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Top 10 Best Quilting Batting: Reviews in 2023

When you first thought of buying the best quilting batting out there, you might’ve thought it to be easy. But, I’m sure you aren’t feeling that confident any more in terms of making the purchase. That’s because all the products look quite the same.

Now, not everything can be decided on looks, right? You should look deeply into the features and quality of the fabrics. And that can be tiresome, studying the products. But, we got you. Did the research and found the best options already. Want to take a look? Well, welcome to the world of batting!

Do not forget to check out the buying guide section along with the FAQs. These will help you in picking the right product.

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10 Best Quilting Batting Reviews

The research was fun. Because the products were interesting to learn about. Now, you decide whether we’ve done the job or messed up.

1. Warm Company Batting 2391 72-Inch by 90-Inch Warm and Natural Cotton Batting

The best quilt batting on our list is what we are presenting now, ladies and gentleman. It comes with the best measurement. Yes, a piece of 90 by 72-inch is what you want for every regular job. And regarding durability, this one shines really well.

What’s amazing about this product is that you can be assured of no bearding or bunching. And it’s not a claim; it’s a fact with this beauty. You would be over the moon knowing that it’s suitable for outdoor uses too. Yes, they’ve gone to the extreme length to provide you with flexibility by using needled cotton.

I was also impressed with the polymer fibers they’ve used on this. A smart choice of material, you got to give them that. Now, will it shift or migrate? The simple answer is, no, it won’t. For, we are dealing with cotton as the prime material.

Another worth mentioning feature is that no glue is used in making this product. Therefore, there’s no problem in gliding the needles through it. Now, let’s dig into the drawbacks. To our amusement, there wasn’t any significant one!

Highlighted Features

  • A perfect measurement at 90 by 72 – inches for regular-sized quilts
  • Quality is guaranteed since it’s made in the USA
  • No bearding or bunching with a perfect finish
  • Glue-free, so that gliding the needles through would be a fun job
  • Polymer fibers along with needled cotton makes the most perfect combo

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2. IZO All Supply Bonded Dacron Upholstery Grade Polyester Batting 48 Inch Wide

Fancy a polyester batting? Well, you’ve shown up in the right place. We are talking about the 48-inch width it comes with to do practically everything. And if you are one into versatility, then they have good tidings.

Yes, this batting gets along with padding cornices, duvets, wrapping foam cushions, and whatnot. Also, you can use it for quilts and upholstery applications. Some fish admirers might also find a way of using one of these for fish tank filters. Told you, versatile!

Now, what about its measurement? Well, you can have many yards in one single piece. This way, you can maneuver it the way you like. I am also counting on it to soften the foams outrageously. And don’t ask me how it smoothes out those annoying bumps!

Moreover, the product is not all about cushioning, you know. It can provide stiffness too when there’s a need. Now, only if the product description was accurate it would’ve been sweet, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, we’ve come across multiple drawbacks from the reviews of angry buyers. The product isn’t ½-inch thick, period.

Highlighted Features

  • Incredible 48-inch width to do any job you throw at it
  • Versatility; does well with duvets, cornices, wrapping foam cushions
  • A perfect option for fish tank filters
  • Many yards in one package and that too, in a single piece
  • Stiffness along with cushioning

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3. WARM COMPANY (2131) Warm and Natural Cotton Batting by The Yard, 90-Inch by 40-Yard

Tired of seeing those bearding low-quality batting? Well, let’s cheer you up with the next product in our quilt batting reviews. If things go right, bunching will be the last thing you will experience. Also, this baby is 100-percent cotton. Did you hear that? They still make such stuff in the USA.

In terms of the features, it comes with a thin base material. That was a cool move considering the ability of the material to prevent migrating of any sort. Now, we need to recalculate something.

With this polymer fiber material in place, the batting becomes a cotton-dominant piece, not 100-percent cotton anymore. And that’s where some confusion occurred.

Some users were led to think that it was 100-percent cotton. And that’s justified because the description can be misleading. Apart from this, we liked how they’ve made it to cling to the fabric. That’s why it’s the best quilt batting for machine quilting.

Also, it’s super convenient that the piece is machine washable. So there’s no need for pre-washing. As for the drawbacks, there wasn’t any significant one found, although it should be mentioned that a user would’ve liked a plastic wrapping box around the product when delivered.

Highlighted Features

  • The thin base material in order to prevent any sort of migration
  • Polymer fiber makes the batting cling to the quilt nicely
  • Machine washable batting, so that it never stays dirty
  • You won’t need to pre-wash the thing, it’s as fresh as ever

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4. Angel Crafts and Sewing Cotton Batting for Quilts

If you are into natural products, then you will be happy knowing about this product. The highlight of this particular item is that it’s suitable for use throughout the year, something not all products can offer. What’s also appreciable is that it’s quite feathery in weight.

