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Top 8 Best Serger Thread: Reviews 2023 (Recommended!)

Tired of breaking the thread when using your Serger? Then you probably need the best serger thread for the job.

Regular thread is too thick and weak for Serger machines. They produce too much fuzz, lint, and break over time. Apart from that, the spools from standard threads don’t usually hold enough to satisfy the needs of a Serger machine – often falling short of delivering sufficient length.

That’s why you must get a more delicate and less problematic Serger thread for the job. Here, we’ll show you some alternatives to the regular thread you will love.

Want to equip your Serger machine with the perfect thread? Then take a look below!

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Best Serger Threads Reviews

We know how difficult it can be to look for Serger thread when you have no idea which one works. That’s why we decided to cut down the wrong threads and only add the ideal one for your overlocking machine. Here are 8 high-quality threads to consider:

1. New Brothread 40-Color Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

If we had to pick the best thread for Serger machine, we wouldn’t hesitate to choose the polyester thread from New Brothread.

What sets it apart from the competition? It all starts with 40 spools of astonishing colors. Every polyester fiber on the thread is specifically designed to produce bright and gorgeous colors, boosting up the beauty of your stitches exponentially.

This gets even better when you consider the color resistance. These threads will hold the color if you put it on bleach and other harmful chemicals. That’s something you don’t usually get with this kind of thread.

Another exciting feature to consider is the tensile strength. Thanks to a quality polyester construction, the thread is more elastic, fraying, looping, and puckering resistant. You won’t have to worry about the thread breaking or tangling while using it.

Even then, you get a total of 550 yards of total thread per spool. That’s enough to satisfy both domestic and commercial use per color. Your Serger machine will appreciate the use of a quality thread.

With a perfect review score and the widest array of assorted spools – this embroidery thread for Serger is not worth dismissing.

Highlighted Features:

  • A fantastic array of colors
  • Enough thread for domestic use
  • Extra durable & resilient polyester
  • Super-elastic and easy to use
  • Decent cost for the quality

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2. Simthread 63-Color Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread

When it comes to quality thread, convenience, overall quantity, and resilience – few brands can match the polyester Serger thread from Simthread.

This kit delivers 63 colors to choose from, as well as a color chart so you can use precisely what you need when you need it.

The colors are nothing to overlook. They are super bright and hold up to the thread for years. You won’t experience color fading with this thread, mainly because they’re entirely chemical-resistant.

This is where the thread stands out the most, in resilience. Not only the color is outstandingly effective, but it also comes with a Trilobal polyester yarn build – perfect for preventing breakage and increasing color quality.

All of that pairs up with the high tenacity and tensile strength. You won’t have any problem looping through all the spools without a single jam or broken thread.

Another thing to consider is the 550 yards of length. Each spool offers enough to get even the most intricate jobs done without having to re-mount the spools.

When you consider everything it offers, from the color to its overall polyester quality and its length – this thread becomes a go-to choice for quality seekers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Next-level Trilobal polyester build
  • Unbeatable color options
  • Chemical & wear-resistant
  • Anti-knotting and tangling
  • Excellent length for the size

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3. IZO Home Goods 4-Pack Serger Cone Thread

Coming with the best Serger thread cones out there, the IZO Home Goods appears with a 4-pack option.

At first sight, it looks like any other. But it’s not – this is the best-spun polyester thread out there. Thanks to its extra sturdy build and high-tensile capacity, it can work for any overlocking machine without breaking. Even the highest-speed operations won’t be a problem for this thread.

To make it even better, you can consider the 6,000 yards of total thread per cone. That’s enough to get hundreds of different projects done with a single spool. Even if you want the spool for commercial use, you’ll see how it lasts.

Because you don’t only want a quality build and a long-lasting spool, this 4-pack set comes in 4 different colors to choose from.

You can get the White, Dark Brown, Ivory, or even Red – depending on your needs. That should be enough to help you tackle any job with no problem.

There’s almost no limit to what you can achieve with this set of thread cones. They work on Serger machines, on Overlocking machines, for single-needle models, and even Merrow, plus many others.

