs when working for long hours at the office. The materials are such that people won’t even sweat or generate body heat from working for too long at office.

It’s very easy for people with variable heights to effectively use KADIRYA. Also, you’ll be able to lean back on your backside if you choose to take a breather sometimes. There’s a knob underneath your seat to adjust the level of flexibility to our liking. Also, this little chair can rock back and forth as well.

That’s right. You can customize the entire furniture the way you see fit. Also, the armrests feature a “Flip-Up” design. This allows for people to keep armrests away if they don’t need them.

Let me in on a true story. Well, more like a fact to be honest. Your chair won’t be worth anything if it doesn’t have a solid base. Luckily, KADIRYA features a Nylon base for stability. Also, the casters cans swivel 360 degrees for our conveniences. Don’t worry, they’ll roll smoothly on the ground.

Oh yes, the franchise gives you one-year warranty on the product if anything goes wrong.

Things That I Found Interesting

  • KADIRYA features a headrest that can be tweaked and moved as well.
  • You have a customizable lumbar support.
  • There’s a tilt lock system to determine how far back you want to lean.
  • The ergonomic design keeps my spine in shape while sitting.
  • The mesh ventilated backrest prevents people from sweating.
  • You’ve got a comforting seat to aid you in posture.

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3. AmazonBasics Big & Tall Executive Chair

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Let’s say, you’re the tallest guy in the room. It’s natural not to be satisfied with all the fancy options which don’t go too well with your build. That’s why, my friend, AmazonBasics has got this Big and Tall Exclusive chair furnished with brown leather for you.

It supports a weight of up to 350 lbs. So, tall and muscular people need not worry about this furniture breaking down while they’re sitting in office or home going about their business as usual.

Make no mistake, this is a heavy chair. Yes, you get a contoured design to aid you in your posture. Also, one can tilt it back and forth like the other models. If you are happy with a position, lock it with a tilt locker that you’ll find nearby. The control handle is pneumatic so that you feel at ease when moving it.

This handle is important. It makes raising or lowering the seat easier than you think. For example, if you want to lower your seat, make sure to sit down. Then, use the control leaver or handle. Pushing it up will do. Raising requires the user to get up and push the handle upwards.

AmazonBasics doesn’t compromise with comfort. This little chair feels like an aristocratic furniture the moment you lay your eyes onto it. The supple brown leather is a work of art. There’s a back cushion in place for support. It’s wrapped in brown leather too.

You have curved armrests that match the upholstery in comfort. I loved the seat. It has deep layers. These layers are made of the brown leather keeping the uniformity with the upholstery.

Not to mention, the seat is very comfortable as well. You won’t feel any niggles or pains due to sitting for too long.

Did I mention that this chair can swivel up to 360 degrees? It does! Then you have the heavyweight casters. In a sentence, one can turn while sitting at a comfortable position and move around in the office from one place to another. These casters are smooth. You’ll hardly hear any rumbling sound.

Things I Like about the chair:

  • This thing has an elegant design for people who love a classy chair.
  • The supple leather and ergonomic design are great for back pain relief.
  • This thing swivels 360 degrees for our comfort.
  • The casters and the overall design are solid and provide longevity.
  • It features a tilt locker.

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4. Office Star Deluxe Mesh Back Drafting Chair

One thing I like about this product from Office Star is that the chair has a mesh in the back. Best office chairs for back pain sufferers should have a breathable fabric to make sure blood circulation of a person remains normal even after hours of desk work. People shouldn’t sweat too much.

Oh, did I mention that you can adjust the backrest to your liking? No? As it turns out, you can!

I’ve seen some of the chairs concentrate hard on the upper body. But that’s where Office Star takes the cake. It gives people a comfortable seat to rely on. Thanks to this, the users won’t feel twitches in their bodies. It helps you in maintaining an upright posture. So, no muscle spasms either.

The seat of my chair is almost entirely made of fabric and no leather or plastic. One benefit of this is the fact that it won’t give off nasty odors or spread too much chemicals into the air.

You don’t believe me? Don’t worry. It’s certified by experts that guarantees low pollution and emission of harmful chemicals. There’s an option to buy a chair with vinyl seat too if someone wants it.