The batting stitches up to 8-inch apart. And that makes it the best quilt batting quilting for hand. Also, you can machine wash it; talk about convenience! I also get the idea that it won’t shift or bunch, things that would’ve given the users a horror.

Now, what about the pre-shrinking? Well, there is nothing to worry about, for you don’t need to do it to start with.

Moreover, it claims to be microwave safe. Therefore, you are granted versatility. Also, the needles will have no problem gliding through smoothly. You can quickly sew it for making a warm and comfy batting with a natural feeling to it.

The batting also gets along with t-shirt material quilts. However, if you are looking for the thickest product, then you are looking at the wrong one. Expect it to be thin and you are game. As for the drawbacks, we couldn’t find any significant game-changer.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfectly suitable for use throughout the year
  • Extremely lightweight for comfort during summertime
  • It stitches a good 8-inch apart, something quite spectacular
  • No need to do the pre-shrinking, so convenient
  • Microwave-safety

5. Fusible Fleece by Pellon: 45″x60″

Have had your fair share of experience with the cotton products? Then why not try polyester batting for once and also a 100-percent one at that? This 45-inch x 60-inch batting will do a fabulous job in beautifying your crafts and home decor.

What’s surprisingly pleasing about this option is that it doesn’t require any sewing on your behalf. Also, there’s no need for pinning. So, it’s ready to use right out of the packet. Moreover, it will provide you with all the flexibility and softness that you desire, too.

People were also happy with the pricing of this item, and I hope that you will also be among them. However, if you like those heavier battings, this isn’t the choice you should make because it’s as light as any.

For a machine quilting fabric, this is a very reliable option because it performs magically when it comes to bags. However, there was one disappointed buyer who found no instructions in the package. And when he ironed the batting, it refused to bond with the fabric.

Highlighted Features

  • Pure polyester
  • 45 x 60 – inches of measurement that will offer you the freedom of work
  • You won’t need to sew or pin it
  • Lightweight for summertime uses
  • Perfect batting for bags

6. Mybecca 48 Inch Wide (5 Yards) Quilt Batting

Love those large battings to do various jobs? Then check out the one we are reviewing as it will offer you multiple yards in a single continuous piece. Also, you will like the fact that it’s perfectly vacuumed for users’ convenience. Now, some products are very easy to cut and this is one of them.

The batting is amazingly suitable for upholstery applications. And when it comes to bedspreads, you won’t be disappointed either.

Moreover, it will be a good option for decorative pillows, making them more beautiful all the while. Now, what’s the measurement? Well, a good 48-inch width is what it offers.

Now, the best thing about this product is the smooth finish it provides. And that’s why it would make a great choice for cornices.

They’ve provided the users with a tip if something goes wrong. It seems that the batting might shrink at times. If that happens, just put the product into a dryer in a low setting. Don’t forget to pair it with a damp cloth when you do that.

As for drawbacks, it might be too thin for your liking. And it’s unclear if it has a ½-inch thickness in reality.

Highlighted Features

  • Very large batting with a couple of yards in a single piece
  • Comes vacuumed to offer you convenience
  • Easy-to-cut material is used for a fun working experience
  • Perfect for decorative pillows and bedspreads
  • 48-inch width for versatility and flexibility in sewing

7. Tosnail 90-Inch x 108-Inch Soft Natural Cotton Batting

Here’s a product with giant size. Yes, you don’t come across a 90-inch x 108-inch batting every day, do you? They say that it’s for serious business, and I do not doubt that. You can use it for all the projects you have on your hand.

What’s great about this item is that it’s cotton, a natural one at that. Moreover, you will find only a little shrinkage, if any. And it gets better when you know that you don’t have to pre-soak this batting. Less work, big size, and comfort- what’s there not to be impressed with?

Another worth mentioning feature is that it’s machine-washable. So, the days of pre-washing your batting are gone. Now, what applications will be suitable for outdoor or indoor? Both. For, when you have needled cotton along with flexibility, you can voyage the ocean!

Now, we told you that it’s cotton. But, we wouldn’t say that it’s purely cotton-made. For, a couple of users had a hard time ironing the product. A pure cotton batting wouldn’t do that to you.