Considering its strength, color availability, and compatibility with different machines – it is fantastic to also see how affordable the set is. You won’t think twice before getting it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6,000 yards of thread per cone
  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Compatible with hundreds of machines
  • High-strength & quality build
  • Amazingly affordable for the cost

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4. ilauke 12-Color Overlock Sewing Thread

Want a Rainbow Serger thread to get your most exciting projects done? Then you won’t find any better option than the Overlock Sewing Thread from ilauke.

You will find 12 spools of different colors each – including two shades of Red, two shades of Blue, Black, White, Dark Brown, Yellow, and others. That’s enough to tackle your most creative projects without a single worry.

On top of these amazing colors, you get a quality polyester thread. It doesn’t only deliver fantastic brightness and vibrancy, but it also provides next-level durability. The thread is so resistant that you can use it on dresses, carpets, and general stitching if necessary – without problems.

All of this comes from its polyester core with polyester cover. Together, they ensure maximum tensile strength and magnificent anti-breakage resistance.

Don’t forget each cone contains a lot of thread to work with. You get 1640 yards of total thread in each one. That’s enough to handle even the most intricate jobs for months without having to buy a new set.

Despite coming with all these great features, the 12-color set is still one of the most affordable. If you’re on a low budget and want a fantastic array of threads for your Serger machine – this one won’t disappoint you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Contains over 19,000 yards of thread
  • Practical color options in 12 spools
  • Superb breakage resistance
  • High vibrancy & brightness
  • Fantastic cost for the quality

5. ThreadNanny 4-Cones of Polyester Threads

Offering a set of 4 cones with the same color, ThreadNanny manages to take convenience to another level.

If you’re looking for a quality set of cone threads for your commercial application, then the 3,000-yard length of these cones won’t let you down. That’s enough to handle tons of different projects and still leave some thread on the cone.

The polyester quality of the thread takes it to another level of tensile strength. It works well for quilting, sewing, embroidering, and more. You can create all kinds of garments and accessories with this quality thread.

Apart from that, the thread is low-lint and super-smooth. It will help you thread on your Serger easily and quickly. And sure enough, it won’t clog the machine as other threads do.

And to make it even better, it offers a fantastic anti-breaking capacity, making it work seamlessly on high-speed machines.

Last but not least, you get fantastic quality colors to choose from. These include Black, White, Light Cream, Light Pink, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Grey, Grey, Pistachio, Maroon, and others.

For anyone looking to take their sewing to another level, this 4-cone set from ThreadNanny will come like a charm.

Highlighted Features:

  • Long-lasting cones at 3,000 yards each
  • Quality color options for any project
  • High tensile strength for resilience
  • Smooth & lint-free performance
  • Won’t break on high-speed machines

6. AK Trading 4-Pack All-Purpose Sewing Thread

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If we had to pick the best overlocker thread for its length, we wouldn’t hesitate to go for the 4-pack set from AK Trading.

This is an all-purpose kit of cones with over 6,000 yards of total thread in each. Tackling even the most extension projects with this thread is totally possible.

You get the 4 cones with the same color, and for a decent cost. This ensures you get maximum availability and durability.

And with the chance to pick from 30 different colors going from Black to Violet, Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Turquoise, and many others – it becomes a go-to choice for sure.

The weight of the thread is enough to handle most jobs with little effort. And you can set it up in almost any Serger machine from any brand. That’s something you don’t get with all sewing threads.

It all comes down to the superb strength from the polyester build. The tensile capacity and the fraying-free experience will ensure maximum threading results with little frustration and problems.

From puckering and looping to breaking – you won’t have to worry about any of that with this thread.

If all that wasn’t enough, you can still enjoy the top-notch color that doesn’t fade and an anti-shrinking capacity. When it comes to quality thread, this one has no competitors.

Highlighted Features:

  • An unbeatable array of color options
  • Superb 6,000 yards of thread per cone
  • High-weight thread for resilience
  • Completely fraying & lint-free
  • Exceptional price

7. Ocean Blue Co 4-Pack Serger Cone Thread

To keep up with long and quality thread cones, we had to continue with the Ocean Blue Co. 4-pack thread set.

