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Top 16 Best Knitting Bags: Review 2023 (Recommended!)

Knitting is one of the most peaceful and joyful activities anyone can do. But at the same time, it can be one of the most stressful.

Without proper organization, knitting can become a total nightmare. That’s why you must have the best knitting bag.

But how do you pick the right knitting bag? Well, that’s what this article is about.

We’re reviewing some of the best knitting bags in the market. Then we’re showing you how to pick the ideal organizer accordingly.

Are you ready to learn more about knitting bags? Then don’t hesitate and scroll down!

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Top 16 Best Knitting Bags Reviews

We found hundreds of carriers for yarn and needles. But only a few were worth truly thinking about.

So we chose 16 of these few and reviewed them. Below, you’ll find an in-depth list of the highest-quality knitting bags in the market:

1. ArtBin 6932AG Knitting & Crochet Organizer

The first model in our list comes from ArtBin. The 6932AG is a knitting organizer for people who want a comfy bag to store their supplies at home.

As you guess, the Arts Caddy is one of the biggest you will find. It measures 20 inches long and 18 inches high, enough to store several yarn balls, tons of needles, and more.

This is only possible thanks to the enormous center pocket. But you also get a zippered side pocket for your needles and other small supplies. The same happens with the rolled pouch, making it a piece of cake to store your smaller items.

Despite its excellent level of organization, you can also enjoy a foldable design. While it is not necessarily a portable model, the caddy can fold down and be easier to move around if needed.

This matches well with the poly-canvas fabric and the metal frame. Together, they make it one of the sturdiest knitting bags in the market.

Even then, the caddy is decently good-looking with a Gray Print surface or a Navy one. Whatever you pick, it will look excellent for almost any purpose.

There’s nothing to hate about this bag. From its organization to its ease of use and even portability, anyone can enjoy it to the max.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy metal frame for stability
  • Extra-large design for convenience
  • Ensures direct access to the yarn
  • Poly-canvas fabric makes it last
  • Ultra-handy flap pocket

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2. Miles Kimball Knitting Tote Bag

When it comes to affordability, few models match the Miles Kimball tote tag. Despite being such an affordable model, it comes with every feature you’re looking for – durability, portability, excellent organization, and a roomy design.

The tote bag is 12 inches high and 15 inches wide, as well as 9.5 inches thick. This combination makes it comfortable enough to fit tons of yarn and needles. But the advantage comes from the side pockets, making it outstandingly practical.

You can add the addition of top grommets. These holes make it easy to pass the yarn through and start knitting right away from the bag.

Inside, the bag is well-organized. It is divided into 6 compartments, so you can place 6 skeins individually and feed them work through the grommets. To open the pockets, you just need to use the side zippers, making it a piece of cake to operate.

All of this is only possible thanks to its quality plastic construction. With polyester reinforcement, this bag can handle most projects without breaking or tearing.

Apart from all that, it offers a decently comfy top strap, so you can carry the bag easily. When you consider everything it offers, there’s no doubt it is a go-to choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Completely transparent sides
  • Up to 6 compartments for skeins
  • Spacious design at 15 inches wide
  • Quality PVC construction
  • The handy array of grommets

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3. AYFAMI Knitting Project Wrist Bag

If what you’re looking for is the best travel knitting bag, then you’ll love the AYFAMI Wrist Bag.

In contrast with other models, this one is super small and easy to bring around. The design fits ideally on anyone’s wrist and doesn’t restrict access at all.

If you’re a knitter who loves knitting on the go, then you’ll love this design. You can easily fit 2 or 3 yarn skeins inside as well as 2 or 3 needles. That’s enough to get several projects done at once or work in multi-colored projects more easily.

Even then, you get a set of pockets on the sides. That’s sufficient to ensure even more space for your supplies or devices.

Another excellent advantage is the set of grommets. Even though the top is open so you can feed the yarn directly, you may also decide to use the grommet for an extra touch of organization to the bag.