Highlighted Features

  • Giant size at 90 x 108 – inches to do any type of quilting job
  • Natural cotton was the chosen fabric and how great was the choice!
  • Not much shrinkage
  • It has needled cotton along with extreme flexibility
  • No need to pre-soak

8. Mountain Mist Polyester Quilt Batting, Craft 36-inch-by-45-inch

Here’s another 100-percent polyester batting to check out. It might not be the thickest option out there, but it will do the job well with ¼-inch to 3/8-inch thickness.

Now, if you want to know the best use of this product, I would direct you to fish tank filters. Yes, you will be amazed at how it traps the unwanted materials. And it has a decent size too at 36-inch x 45-inch. So, decors, pillows, upholster applications, you name it- the guy can do them all.

What’s also nice about this product is that it comes in the form of a rolled sheet. And you are getting a quality material at a very reasonable price. So, if you are suffering from a saggy couch, this might be your go-to product. You will also be pleased with the packaging, considering the users’ reviews.

But, here’s the deal; it won’t serve the purpose a ½-inch item would’ve. So, for difficult jobs, you certainly want a better option than this. However, with usual home requirements, this would make a fine possession.

Highlighted Features

  • A good 3/5-inch loft to make the sewing faster
  • Quality material at a very reasonable price
  • Best for fish tank filters for being comfy
  • Will do well with decor, pillows, upholstery applications

9. Fairfield Poly-Fil Extra-Loft Batting, 120-inch by 120-inch

We like 100-percent polyester battings. Because they are easy to use and comfy too. And that’s why you are reading about another one. This is a king-size product at 120-inch x 120-inch. Boy, there’s practically no job this giant-sized item cannot do!

You will love the fact that it dries pretty quickly. And when you have neither the time nor the patience to afford and endure the long waiting, you need such a beauty by your side. Moreover, they’ve made the loft light airy to allow you to access both machine and hand quilt.

What’s also wonderful is that it retains its shape perfectly when washed. And as for shifting and bearding, there won’t be any. Now, is it ½-inch thick? No, it’s not; but you can do with 3/8-inch neatly, can’t you? And the batting is quite lightweight too.

However, it gets wrinkled at times. But using a dryer in low along with a damp cloth will solve the problem. Now, although it works most of the time, there was one user who got into a problem following this tip.

Too bad, we don’t have any other solution. And for another customer, it measured 105 x 120 – inches.

Highlighted Features

  • The most incredible size at 120 x 120 inches, no job it can’t do
  • Despite the outrageously big size, it dries pretty quickly
  • The loft is light airy, so there’s no problem in hand and machine quilting
  • Amazing shape-retaining ability once washed
  • 3/8-inch thickness to bring it home efficiently

10. Zipcase 90 Inches X 108 Inches Queen Size Warm Soft Natural Cotton Batting for Quilts Quilting & Craft

Here’s the last product on our list that has a considerably large size. Yes, 90-inch x 108-inch isn’t a size to take lightly. If you are for versatility, you should be delighted. Now, cotton seems to do the magic charmingly and that’s why they’ve chosen it to be the prime material.

Now, how much shrinkage are we looking at? Well, not more than 2-percent. And that’s a decent percentage as far as quilting is concerned. It should assure you of no tearing during the job. Moreover, the batting doesn’t require pre-washing. And it’s machine washable too.

You will be happy with the fluffy interior it provides once the quilting is done. This is our finding after going through the customer reviews. Also, the users were ecstatic with the fact that it’s super easy to use. They couldn’t be more satisfied with the weight of this item.

As for cons, one user complained that the batting was stinking horribly out of the package. But our only hope is that it’s a one-time happening.

Highlighted Features

  • Big at 90 x 108 inches to do both domestic and professional jobs
  • Only 2 percent shrinkage
  • Won’t tear while quilting
  • Super easy to maneuver thanks to the material chosen
  • Machine washable and no need to pre-wash

What to Look for While Buying Quilting Batting

To be honest, there are not many things that should beconsidered before the purchase. However, it doesn’t harm to talk about a few factors to make it all the more worthwhile. We are going to enumerate and describe only the basic things so that you don’t end up confused and all.


More often than not, we found that all the fusses turn up to be about the loft while doing the research. And, commonly, people do not want to settle down until you give them thickness. “What! My batting is only 3/8-inch thick! I’m broke.” Some customer reviews sounded a bit close to this.

Now, let’s be practical. Not always you are going to have ½-inch thick options and also you won’t need that every time. It’s your job you need to think about. You know, some users do more than well with ¼-inch thick batting. And I say that you shouldn’t buy anything thinner than this.

So, set your priorities right. What’s it going to be: bucks or loft? With bucks, the loft will come.


This is a layer you will find with some cotton products. They come with this feature so that the fibers do not go haywire while washing.

