How to Refill a Copic Marker

How to Refill a Copic Marker?

Copic markers are helpful markers for coloring. The best thing about them is that they are refillable, which means you don’t have to buy a new one every time the color seems to be fading.

Although they are very helpful, some people get confused or don’t know exactly how to refill a Copic marker.

It is very easy to end up making a mess in your attempt at refilling Copic markers. This article will help to underline the methods of refilling a Copic marker and advise you on what to watch out for during refilling.

When Should You Refill?

There are some signs you should pay attention to that are clear indicators of when to refill your Copic marker. You shouldn’t refill whenever, as this can lead to overfilling. If your markers show the following signs, you should proceed to refill:

1. Squeaky Sounds: Squeaky sounds are a sign that your Copic marker needs refilling.

2. White Tip: White or faded tips are also a sign that your Copic marker needs refilling. You can try coloring, and if you see white streaks or inconsistent coloring, then you will need to refill.

Another thing to consider is the usual shelf life of Copic markers. It depends on the particular marker itself, so be sure to see the specifications for it.

What Do I Need to Refill My Marker?

The essential thing you need to refill your Copic markers is ink refills of respective colors. It’s important to match and keep stock of ink refill packs of your Copic markers so that you can easily refill them when needed.

Other tools you might need mainly depend on what method you wish to refill your Copic marker with. The additional tools will be listed with the method. Aside from those, some precautionary tools such as gloves and plastic sheeting will also help to avoid accidents and mishaps.

What Precautions Should I Take?

Before beginning the refilling process, it’s essential to properly set up your workplace to avoid ink spills. It is recommended to work on a table and away from beds or clothes to avoid spilling ink on them. Remember to take the following precautions:

  1. Cover your working table with an old newspaper making sure not to leave any part of it exposed.
  2. Cover the floor you’re working on with the old newspaper. This prevents any spills on the floor. You can also use plastic sheets.
  3. Make sure to have your gloves on.

How to Refill a Copic Marker

There are several ways to go about refilling a Copic marker. Let’s get to know the 2 most popular and easy methods.

1. Drip Method

For this method, you’ll need:

  • Copic Ink refills
  • Ink dropper
  • Plastic sheeting or old newspaper
  • Gloves

The drip method is the easiest method to use to refill your Copic marker. However, this method has the greatest risk of spilling, especially if you’re using it for the first time or don’t use the ink dropper. It’s essential to take precautions if you’re using this method. The general procedure is:


Line your tables and floors with old newspaper or plastic sheeting. If there are any clothes nearby, you should move them away as well as cover any bed or furniture to protect them. And if you’re wearing full sleeves, you should roll them up to avoid ink staining on them.

Adding Ink

Open both caps from the marker and ink container. Use an ink dropper to collect some ink from the ink refill packs.

Hold the tip of the marker at an angle with the wide side of the nib exposed to the mouth of the ink dropper. Slowly release the ink and let it fall one drop at a time. The tip will absorb it.


Slowly drop the ink. Only stop when it is overfilling, which you will notice when the ink starts dripping off the tip of your marker.

Make sure you have some plastic sheets under it. Let any excess ink drip off the tip before closing both ends of the cap.


Remember to slowly drip ink onto the tips. It’s very easy to overshoot the amount of ink you need and end up spilling it everywhere.

Booster Method

For this method, you’ll need:

  • Copic ink refill
  • Plastic sheeting or old newspapers
  • Gloves
  • Tweezers
  • Copic refill booster
  • Tweezers

The drip method is an easy method to refill your Copic markers. However, there is a risk of spilling. A much better way is to make use of Copic boosters, which are made to refill your markers. The general procedure is:


Similar to the drip method, set up your work table covering it with plastic sheeting or newspapers. Do the same for your furniture.

Open both caps of the marker. Remove the cap on the ink refill pack. Take out a booster and screw it onto the ink refill pack making sure it is secure.

Removing the Nib

To use your booster, you need to first remove the nib of your Copic marker. This can be done using tweezers. Carefully grab the nib and slowly pull the nib out. Do not press too hard, or you might deform the nib and make coloring difficult.

Adding Ink

After removing the nib, carefully place it at hand’s reach. The booster attached to the ink refill pack should have a needle.

Insert it into the open end of the marker. Squeeze the ink refill pack to add ink to the marker. Hold the two vertically to help the ink drip into the marker.

Make sure to carefully monitor the amount of the ink you’re adding, making sure not to overfill. Generally, 2 cc of ink will work with Wide markers requiring 3 to 4 cc.

Remove the Booster

Once your marker is filled, remove the needle and the booster. Unscrew the booster from the refill pack and place the cap onto the refill pack. Using cotton swabs, clean the needle of your booster pack to remove any traces of ink at the mouth.

Reattach the Nib

Using tweezers, reattach the nib of your marker, making sure it is secure. Push it inside a bit and draw a few streaks using it to check.


Be very careful when handling the nib, as it’s very easy to deform or damage it. While using a booster is preferred, in case you don’t have one, you can slowly drip ink onto the marker after removing the nib. Be careful, as it is easy to overfill and spill ink.


When your coloring becomes inconsistent, you might be tempted to buy a new Copic marker. Refilling a Copic marker is very easy and will save you a lot over time, especially if you color a lot.

And don’t forget to let us know your opinion regarding our “how to refill a Copic marker” guide.

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