I also like the fact that this drafting chair features pneumatic levers. These levers make adjusting seat heights a breeze. You don’t have to screw or unscrew any part of the chair. Just pull the lever up or down, find the height you’re comfortable with, and let go. That’s how easy it is!

Very often makers are so busy looking at the upper body of the chair that they forget that people need to be careful with their feet as well. Office Star Deluxe isn’t like most brands. The chair that I’m raving about features a footrest adjusting system as well. It’s never too low or too high for you anymore!

Office Star isn’t weak at the base either. In fact, it comes with a Nylon base with casters that roll smoothly on carpets.  The strong base doesn’t let the chair tip over and get damaged that easily.

Things I Like about the chair:

  • It comes with a breathable mesh backrest for comfort and reduced sweating.
  • The pneumatic lever adjusts seat height without a fuss.
  • With this chair, there won’t be any odors or pollutions.
  • You can adjust the height of the footrest as well.
  • A strong nylon base and casters give this chair the upper hand.

5. Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair

When you’re the head honcho of an office, you rarely have time to relax. Pressure boils like a cauldron and we have to be on our toes all day long. Our backs bear the brunt of the load. Thankfully, Office Star has just the answer. The Synchro is here to give you a little breathing space that you crave.

Yes, this thing requires an assembly session. It’d take one person 20 – 30 minutes to get this chair in “Working” condition. I like the ergonomic design. The company was imaginative in providing multiple adjustment features to make this ergonomic chair flexible for people of all shapes and sizes.

Users have mesh cover at the back. This allows the chair some breathability. Thanks to this, at the end of each day your chair won’t feel soggy. Your precious shirts won’t get drenched in sweat either.

Cushioned seat allows you to sit comfortably while you work. I love the fact that these guys included a pneumatic seat adjusting system. One can get the seat up or lower it with one touch. It decreases the hassle of dragging the lever every time you feel uncomfortable.

There’s a tilt system in place for those who want to lay back at times and give their backs a rest.

Yes, you guessed it! This is the “Synchro Tilt.” Some of the very best office chairs for back support tilt back and forth. Synchro Tilt takes it to the next level. It tilts to a ratio of 2:1. It allows the user to have even weight distribution. It impacts the blood circulation process as well.

What’s an Office Star product without quality Lumbar support for the lower back? Naturally, the Manager’s Chair comes with superlative cushioning for our lower backs as well. It allows people to keep their spine at an upright state while working. That too, without putting too much strain on the body.

It’s a quality product from top to bottom. Even the armrests are padded to be comfortable.

Also, you have heavy-duty silver accents at the bottom to grant the chair an aesthetic and durability boost. The casters are sturdy as well. Dual wheels help people to maintain balance. They roll along the carpets without any hitches. Test them on any type of carpet you like.

Above all, the Manager’s Chair is safe for use inside closed quarters. It’s been manufactured with Low Volatile Organic Compounds. The brand has got GREENGUARD’s certification as proof.

Things I Like about the chair:

  • Synchro Tilt’s 2:1 ratio helps people with bad posture.
  • The mesh covering at the back and comfortable seat nullify back pain.
  • I love the “One Touch” pneumatic seat adjustment system.
  • The base of this chair is strongly built to withstand pressure.
  • The chair is made from Low Volatile Organic Compounds to ensure safety of users.

6. Serta Works Ergonomic Executive Office Chair with Back in Motion Technology

Serta is among the big guns when it comes to office chairs. It has been for 75 years. It’d be insane if I didn’t include one from this brand.

When it came to back pain relief, I couldn’t think of anything else than the Ergonomic Executive Chair they have. Specially, with the back in Motion Technology at play.

To satiate your curiosity, the technology keeps the pelvis of the user forward while the back leans in a neutral position. It relaxes the back to allow it comfort during a hectic day. Yes, people, it’s on my list of best office chair for lower back pain for a reason!

There’s another system discretely working behind the scenes to make your day painless. It’s the AST or Active Seating Technology. The lumber and the seat pivot as we move to grant the pelvic region some movement and avoid cramps. It’s the same as the “Tilt” exercise for the pelvic region.