Last but not least, the design is amazingly portable – not because it is small but because you can flat it out and store it if necessary.

And if all wasn’t enough, it comes in two sizes as well as 3 different colors, so you can pick whatever meets your standards.

So, looking for a bag that helps you knit on the go? The AYFAMI Wrist Bag is probably your best bet.

Highlighted Features:

  • Direct-access design for smoothness
  • Holds up to 3 skeins at once
  • Comfy and soft fabric all around
  • Small and easy-to-carry design
  • Available in 3 lovely colors

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4. J World New York Terry Bag

Among the highest-quality brands for bags we could bring, J World New York enters as a go-to option. And it is all thanks to the Terry bag, one of the most practical and good-looking in the list.

The first thing you’ll notice with this bag is the portable and practical design. Measuring 15 by 11 inches plus 5 inches of thickness, the bag is enough to bring almost any type of supplies inside.

At first sight, another thing you’ll notice is the flap opening design. It lets you have direct access to your knitting supplies without much fuss.

You can pair this with the large-capacity design, boasting a large front pocket with an organizer. It boasts card holes, pencil holders, and even a built-in zippered pocket. No supply or personal belonging will ever get lost.

Along with the front pocket, you also get 2 side pockets. These include a bottle and a smartphone holder. And when you consider the zippered back pocket, then it gets even better – you’ll find enough space to store whatever you want.

Let’s not forget it also offers a highly padded and adjustable strap. Along with the attractive design available in 32 different colors, this bag will surely surpass all your expectations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super-safe pocket system
  • Highly organized & practical
  • Comfy adjustable strap
  • Extra-durable fabric
  • Available in 32 graphic options

5. ESVAN Floral Tote Bag

If we had to pick the best tote bag on the list, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose the ESVAN Floral bag.

As one of the largest in the list, this one measures 14.6 by 15.4 inches, enough to handle tons of items inside. Add the 4.7 inches of depth for an even more spacious bag overall.

Yet, it is not the size itself that stands out, but the number of pockets it offers. You get several pockets around, including 2 zippered pockets on the side. The main pocket on top gives direct access to its hefty design. And the 2 mesh pockets on the ends make it even more practical.

Bringing the bag anywhere you go will be a piece of cake as well. It boasts a broad strap that feels comfortable to bring around.

And if you want to take it a step further, then you can enjoy the quality waterproof fabric. That’s perfect for maximum resilience, no matter where you take it.

Lastly, you can enjoy the gorgeous design it offers. Available with Florar graphics and other unicolor designs, the bag looks outstanding in every way.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-cute color options
  • Extra-large and roomy design
  • Waterproof build for reliability
  • Comfy and practical straps
  • Handy zippered pockets

6. BONTIME Knitting Bag

Specially designed for knitting, the Bontime is a bag for hard-working knitters who want to take their passion everywhere they go.

What sets this model apart at first is the vast design. With 17 inches of width and 12.7 inches of height, it feels outstandingly large. Add the 6 inches of depth for extra space, and it will become a go-to choice for hard-core knitters.

You can store so many things inside that it is just amazing. It has different sections, including a front pocket that flaps out, a top zippered entrance for direct access to your skins, and 3 Velcro strips for your yarn and needles.

All of that matches well with the grommets for direct access to your thread. You can knit while on the go, no matter how large your project.

And to take it a bit further, you can also enjoy the magnificent portability it offers. The top padded strap and a small one for handling make it a super-practical bag all around.

Highlighted Features:

  • The convenient array of pockets
  • Quality PVC build for resilience
  • Transparent top for visibility
  • Grommets make knitting easy
  • Highly portable and comfortable design

7. Hoshin Knitting Bag & Organizer

Portability and organization are two of the most important factors to consider. This Knitting Organizer from Hoshin focuses on those two.