You get 4 cones of the same colors, offering 6,000 yards each. That’s over 24,000 yards of total thread – perfect for the most extensive domestic uses or any commercial project.

The color options available include many combinations and unique sets. You can get Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Black, and many sets in-between. Packs with White and Black threads and others that provide a rainbow-assorted set.

But it is not the color options that set this cone set apart – the real benefit comes from the spun polyester.

You get one of the shiniest matte qualities out there, enough to look fantastically on any light. And this pairs well with the acrylic-like brightness, making it look even better.

This polyester is also super resistant. You won’t have to worry about breakage, lint, clogs, or any other similar problem. The smoothness of the thread is merely incredible.

On top of all that, you can use it on any machine with little effort. Even the highest-speed machine will handle this thread well enough to enjoy excellent results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent set of color options
  • High-quality spun polyester cones
  • Magnificent color quality & vibrancy
  • Ultra-smooth texture
  • Next-level strength for durability

8. Mandala Crafts All-Purpose Polyester Sewing Thread

An overlock machine thread needs to be of the highest quality possible. And of course, Mandala Crafts doesn’t disappoint in that matter.

The first thing you’ll notice is a set of 4 cones. Each cone offers 6,000 yards, which gives a total of 24,000 yards of total thread per set. That will fit any person’s needs, including small businesses and other commercial demands.

But it is not about length, but about strength and durability. That’s why the spun polyester threads are completely tangle-free, snap resistant, non-stretch, elastic, lint-free, and just super long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about a single thing when using these cones.

Because of how quality-oriented the thread is, you can expect it to work wonders on any machine.

This includes high-speed models that often need superb strength. And sure enough, it works amazingly well for hemming, sewing, piecing, seaming, quilting, and more.

On top of all that, you get a good-looking set of cones in 20 different colors to pick from. Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Tan, Beige, Taupe, Orange, Olive Green, and more – you get the perfect color options to tackle any project.

If all that wasn’t enough, this set of 4 cones is still super cheap. That’s something you can’t overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal for any type of sewing
  • Incredibly affordable
  • Durable 6,000 yards of thread per cone
  • Super elastic & anti-breakage
  • Tons of colors to pick from

What to Look for While Buying Serger Thread? 

Want to get the best Serger thread possible? Then you need to know what to search for. The next section is filled with the most critical factors you need to consider before making a final choice. Take a look:

  • Material

The material on the thread is what will primarily tell you how durable it is. So you must be careful when considering this. Here’s an explanation of the different materials you’ll find:

  • Polyester 

The most popular for threads, and the best value for the cost – polyester is flexible, long-lasting, and has excellent tensile strength.

What sets polyester apart from other materials is the ability to work with any kind of machine. Not only can you set them up with your Serger – but they also work with embroidery, sewing, and other machines.

With polyester, you’re less likely to experience abrasion issues, less puckering, fuzzing, and lint. And what’s even better, polyester looks amazing – usually offering bright matte finishes.

  • Poly-Wrapped Poly Core        

Also known as polyester cover with polyester cover – this is an excellent combination of polyester but with a more intricate build.

You could say it offers the same quality of polyester, but with an extra touch of sturdiness.

The tensile strength and overall durability of this type of thread are way better than standard polyester. Yet, it tends to be a little more expensive. Also, it looks neat.

  • Nylon 

If you want the strength of polyester but with more elastic capacity, then you need to consider nylon. It is a perfect choice for swimwear, sportswear, and similar garments that demand quality thread.

Nylon tends to have more colorful finishes, usually overly bright. This is an excellent choice if you want to take style to another level.

Don’t forget nylon is utterly durable and more waterproof than polyester. This may increase its cost a little.

  • Wooly Nylon

If you want to enjoy the ability of nylon to be more elastic but with a way softer texture, then you should go for wooly nylon Serger thread.

It offers the same elasticity, making it a perfect choice for swimwear, sportswear, and other garments. However, it also works well for regular clothing that just needs to be extra comfy and elastic.

Wooly nylon is also good-looking and comes in a wide array of colors.