This chair is ergonomic and entirely cushioned. Yes, the headrest, back support, lumber, armrests, and the seat are all padded up to be comfortable and supportive to people of different heights and body structures. In fact, the seat adjustment system makes it easy to find suitable positions and lock them up.

As long as you’re equal to or below the weight range of 250lbs. (which is a lot to bear for an office chair) you’ll be fine. This thing swivels to a full circle. Yes, that means 360 degrees.

One look at this office furniture and you know that it’s built to last. You can have supple bonded, eco-friendly leather or fabric upholstery covering the entirety of the chair. It depends on your choice. Whatever people choose, their office space will most definitely have a serious upgrade.

Things I Like about the chair:

  • It makes your pelvic area lean forward while keeping the back in a relaxed position.
  • The seat and the lumber pivots as we move to mimic pelvic tilt exercises.
  • Serta’s office chair is cushioned from top to bottom for comfort.
  • One can adjust the height of the chair and seat to his/her liking.
  • Supple bonded leather or fabric upholstery provides the chair an aesthetic boost.

7. SONGMICS Thick Executive Office Chair

If you want a chair that outlasts your office desk, SONGMICS is here to deliver. It’s a durable piece of furniture. It’s gone through the SGS test and passed it to show for the sturdiness. The test results further show that this chair is safe as houses with a strong base and PU Casters.

Make no mistake, SONGMICS gives you a flawless chair wrapped in a high-density foam. The foam allows the users to be comfortable while sitting on the chair.

People get to enjoy the services of a high-elasticity PU fabric that covers the cushioned chair as well. As you can see, it’s a two-step measure for comfort.

I must mention the headrest here. This thing is perfectly in sync with the human arc. Meaning, the headrest will comfort your head and shoulder to utmost degree. Don’t worry about neck fatigue ever again!

The back support focuses on a bilateral arc. This “Winged Back” style provides perfect curve for the lower back area and lumbar support. It’s there to take the weight off the spine and make you feel at ease when working for long hours. If you ask me, it’s all I ever want!

The makers went the extra distance and made the armrests ergonomic as well. This way, they ensured that people will have access to total comfort while using this chair.

It’ll be an injustice if I don’t mention the casters right at the end. These casters are made of premium-grade PU materials. These things ensure that the wheels move flawlessly along any kind of surface without damaging them.

If you ask me, these things are perfect for carpets of varying thicknesses. I found them equally effective in case of tiled and hardwood floors as well. Do you have parquet or laminate floors inside the office? Trust me, this piece of furniture is a good fit for those things as well!

Things I Like about the chair:

  • A comfortable foam and ergonomic design ensure full-body protection.
  • The headrest mimics the human arc to comfort the head, necks, and shoulders.
  • Ergonomic armrests keep your hands and the arms in comfortable positions.
  • The casters are sturdy and function well on various types of floors.

8. KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair

As I drop the curtain on my recommendations for best chair for back pain sufferers, I couldn’t find any furniture better than the one from Kadirya bonded leather office chair. This one has high back support and proper cushioning to take the pain away and let you work in a soothing environment at the office.

If you work for long hours in the office, you’ll love this thing. It comes with an “S”-shaped design. This is also called “High Back Design.” Thanks to this, you have maximum lumbar support that translates to comfort and ease while sitting and working for long hours.

While we’re going on about comfort, I’m sure you’ll notice that the entire chair is well-padded. This helps to maintain a comfortable posture while sitting.

The “Waterfall” edges of the seat prevent it from being lopsided due to overusing. Also, it provides comfort to your back. The legs remain in the best position as well.

The thing I like most about this computer desk chair is the fact that it has tilt lock feature. Don’t get me wrong, other chairs do have this feature. But I doubt any of the products will give you a tilt of up to 120-degree angle.

Within the arc, you can choose whichever position you like and lock the upper part of the chair. Comfort at its very best.

The arms of this furniture are comfortable as well. Keep them around if you feel like it. Don’t need them? Just flip them up. You don’t have to go through the trouble of detaching the arms.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this thing swivels. You can turn this chair for up to 360 degrees. Forget getting up and walking or pushing the chair back every time you need to move from table to table in your chamber.