You’ll notice two excellent features at first – the array of pockets and storage options and its size. First, the bag boasts 6 compartments for your skein as well as a grommet for each one. That makes it easy to knit with. And even then, you get 2 extra pockets on the side and back for extra convenience.

The front zippered pocket is outstandingly practical as well. It comes with mesh and several smallholders for needles and your personal devices.

For portability, it boasts an attachable strap design. It will let you pair the straps together and bring the bag around while securing the skeins inside.

Sure enough, all of that matches well with the durable PVC cover build. Along with a soft fabric in 5 different colors, the bag inevitably becomes a go-to option for most knitters out there.

Highlighted Features:

  • Up to 6 compartments for skeins
  • Practical extra pockets for accessories
  • Adjustable handles for easy carrying
  • Highly organized interior
  • Exquisite yet straightforward color options

8. ProCase Knitting Organizer Bag

Another knitting organizer bag, this time from ProCase – it offers everything you could need in a very sturdy construction.

Among the many things it offers, you will notice the large design at 15.7 inches wide by 11 inches high and 11.8 inches thick. That’s enough to ensure maximum storage capacity for tons of skeins, needles, and other supplies.

It is well-organized with a back pocket where you can store things like books. But it also boasts a front pocket so you can place hooks and other accessories. And with the 2 side pockets, then you can place scissors, rulers, and other small tools.

The top pocket design makes it possible to place up to 6 skeins inside. And that’s considering the grommets, so you can pass the thread through and start knitting with the skeins safe inside. Add the practical flap lid for an even more practical bag overall.

All of that works like a charm with transparent plastic. You will have ideal visibility of the interior, making it super-convenient.

Even then, you can travel around with the bag easily. The sturdy handle system is adjustable, so you can bring the bag anywhere you go with little effort. Available in Grey and Purple, it is one of the most enticing bags you can get.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tons of pockets for extra handiness
  • The roomy design fits 6 skeins inside
  • An array of grommets for easy knitting
  • Easy-to-carry with comfy handles
  • Transparent top for practical use

9. MAGOU Floral Knitting Bag

Softness and convenience over anything else, the Floral Knitting bag from MAGOU is among the most convenient models you can get.

You’ll love the cotton construction. It ensures maximum softness when carrying and browsing inside—no need to worry about being too harsh on your hands or shoulder when carrying.

This matches well with the light construction. Only a few pounds thanks to its cotton build, ensuring maximum portability.

Yet, the real advantage comes from the 6-pocket design. Despite its seemingly simple design, it offers 2 pockets on the sides for small items like cellphones, 1 large front pocket for your needles and other accessories, and 3 back pockets so you can store even more small stuff if needed.

With a total size of 15.5 inches in width, 12 inches in height, and 6 inches in depth, it is large enough to fit all your knitting supplies with no problem.

Browsing inside is also easy, thanks to the Velcro flap. And with the large attachable straps, you can bring it around with maximum comfort.

Coming with no zippers and offering an outstanding array of pockets make it a go-to option for convenience seekers.

Highlighted Features:

  • A gorgeous array of exterior graphics
  • Ultra-large design with tons of space
  • Has 6 pockets for convenience
  • Comfortable to carry around
  • Ultra-soft cotton construction

10. Little Grey Rabbit Premium Knitting Storage Bin

A quality knitting bag with one of the most practical designs you can get – the Little Grey Rabbit Premium Bin is everything you need.

It all starts with the super-handy set of pockets. You get an 8-pocket design on the exterior walls, ideal for storing thin stuff like scissors and needles. Yet, the advantage comes from the main pocket, divided into 3 broad sections so you can store whatever you want.

It measures 13.5 inches long and 10 inches wide by 7 inches high, that’s enough to hold all your yarn skeins, needles, and any other extra supply.

Another exceptional feature is the quality of the material. Made of high-end EVA on the structure and cotton canvas on the exterior, it manages to deliver a soft and extra-light construction that lasts.