Now, you can afford to quilt without this fine little feature, however, it makes quilting fun. It also helps in making wider quilting lines having some space in between. But, you won’t get this feature with too many options out there, I’m afraid. If you do, you are one lucky buyer.


Who said that batting shouldn’t look gorgeous? I mean, it’s supposed to beautify your decors as well as make them comfy, isn’t it? So, choosing the right color is also very important. Moreover, color plays a crucial role in masking the beards and bunches.

If your quilt is deep in color, there’s no match to a black batting then. It will create a fine combination. And if the quilt has a light look to it, buying a bleached batting is the way to go. Also, some medium type colors get along with natural battings just fine.


By material, we mean the fiber in this case. The most popular fibers for battings are cotton and polyester. There are some others out there, but they couldn’t attract the buyers as these two could. Now, cotton seems to be the fiber of choice mostly. But, I love polyester. And the reasons are many.

First, let’s talk about the more popular one. Cotton weighs a bit heavy. It is extremely comfortable to touch and feel. And it’s very affordable.

However, polyester gives that feeling of silkiness. And that’s what I crave for. But, it’s a bit expensive and might not be the most suitable option for some skins.

Then there are other options like wool, silk, bamboo, etc. They are fun in their ways. Breathability and lightness of silk and wool are admirable. And when it comes to bamboo, it’s considerable.

Quilting Machine

We said that people want to have a perfect loft all the time. And they have a reason. You see, if you have a low loft in your batting, you can do a bunch of quilting jobs.

Low-lofted battings get along with any home sewing machines well. And it will save you time in the quilting process.

But, if you are a privileged owner of one of those pro-level machines, you can do any quilting job with literally any loft. So, buy a batting suitable for your machine, so that you can draw those dead-straight lines and make history.

How to Use Quilt Batting

If you are enthusiastic enough to learn quilting, you are going to be good at it in no time. Now we are going to learn it step by step.

Step 1: Lay down your quilt on an even and clean surface.

Make sure that there’s enough room and also, no disturbance. We are dealing with some delicate stuff over here, remember?

Step 2: Now place the batting on your quilt.

See if the sizes match. If not, you do have a pair ofscissor, right? Just trim the extra portion and you are game.

Step 3: Place the quilt’s backing material on its top.

Now, it’s time for pinning. Use a whole lot of pins to hold the layers together. The way you do it is by pinning the center of the quilt first.

Then you should draw parallel lines using the pins. It would be best if you make the lines 15-20 inches apart.

Step 4: Get rid of any wrinkles.

You will have to be patient in this step. See if the lines are properly straight. And if there’s any wrinkle, you should unpin the respective line. After that, place your quilt onto the frame suitable for it. Then, sew a couple of stitches so that the batting holds on. Remove all the pins now.

Step 5: Now, you start stitching.

Follow a meticulous technique so that the quilt has a perfect finish. I would suggest that you go to small stitches. And stitching between the fabric pieces following the seam lines is the way to do it. Thus, you are done.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What side of quilt batting goes up?

It’s debatable with regard to the right side’s being up. However, if the batting is bonded, I would suggest that you put the scrim with the batting side. Because it has to go through wearing more than any other.

In the case of needle-punched batting, there’s no certain right side. You will have to decide the side depending on the look of the quilt.

2. What can I use instead of quilt batting?

You can use a flat cotton bed sheet in the middle of your quilt. This way, the quilt will remain light and you will enjoy the most comfortable feeling.

Also, you are allowed to make the batting on your own using a 100 percent cotton fabric. However, why sweat it when there are affordable options?

3. Should batting be washed before quilting?

Though you can pre-wash some batting products, you won’t need to do it. They will provide you with fresh and ready-to-use battings.

However, if you are using an old batting, you certainly want to give the guy a good wash.

4. Should you iron quilt batting?

Yes, you can do so. However, not all the fabrics get along with iron as good as cotton does. Therefore, if you find difficulties in ironing the thing, you should let the dryer help you.

5. Can I use felt instead of the batting?

Yes, you can. But, I won’t encourage the practice. The reason being, felt won’t stick to the quilt as the usual batting fabrics do. And once washed, there’s always the problem of shrinkage. Therefore, if I were you, I wouldn’t opt for using felt instead of a good old batting.

Final Words

The best quilting batting would be the one that combines the features we talked about in the buying guide. However, you should be in good hands no matter what option you choose. For, these battings do not seem to fail the users any day.

And if it was me, I would’ve gone for any of the polyester options, for they are classy. Also, the topmost product on our reviews isn’t that bad, you know. Happy buying!

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