How could anyone forget about the casters of this product? People worry about the stability of such a heavy chair. I don’t. There’s a specific reason for that. The nylon casters grant this chair a strong base to work with. The wheels roll on any kind of surface you put them on.

Oh, this little chair’s base is strong enough to support a weight of 250lbs.

Things that I Like about This Chair

  • Make no mistake, this is one of the most comfortable chairs for office around.
  • You’ll find a uniformed design when inspecting this chair.
  • I liked the swivel and tilt locking mechanisms this chair has.
  • Lumbar support is great. It’s perfect for people with upper and lower back issues.

Things That One Should Consider While Buying These Things

If you want to ride off into the sunset and do your own research before buying an office chair or the best home chair for lower back pain, you’re welcome to do so. But keep the following things in mind before you venture out to make the purchase worthwhile.

Check the Construction of the Product

No matter which product you buy, it’s helpful to look at how it’s built. Thus, you can be assured about the longevity and damage control. Office chairs are no exceptions. Try and purchase products that can counter wear and tears better. Also, the chosen one should have strong base.

You cannot depend on a chair to be durable enough in the long run. Spending hundreds on a chair initially and then spending few hundred dollars more just to repair it after a year or so is pretty much a lost bargain for any one.

That’s why I advise people to go for high-spectrum chairs when money is concerned. These chairs assure you that your investment is safe for years no matter how you look at things.

Ergonomic Design Helps

Remember, you’re buying a chair to counter back pain issues. Having a chair with an ergonomic design helps. It keeps your back at a straight line. In other words, you remain seated in a perfect posture and we all know that bad posture is a prime cause of instigating back pain.

This is true even if you’re searching for the best home chair for lower back pain. People don’t really care for armrests when buying a chair for computers at home. But I insist on doing that too. No matter where you work, your hands should remain at a position putting less strain on your wrists as well.

Check If the Seat is Cushioned Well Enough

People conjure up a strict picture when it comes to office chairs for back pains. Yes, you can’t have a recliner for office chairs. But nowhere does it say that the chairs should not be comfortable.

In fact, I prefer chairs with seat cushions. Always try to buy leather-fitted memory foam chairs.

When it comes to shape of the seats, I prefer the waterfall design. It keeps the edges of the seat in top shape. They won’t become lopsided or soggy anytime soon (in 3 – 5 years) according to my experience.

Also, the cushion should be thick and it should not trap heat inside. Otherwise, it’s bad news for durability.

Backrest is the Most Important Part of the Setup Headrest is Nice as Well

Let’s face it, most common office or living room chairs have a weak back support. These fragile things tend to break or come off easily. As the most important part and selling point of these chairs, back supports need be sturdy. They should hold their own in demanding conditions.

Make sure the backrest is made of sturdy materials. It’s helpful if the chair you choose can recline to a comfortable position. I like that feature in my chairs. I’m not working all the time. So, it’s helpful for me if I can relax from time to time. It also helps by relaxing your back muscles and the rigid posture.

I hope I’m not being overly greedy here but I like myself a handy headrest too. It’s not a must but if the chair you buy has it, take it by both hands. Make sure both back and headrests are well-cushioned. Let me tell you, chairs with cushioned backrests and headrests are going to be costly. Be prepared!

I’d Love Lumber Support as Well

People take office and home chairs for works as things that offer great back support and that’s it. Trust me, leaning on the chairs against our backs is not enough. Very often, we leave our lower backs unprotected. I’m strongly against this idea.

I’d always place chairs with lumber support ahead of normal ones. Go for the ones where the lumber support is customizable as well. Not to mention, it should be well cushioned (preferably, memory foam).

Make Sure the Chair Swivels and Is Customizable

Gone are the days when one needed to use his/her hands when turning a chair and facing a certain side. Now, people buy swiveling chairs that turn by themselves.

Few chairs swivel up to 90 degrees and others do the swiveling for up to 180 degrees. But I’ll urge people to get one that turns 360 degrees.

Did you notice that I said “Adjustable?” By that I meant the best office chair for lower back pain (whichever brand it may come from) should have the option to put a lock on variable heights. Also, it’d be great if it has an option to get a lock on how much it tilts every time.