Lastly, you can enjoy the great cotton straps. They are located in the back and front of the bag, so you can hold up to 40 pounds comfortably. That’s enough to make it a go-to option for most users.

Highlighted Features:

  • Roomy design with compartments
  • Quality EVA with cotton build
  • Handles up to 40 pounds at once
  • Decently good-looking in any color
  • Tons of pockets for convenience

11. ArtBin 6821AG Yarn Tote

We had to come back with an ArtBin bag. And it is no mistake why – the Yarn Tote 6821AG is the best knitting project bag for convenience-seeker knitters.

It is a massive model at 16.25 inches in length by 16 inches in height. Along with 8 inches in width, you can fit almost anything you want inside with no problem.

The tote bag gets even better when you consider the 400D polyester canvas construction. Not only it is sufficiently sturdy to hold several pounds of weight, but it is also semi-waterproof, so it is unlikely to let humidity inside.

But it is not the size of the material that sets it apart. The advantage comes from an excellent organization. It comes with 8 inside pockets where you can place 8 yarn skeins. What’s even better, it offers a set of 8 grommets so you can pass the thread through and start knitting directly from the bag.

Sure enough, you also get 2 extra pockets in the front and back for thin supplies like needles and garments. And with the large poly straps on the sides, bringing it around becomes a total piece of cake.

There’s almost nothing about this yarn tote bag to hate. It is amazingly well made, practical, and almost perfect for knitting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple but practical compartments
  • Offers 8 grommets for handy knitting
  • Quality 400D polyester makes it last
  • Extra set of pockets for convenience
  • Large & comfy straps for easy transport

12. Vera Bradley Lighten Up Drawstring Family Tote Bag

Looking for an exquisite bag design that also makes your knitting easier? Then the Vera Bradley Family Tote Bag is your best bet.

It is entirely made of polyester, adding the extra strength to make it last. Yet, it is the water-repellent design that sets it apart. You can clean it easily and make sure no water gets into your yarn when bringing it around.

Another exciting part is its mesh closure. So it is not only a bag for knitting but also one you can take to places with sand or dust and keep everything clean inside. That’s a huge advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

The bag is 15 inches wide and 9 inches deep with 14 inches of height. That’s enough to allow tons of supplies inside with extra available space. There’s even a small internal pocket for extra convenience. And sure enough, you can enjoy the extra-soft man-made lining.

For knitters who love good-looking bags, they will also love the 5 different colorful designs it offers. That should be enough to meet even the highest standards.

Lastly, add the 12-inch straps on the side with a drawstring closure system. Bringing and using this bag around will be a complete pleasure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy & resilient polyester build
  • Mesh top makes it dust-resistant
  • Ultra-handy internal pocket
  • Beautiful exterior graphics
  • Roomy & convenient design

13. Pacmaxi Knitting Organizer

If we had to pick the best yarn bag for maximum skein capacity, we wouldn’t miss the PacMaxi Organizer.

It comes with 4 grommets from which you can feed your knitting project directly. With the ability to host up to 9 skeins inside, you can knit for several hours non-stop without needing more yarn.

This is possible thanks to the enormous main pocket. But it also works because of the front pocket. You can place needles of up to 10 inches as well as many other tools and accessories. The back pocket is also incredibly convenient, ideal for storing thin stuff like smartphones and the like.

At 12.2 inches in length, 5.9 inches in width, and 6.3 inches in overall depth, the bag is decently large for most people. And thanks to its invisible yet sturdy PVC panel on the back, you can see everything inside this large bag.

Sure enough, you also get a durable carry strap for maximum portability. Consider the 2 color options so you can pick whatever meets your demands, and this organizer will become a go-to option for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handy exterior pocket for needles
  • Brilliant set of 4 grommets for knitting
  • Transparent PVC back for visibility
  • Ultra-practical side handle for carrying
  • Available in 2 gorgeous color options

14. Katech Knitting Tote Bag

Offering a decently small yet super-spacious design, the Knitting Tote Bag from Katech will surely meet all your standards.

