Is an Inkjet or Laser Printer Better for Label Printing

Is an Inkjet or Laser Printer Better for Label Printing

Labels may be tiny little pieces of paper on packages and boxes, but they are extremely important for a business. In fact, a lot depends on the labels when a business is delivering their products and services to their customers.

More and more businesses are developing every day around the world, and they are all looking for affordable and simple ways to market their products and services.

Printing their labels in the best way possible at an affordable rate is, therefore, a top concern for both new and old businesses to get the required amount of public attention.

Not just for their logos, but businesses need a stable way to print all their labels, stickers, and advertising materials to attract their customers.

How are Labels Printed? 

Labels, stickers, and some forms of advertisement materials are, of course, all printed using a printer. It has to be a very high-quality printer to do the job of printing labels and stickers perfectly.

The process of printing labels on paper for businesses and stores is somewhat the same as regular printing of official paper, only the papers and the type of ink are different.

However, it is very important to discuss which type of printer should be used for printing labels, whether you are doing it for your own business or if you have a printing business of your own. T

the type of printer, the ink used in printing, and especially the paper used in printing – these are all important parts of printing labels.

First, it is important to understand the need for high-quality printing for printing labels.

Best Printers for Printing Labels

First and foremost, two types of printers are the most popular when it comes to printing labels: inkjet printers and laser printers.

Inkjet Printers are more used for computer printing, where any image or text you see on the computer can be duplicated on paper.

Tiny droplets of ink are used on plastic substrates and paper to create text, design, or images – black&white or colorful. Inkjet printers are in fact the most common type of printers used anywhere and for most kinds of printing work.

Laser Printers, on the other hand, uses a technology that can be called a “non-impact” one. This means that the keys inside the printer don’t strike or touch the paper, rather the entire operation is done with a laser beam.

An acute laser beam inside the laser printer draws any text or shape on the paper using electrical charges.

Difference between Inkjet and Laser Printer

Perhaps the biggest difference between an inkjet and a laser printer is that inkjet printers use ink. Laser printers use a kind of crushed ink powder known as “toner” instead of ink.

Inkjet printers are the more popular choice for printers used in household printing, official printing, and paperwork. Laser printers are mostly used for businesses and commercial purposes.

Inkjet printers are more suitable for low-volume printing, i.e. they are ideally used occasionally when the need for printing arises.

Laser printers, on the other hand, are mostly used in commercial settings for high-volume printing. These kinds of printers can be used continuously and large-scale production without the machine getting damaged.

Although the printing quality is almost the same, inkjet printers are much better with colored images while laser printers are better with black and white text and designs.

For printing photographs and images, it is much better to use an inkjet printer. But as a reliable printer for documents, a laser printer is better.

The printing speed of laser printers is much higher than that of inkjet printers, too. A regular laser printer can print 35 pages in a minute on average whereas an inkjet printer can produce only 15 pages in a minute.

Laser printers are also known to be more economical than inkjet printers, mostly because they are used for high-scale production. The toners used in laser printers can be used to print thousands of pages, and the number is much higher than that of inkjet printers.

As a one-time investment, laser printers are much more expensive than inkjet printers, but not in the long run. When used to print thousands of pages, laser printers can print on more pages with the same amount of toner than with the ink needed in an inkjet printer.

For occasional or regular printing in small quantities of printing in a house or office, an inkjet printer makes more sense than investing more on a laser printer. For businesses and regular printing in bulk, a laser printer will be more affordable in a long time.

Which Printer is Better for Label Printing?

Among all the different kinds of printers available all around the world, inkjet and laser printers are the most popular kinds that most households and businesses use. Although the output is the same, inkjet and laser printers are completely different in almost every other aspect.

Even for label printing, the type of printer you want would depend on how many pages you are printing in a day, how much printing you want to complete in a month, and how much you are willing to spend on a printer as an initial investment.

When specifically used for printing labels and stickers, it is very important that we use a printer that can print high-quality images.

Especially for colorful and eye-catching stickers, a good quality printer that can exactly replicate any design is preferable to attract customers. For that reason, an inkjet printer could be a better choice.

However, for label printing in black and white, or if you need a high volume of labels within a very short time, a laser printer should be a better choice. Laser printers are faster, more affordable for printing per page, as well as more reliable when it comes to high-scale printing.

Therefore, both inkjet printers and laser printers can be used for printing labels, but the choice of the particular kind of printer depends on your volume of printing, on the quality of printing you want, and the amount you are willing to spend – both for purchasing the printer and in the long run. Otherwise, both kinds of printers – if a high-quality one – can be used for printing labels.

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