  • Cotton 

Cotton threads are another option you can pick. However, we don’t recommend it. Not only is it not as strong as polyester or nylon, but it also tends to pucker and fuzz more than poly thread. This could mess up your Serger machine and make it harder to use.

But if you need cotton thread obligatorily, you can still use it (with care). It should work well enough for the right project.

  • Color

Once you have the material figured out, you should consider the tone and shade as well.

The best Serger thread colors are White and Black because they’re the most common. But there’s a massive array of blends to pick from.

We usually recommend Serger thread packs that come with at least 4 different colors to pick from. This should be ideal for tackling any job more efficiently.

Still, it all comes down to your needs. You can find colors like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Purple, and many shades and tones in-between. Pick the most colors, and you’ll have a wider creativity space to tackle.

  • Smoothness

This refers to the ability of the thread to run through the machine without clogging or stuffing around. That’s why polyester is such an excellent material to consider.

Even then, you must be sure the thread is as smooth as possible. This will remove tons of problems you may encounter, and may your overall Serger-threading experience a lot better.

  • Length

Before you make a final choice, consider the length of the spools or cones in the thread. The best Serger thread brands will offer no less than 1,500 yards of total thread.

But you may find some brands offering over 1,500 yards per cone. That should be enough to tackle commercial operations with ease.

For the best experience, we recommend no less than 3,000 yards. If you can go up to 6,000 yards in total length, that would be even better.

  • Durability

On top of having the right material, be sure the thread is also resistant enough for your needs.

Even if the material seems to be strong, you may be missing a few properties that add UV resistance, shrink resistance, mildew resistance, and more.

For example, if you need to make swimsuits, you should go for a mildew-resistant and waterproof thread.

Similarly, if you’re sewing over a construction-work jacket – then you must be sure to have a UV resistant thread. This will give your work a lot more resilience in the long term.

How to Use Serger Thread on Sewing Machine?

So you got the right thread for your Serger machine – but you still don’t know how to set it up.

Well, don’t worry – these steps will help you do so:

  • Open the Serger Machine

Open the looper cover door. This will expose all the tools and parts of the Serger, including the needle threader, holder tool, tweezers, screwdriver, lint-brush, and more.

Get everything out, especially the needle threader and the tweezers, which will help you enormously to thread the machine.

  • Remove the Presser Foot

This is the first step in adjusting the thread tension. Here’s how to do it:

Start by raising the presser foot. This will release the tension disks on the threads and allow you to remove them or combine them if needed.

Instead, you will proceed to take the presser off (from the handles or screws). Now, you need to lower the knife/blade.

This should leave the space open on the stitch stand, so you can start threading the machine as necessary.

If you’re starting to thread a Serger machine, then this process will give you a deeper look into how the machine operates. Later, when you’re more experienced, you can overlook this step.

  • Put the Presser Back & Raise Needles

Proceed by putting the presser on its place and raising the needles so you can start applying some tension on the thread.

Put the presser back in place while taking care not to trap the thread into the presser foot.

Then raise the needles to their highest position. Locate the needle position window (it depends on the model you have).

Now use the handwheel to match the red arrow with the needle position window.

This should give you direct access to the threading path.

  • Start Threading

It is time to start threading and get the machine ready for some sewing. Here’s how:

Pull the retractable thread stand out. It is on the back of the machine. Grab the spool stabilizer, and start threading from there.

The spool should stabilize the thread. Now you only need to follow the tension guide on top. Floss the thread into the guide and keep following it.

You’ll see how the machine starts gaining form.

  • Thread the Tension Disc

One of the most essential parts you’ll see is the tension disk. This is super important to thread well, so follow these tips:

Grab the thread and pass it through the tension disk. The presser foot should be raised for this process to take place.

In some machines, you will have to pull some thread so the tension disc can tighten it up. This should take a few seconds.

You can now give some tension to the thread. But the process still doesn’t finish.

  • Thread the Rest of the Machine 

Now you can start threading the rest of the Serger. Here’s how:

Follow all the color-coded marks on the machine. This will help you install the thread in the right places without clogging or jamming.