It measures 11 inches in length and 10.2 inches in height by 5.5 inches in depth. Together, they make one of the most practical bags for knitting.

It all starts with the main pocket that can hold up to 14 crochets or skeins. This goes well with the extra 4 pockets on the sides and 7 needle slots. And if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a transparent zipper pocket and a flap door with tons of space for all your small supplies.

There’s almost no drawback to owning this bag. It is ultra-light as well, comes with a sturdy set of handles, and it’s available in 4 different colors.

If that didn’t meet your demands, you could still enjoy the 4 grommets on top for extra knitting convenience. There’s simply nothing about the bag to hate – that’s how good it is.

Highlighted Features:

  • Over 10 pockets all around
  • Easy-to-organize compartmented interior
  • Boasts 4 grommets for easy knitting
  • Decently large and spacious design
  • Comfortable straps for transport

15. JamieCraft Yarn Bag Organizer

Super simple but gorgeous, the JamieCraft is a Yarn Organizer for people who like small but extra-handy stuff.

As soon as you wear it on your hand or shoulder, you’ll realize how comfortable it is. Weighing only 4 ounces, it barely demands any effort from your part. And considering it is only 14 inches in diameter and 18 inches height, it is among the most portable in the list.

The construction is still decently durable. Made of poly canvas, it can withstand almost any use without tearing apart.

With the main pocket, you can store up to 2 skeins of yarn at once. If you consider the 4 grommets on the sides for easy knitting, then it becomes a go-to choice for knitters of any kind.

You can pair this up with the practical zippers on the back and front. It will let you store small items like needles and cellphones if necessary.

When it comes to offering maximum convenience, few bags match the quality of the Yarn Bag from JamieCraft. And with its 4 excellent color options, it is undoubtedly a go-to choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gorgeous exterior designs
  • Holds up to 2 skeins at once
  • A practical array of side grommets
  • Side pockets make it extra handy
  • Comfy and easy to carry around

16. Teamoy Knitting Tote Bag

The last bag on the list comes from Teamoy. This is a small knitting bag for people on the go – those who aren’t looking to waste their time but still get some knitting done will find it perfect.

For people who want to enjoy maximum convenience, this tote bag comes like a total surprise. It boasts a large pocket on the front, ideal for storing all kinds of thin stuff going from needles to smartphones and more. This goes well with the enormous main pocket, ideal for 4 skeins of yarn at once.

The advantage of this pocket is the addition of 4 reinforced grommets. You can feed the skeins into the grommets directly to your knitting project. That will make it an instant go-to option for most knitters.

But that’s not everything. You can still enjoy a comfy strap design, perfect for people who want to bring their bag around. Along with the floral colors and additional 4 graphic options, this knitting bag becomes an elegant alternative all around.

Last but not least, you can also expect it to last a lifetime thanks to its heavy-duty canvas construction. It should be enough to get any knitter the experience they want – for a decent cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in Small & Large sizes
  • Super-enticing graphic options
  • High-quality canvas construction
  • Snuggly and easy to carry
  • Practical pockets & grommets

What Factors to Consider While Buying a Knitting Bag? 

After reading our knitting bag reviews, you may be curious as to what things to think about when picking one.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to show you in this section. You’ll learn every single thing that matters before you make a final choice.

  • Pockets & Holders

When it comes to knitting, there’s nothing more important than having enough space for your yarn skeins and your needles.

That’s why you must always put bags with skeins pockets and needle holders as the best options. Even then, you also want holders and pockets that offer safety. In that case, nothing matches zippered pockets you can store things safely in.

Other features to consider include clippers, mesh pockets, internal pockets, and organizers/sections that make it easy to separate things inside. In short, consider every pocket and holder that adds up to the bag’s practicality.

  • Knitting Features

Along with sufficient pockets, we also recommend features that help you knit conveniently. And that often means direct access to the yarn and needles.

