Types of Collars on Jackets

Types of Collars on Jackets: A Brief Explaination

Of course, we all wear jackets when it’s chilly outside! Whether it is a windy Autumn afternoon, a chilly rainy day or bitterly cold Winter day, jackets aren’t just necessary, they also happen to be extremely stylish and trendy.

When it’s not too cold for a sweater or when you want to layer your clothes, or when you want to add some colors to your ensemble, a trendy jacket is just the answer.

At the same time, formal jackets are the perfect substitute for when you don’t want to wear a suit, a coat or a blazer. Formal jackets come with their very own collar styles that are both trendy and dignified.

Jackets – for men, women and children – can be of dozens of types, styles and cuts, as can their collars. According to Plumbingzones, You can see more than 50 types of collars on jackets alone, even when they are not the reason we buy a particular jacket.

Collars are an important part of a jacket’s shape, cut and style, but not many people are aware of the different kinds of jacket collars we see. Some jacket collars may be a copyrighted design of a particular brand or company, which the more common ones belong to everyone. 

Deep or plunging, long or short, big or small, formal or casual – we see a lot of different kinds of collars on the jackets we wear, or everyone else is wearing around us. This article will discuss some of them.

Different Types of Collars on Jackets

  • The “Sailor” Collar 

This was the kind of collar most seen in shirts and jackets worn by sailors, but have become quite trendy in the last few dresses. You can see these sailor collars not just in jackets worn by men and women, but also in sundresses, T-shirts, sweaters and children’s outfits.  

In a sailor collar, the “upside color” is seen hanging down the back, from the neck to almost reaching the waist. It has no zipper and the “downside color” is hidden under the collar. This collar can be compared to a flap hanging down your neck, over your shoulders and back. 

  • The “Notch Lapel” Collar 

The “notch” lapel is the traditional kind of collar we see in most formal blazers and jackets. The collar and the lapel meet to form a casual “V” shape in this neck area. Through the “V” shape around the neck, you can see a few buttons of the shirt underneath, as well as the collar of the shirt. 

  • The “Peak Lapel” Collar 

This is also a formal jacket collar that is sharper than the “Notch Lapel” collar, and is positioned to be closer to the neck. The lapel and the collar forms a ‘peak-like’ arch around the chest that is positioned upwards; this type of collars are seen more in jackets with which you wear a tie. 

  • The “Shawl Lapel” Collar 

The “shawl lapel” collar is completely different from either the “notch lapel” and the “peak lapel” collar. It is continuously curved and rounded, and the two parts of the lapel are often adorned with silk, velvet or satin. You can see this kind of jacket collars mostly on tuxedos, but sometimes they are seen on formal and casual jackets. 

  • The “Clover Leaf Lapel” Collar

The “clover leaf lapel” collar is when the “peak lapel” collar is divided into four parts, just like a clover leaf. The top portion of the lapel is short and the bottom part is long; the top portion has rounded edges, and the two parts of the bottom lapels overlap each other at the end of the chest. 

  • The “Second Notched Lapel” Collar

This collar is similar to the “Notched Lapel” collar, but comes with a much straighter lapel. The backside of the collar is different as well, with a much wider collar at the back. 

  • The “Third Notched Lapel” Collar 

Also somewhat similar, the edges of the top part of the lapel of the “Third Notched Lapel” collar are rounded off, and the back part of the neck has a straight perpendicular shape. 

  • The “Wide Notched” Collar 

The “wide notched” collar is extremely wide, although the shape stays the same. It’s not just the lapel that is wide in this particular type of collar, but also the back portion of the collar. 

  • The “Wide Peaked Lapel” Collar 

In this kind of jacket collar, the lapels and the back side of the collar are wide, but the bottom portion of the lapel has a kind of peaked edge at the top. Instead of a simple triangle shape around the edges of the lapel, this particular lapel has an angle where the two parts of the lapel meet. 

  • The “Wide Cloverleaf Lapel” Collar

This is exactly like the “cloverleaf lapel” collar, only wider. Depending on the person wearing the jacket, it can cover more than half their chest. 

  • The “Wide Shawl Lapel” Collar 

When the lapels of the “shawl lapel” collar becomes wider, it is known as the “Wide Shawl Lapel” collar. Just like the “Wide Cloverleaf Lapel” collar, this collar can also cover half the chest area of the person wearing this collar. 

  • The “Angled Shawl” Collar 

This collar type is somewhat similar to the “Shawl” Collar, only less rounded. Often made of satin or silk, this lapel is a little straight compared to the original “shawl” collar, and the back side is also smaller and rounded. 

  • The “Rounded Angled Shawl” Collar 

This collar type is almost identical to the “Angled Shawl” collar, but a little rounded. It is not as rounded as the lapel from the “Shawl” collar, but definitely more rounded than the “Angled Shawl” collar. 

  • The “Knit Storm” Collar 

These kinds of collars come with a zipper, and they are knitted both inside and outside. These kinds of collars are more common in casual jackets than in formal jackets. 

  • The “Standard Knit” Collar

These are also collars for casual or sportswear jackets, with 100% stretch nylon around the neck. These collars stand up and wrap around the neck at all times, like sports jackets. 


These are only some of the collar types that are more common in jackets for both men and women. There are dozens more collar styles such as these, and they are as trendy as they are unique and different from each other. 

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