Continue by lowering the looper lever. This should give you access to the guide below the stitch plate. Pass the thread through it as well. Finish by pulling the lever up again.

If you need some help on the looper eye, don’t hesitate to use the tweezers. This will make it even easier to pass the thread through all the guides.

After passing the thread through the looper, you can set it up on the needles.

  • Thread the Needles

This is the most problematic part for some people, but it is still decently easy if you follow our tips:

Grab the needle threader and start threading through. Here, you will have to keep following the color-coded guides as well.

Just focus on inserting and removing the thread on each guide. Then grab the thread with the threader, put it in a horizontal position, and guide the thread directly into the needle shaft.

With the thread close to the needle eye, you should try looping the thread on the needle. Once this happens, you are ready to grab the thread and secure it on the needle.

This process may take a few minutes if you’re a beginner. So don’t rush up – take your time to practice and get good at it.

  • Set the Tension & Width

Now you’re almost ready to start stitching, you just need to set the tension for the thread and its width.

Look for the tension control, set the tension to the right level according to your needs.

The standard configuration is putting the dial in the black dot or mark in the controls. This will give you the perfect tension for 3 and 4 thread stitches.

Then proceed to change the cutting width. You will have to control the indicator close to the presser foot. Be sure you know the right width – otherwise, leave it as it is.

You’re almost finished now – just need to change the speed and length of the stitches.

  • Set the Length & Speed

It’s time to play with the stitch length and the differential feed. This will be enough to finish the threading process.

All Serger machines come with two knobs where you can set the length and differential feed (speed) as needed. Move them up to your desired results.

We usually recommend setting the differential feed to the 1 setting for most jobs. If you set it to 2 – the machine will move more fabric than it will stitch.

With the length and differential feed adjusted, the machine is ready for some testing now.

  • Test & Adjust

Finish by testing the machine and see how the new thread behaves. This is a no-brainer.

Lower the presser foot, place a piece of fabric or cloth you don’t need and start stitching away.

Check that the machine works smoothly and doesn’t clog or jam. If it doesn’t – then you’ve successfully installed Serger thread.

If you need to make any changes to achieve the ideal stitches or just fix it to work smoother – then don’t hesitate.

What Is the Difference Between Serger Thread and Regular Thread?

Many factors tell Serger thread apart from regular sewing thread. Here are some things you should look for:

The weight or thickness of the Serger thread is lower (T-27 while most all-purpose threads are T-34).

Regular thread uses three-ply constructions. Serger thread uses two-ply builds.

Serger thread usually comes in cones instead of spools, like a standard thread.

Elasticity tends to be different as well (Serger thread more elastic than the regular one)

If you want to enjoy your Serger thread to the max, then you should be aware of how it differs from regular thread. These tips should help you tell them apart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to make the best possible decision when buying Serger thread? Then be sure to relieve all your doubts. Here’s a set of questions with their answers that may help you with that:

1. What is the best thread to use in a Serger?

The best thread you can use in a Serger is the one that meets your needs. Make sure it is durable, elastic, smooth, and colorful enough for what you’re looking for. That should be enough to meet all your demands and become your go-to Serger thread.

2. Can you use cotton thread in a Serger?

While you can indeed use cotton thread in a Serger, it is not recommended at all. You’ll have to make too many adjustments to make it work. So we only think it is valid when it is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, do not.

3. How many spools of thread do I need for a Serger?

It depends on the Serger machine, but you usually need 4 threads to make one work. Commercial models may use 12 pools or more at once.

4. Why do Sergers use cones of thread instead of spools?

Most Serger machines use cones because they need a lot more thread for the same stitches. And sure enough, cones are larger than spools, so they can hold a lot more thread to meet a Serger’s needles.


As you can see, setting up your Serger machine with the right type of thread doesn’t have to be a nightmare. You just need to know which thread will meet your demands.

That’s why following our advice on how to pick the best Serger thread will be your best course of action. Even then, don’t hesitate to follow our reviews and choose one of our quality options – they’re perfect Serger thread.

Whatever you end up with, just be sure it is something you can get the most from. That will make it worth your money and will not disappoint you. Choose now!

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