For example, a set of grommets from which you can pass a thread of yarn, that’s a hugely convenient feature to have.

Another excellent knitting feature could be easy-access needle holders. You shouldn’t have to store the needle completely inside and open the bag to reach it. Instead, you should be able to put it in a holder or something similar and start knitting whenever you need it.

Any feature you can find on the knitting bag that makes it easier to knit, that’s an excellent thing to have.

  • Spacious & Comfy

Have tons of different things to store? Then be sure to have a large enough bag. We highly recommend models that fit with your needs, though.

A huge knitting bag may feel like the perfect choice at first, but once you realize it is not comfortable at all – then you will regret getting it. The same happens if you go for a small model looking for a more portable piece, but end up with an impractical bag that is too tricky to use.

So consider models with enough space inside to fit all your supplies. But at the same time, make sure it is not too bulky or too restrained so you can use it comfortably.

  • Easy to Carry

Now you can move on to portability. This is an essential part of a knitting bag. You’ll want the product to be as easy to bring around as possible, and that means size as well as straps.

Some knitting bags come with a caddy design. This usually means the bag is not necessarily portable, but more of a couch-side piece that you can store tons of supplies in, but you can’t take out of home. These are not necessarily bad, but will probably hinder your versatility.

For that reason, we strongly recommend knitting bags you can move around quickly. This includes a comfy set of straps, preferably padded and adjustable.

  • Durable Construction

Finally, you should consider how resilient the knitting bag is. Even though you’ll probably use it with yarn skeins and needles only, it is still wise to choose a well-made model.

For that, we recommend waterproof materials. Things like PVC and similar plastics will come super helpful. Similarly, you’ll want to have something that doesn’t tear up easily, like polyester or canvas.

The straps, pockets, and zippers should be resistant enough. They should withstand the weight of time effectively for an even better experience.

How do you Use a Knitting Bag?

Using a knitting bag is almost as effortless as using a typical bag. But there’s a catch – most knitting bags are specifically designed to make your knitting easier. So learning how to use them can be a bit confusing at first.

Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your knitting bag:

  • Before you start knitting directly from the bag, make sure the skein is appropriately located inside. The thread should get off the skein quickly without obstruction.
  • Be careful not to move too harshly if you have needles inside. Even the dullest plastic needles can be dangerous if misused.
  • Whenever you’re knitting directly from the bag, put it on the floor or a table. This will make it more comfortable.
  • Don’t pressure the bag when knitting, otherwise you may restrict the yarn from feeding well and slow down your progress.

These tips should be enough to help you get some knitting done no matter the type of bag you get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know you may still hold some doubts about knitting bags. Because we don’t want you to go and pick with questions in your head, we decided to answer some of them below:

1. Are project knitting bags waterproof?

Polyester and PVC bags are usually water-repellent and slightly waterproof.

2. Can I wash a knitting bag?

Yes, most fabric knitting bags are completely washable. We recommend wiping them down with a wet towel to prevent any issue.

3. How many skeins can I fit inside a knitting bag? 

It depends on the size of the bag. Typically, if you can fit 4 or more skeins, then that’s enough.

4. Should I buy or make the knitting bag myself?

If you know how to sew correctly with a sewing machine, then don’t hesitate and make your own knitting bag. Otherwise, buying one would be your best bet.

5. Can I bring a knitting bag everywhere?

Yes, you can take a knitting bag almost anywhere, including airplanes and busses. Be sure it has shoulder straps for easy carrying.


Now that you’ve taken an in-depth look into our knitting bag reviews, learn everything about them with our buying guide, and released your doubts with our FAQ section – then you’re ready to make a final pick.

This won’t be easy, though. So we recommend taking your time. Whether it is a few minutes or a few hours, be sure that the bag you’re getting is entirely worth having.

If you consider all our advice and recommendations, then getting the best knitting bag for your projects won’t be much of a problem.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your knitting a lot more comfortable. Get your bag now and enjoy it!

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