Portability is a Fact to Consider

Now, I realize that I’ve stepped in a mixed territory here. Heavier office chairs can’t really be taken from one place to another. On the other hand, the lighter chairs are easy to move around. I’m more on the favor of having strong casters. With casters, you can move the chairs around simply by pushing them.

Make sure to get a chair with strong casters that roll well on any type of floor. Be it hardwood, carpet or tiles… the casters should not get stuck. People have choices when choosing these things for the chair.

So far I’ve seen nylon casters to be the best ones of the lot. These are strong and they stand the test of time.

How to Use an Office Chair with Back Support?

I don’t think a fleshed out office/home chair for back aches won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to use it. But say you’ve bought one regardless. Before you get embarrassed in front of your colleagues and people at home, read this section to know how to properly use a chair like this.

Set Up the Office Chair Just Right!

This is the first thing you want to be doing when the chair arrives at your office or home. Choose a place where you want to set up your desk and the chair. Put the chair next to the desk (duh). But here’s the interesting part: Make sure to adjust the height of the chair to a comfortable position.

It depends on your height, the height of your desk, the kind of work you’re doing, and if you have any kind of device sitting on the desk (i.e. computers). Take all these into considerations and adjust the height accordingly. Reputed brands like Office Star should have a lever for the task.

Use the Entire Seat of the Chair

This is where most of the people go wrong. They find a comfy chair and sit on the edge of it. There are people who end up using half of the seat. But the right way of doing it is to sit on the entire seat of the chair. This way, your upper body and legs receive better support and stay relaxed.

Make Sure Your Elbows Are Comfortable

Everyone pictures a chair for back pain as a cushy furniture that makes it comfortable to sit. Yes, it IS important. You must be sitting comfortably on the chair. Along with that, you need to pay attention to your elbows as well. Sounds awkward? Read on.

You need to rest the elbows at an angle where the wrists don’t take blunt of the stress. This is especially applicable when it comes to typing, writing for a prolonged period, customer service work etc. Make sure the elbows are at a comfortable angle of 90 degrees. If it’s not, please adjust the height of the chair.

We Need to Set Our Thighs Right for the Job

This is no secret that people with different heights have different standards for comfort. People who are too tall and too short should put their thighs into perfect positions to sit comfortably. Believe it or not, I have a formula to ensure that as well.

I recommend people to test if they can slide two fingers down their thighs from the leading edge of the chair. See how it feels. If it feels tight, make sure you buy the best office chair for lower back pain with a footrest. Raise the footrest up to a comfortable level.

Remember to have at least a finger worth of width between the thigh and the chair. Most of the furniture come with a raised seating arrangement. If not, you need to do it yourselves. Remember to raise the desk and adjust the height of the chair accordingly.

The Chair Should Keep Your Calf Muscles in Order

It may sound weird but when using a chair for back pain, make sure to clinch your fist and then try to pass it in between the back of your calf and in front of the chair. Not making it there? Then the chair is too deep for you. Make sure to make some adjustments.

I’d advise people to keep some lumber support in the shape of a soft pillow or a towel nearby. Just to be more comfortable, you can push the back support forward. If the problem persists, buy a new chair altogether.

Position The Lower Back in a Correct Manner

I’ve covered the part where you need to push your bottom to the edge of the seat of the chair. We’ve also got our backrests in order. Also, I’ve told my readers to keep soft pillows or rolled up towels nearby. Why’s that? It’s so that you can configure the lumber support properly.

Proper Lower Back Support or lumber support is essential when you need to take the load or strain off your back. Please don’t lean too far back on the backrest when tired or be too much upfront when working at full swing. This puts the back in an awkward position. This puts stress on your lumber disks.

My Two Cents at the End

You should make sure that the brand and model you choose, tick all the requirements on your checklist.

Buying an office chair is a long-term and a hefty investment. You don’t want to buy one that gives up after a year and a half or sooner. Get an ergonomic chair with good lumber support if you can.

Sure, these things are pricey. But the ideal one will save you from numerous visits to your chiropractor and potentially, thousands of dollars in fees.

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