Best Inkpad for Stamping

Best Inkpad for Stamping: Reviews in 2023 (Recommended!)

It doesn’t matter the project you’re working on – it is always essential to have the right tools. That’s why having the best ink pads for stamping is critical.

If you need to leave your mark on paper, create unique designs on wood, or simply stamp something on metal – then you’ll want to have something that works. And without the right ink pads – that won’t be possible.

So, are you ready to learn more about the best ink pads out there and how they can help you out? Then keep reading this article to find out!

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Top 8 Best Inkpads for Stamping

You’ll find tons of different options to pick from – but few of them are truly worth trying. Here, we bring only those that you need to try. So you have the reviews for 8 models that will probably surpass your expectations:

1. Lsushine Craft Ink Pad Stamps

Among the most popular ink pads in the market, you’ll find the Lsushine Craft Ink Pads. They work on almost any surface, going from fabric to wood, paper, notepads, journals, and even scrapbooks and card stocks.

What makes them such an excellent choice is the durability they offer. Despite being mainly for children to play with, you can find these pads to be amazingly resilient. They are actually waterproof, so you can expect them to last a long time on surfaces.

Another huge advantage is how light yet deep the color is. Using mainly dye for their production, you can expect the color to look intense and mark everything perfectly.

To make this set even better, you get 11 different colors. From Purple to Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and even shiny Silver and Gold. That’s enough to make your child fill up with creativity and create outstanding art crafts.

It doesn’t matter what they’re for, they will always handle the job and make everything more beautiful. That’s how fantastic this set is.

Highlighted Features:

  • Intense colors look superb on any surface
  • Durable dye-based ink lasts for years
  • Waterproof formula withstands moisture
  • Up to 11 different colors available
  • Totally safe for children to use

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2. Ranger Archival Ink Pad

If we had to pick the best black ink pad for stamping, we would surely give the title to the Ranger Archival Ink Pad.

This is a permanent ink that sticks like no other to the surface. With such an intense yet resilient color, you can expect the Ranger Ink Pad to last a lifetime looking neat.

This goes well with the anti-smudging, bleed-proof, and water-resistant formula. It combines the best properties of dye ink to deliver a non-toxic and low-odor experience as well. You can enjoy stamping for hours with this ink pad, and it won’t cause any discomfort.

But it is not only the durability but the richness of the color. You can use it on any gloss or matte paper surface, and it will handle the job like no other – providing superb appearance.

And this will work no matter the tone you pick. There are more than 14 ink pad options to go for – going from Jet Black to Coffee, Carnation Red, Olive, Sepia, Library Green, and 8 other rich & beautiful options. There’s enough to handle any job or project with only Ranger’s ink pads.

Lastly, you can expect every stamp to dry down in 20 minutes. If you want it do dry faster, then using a little heat would be the way to go.

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptional color richness
  • Super durable dye formula
  • Totally waterproof and resilient
  • Available in 14 different colors
  • Low-odor and non-toxic formula

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3. Tsukineko Memento Dew Drops

If there’s a genuine quality brand out there, then that’s Tsukineko. It is the brand behind the popular Memento ink pads – one of the best in the market.

Instead of ink pads, however, the Memento pack is called Dew Drop. This is a 12-color set that contains dye ink with colors going from red Lady Bug to Tuxedo Black, pink Lilac Posies, and more. Whatever you want to stamp, this set will make it possible with maximum creativity.

But it is not the color choices that make it such an excellent choice. There’s something else you will love – the clamshells they come with. It allows ease of use and provides a convenient way to store your inks. At the same time, these pads are totally reusable, so you can refill them whenever the ink empties out.

Another colossal feature from the Memento Drew Drops is the excellent coverage and richness they offer. You can enjoy fine detail on each stamp while adding a uniform shape to anything. Even the hardest of stamps will look superb with this set of ink pads.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the ink is totally fade resistant. Despite the top-notch color and uniformity – each ink formula withstands the harshest of uses with ease. Yet, you can clean them with total ease.

Highlighted Features:

  • A beautiful array of 12 colors to enjoy
  • Highly convenient refillable clamshells
  • Uniform and detailed ink coverage
  • Resilient fade-resistant formula
  • Clean easily when necessary

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4. GooMart Washable Rubber Stamping Ink Pads

Want the best ink pads for rubber stamping? Then there’s no better option for you than the GooMart Ink Pads.

This is a set of 8 different pads with all kinds of colors to enjoy. The real advantage comes from the size of the pads at 7-inches diameter. That’s large enough to fit an entire child’s hand with no issue. And that’s precisely what they’re made for.

Each color is super bright, nonetheless, offering a delicate dye-based ink that can be stamped anywhere. However, the ink is also totally washable if necessary – making the whole set even better.

You won’t have to worry when using these ink pads either. The formula is totally safe and non-toxic, plus it has a mild smell which makes them even more pleasant to use.

Despite their mild formula, they’re still durable. Every single ink pad color on this set will manage to last a year stored in their plastic box. That’s enough to be sure that you won’t have to buy new ones after a few months.

There’s simply nothing about this set to hate. If you’re looking for a way to entertain your kids while giving them a reason to be creative – this should be your way to go.

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra convenient pad size at 7 inches diameter
  • Non-toxic & washable formula for children
  • Excellent array of colors for creativity
  • Durable dye-based ink lasts up to a year stored
  • Handy ink pads stack together for easy storage

5. Tsukineko Full-Size StazOn Multi-Surface Inkpad

Coming back with Tsukineko ink pads, we now find the famous StazOn. This is a multi-surface permanent ink stamp pad that delivers a unique result – super bright and resilient on any surface.

The first thing you’ll notice when using this ink pad is the ability to look amazing on any surface. You can make it work on cellophane, ceramic, aluminum foil, acrylic, plastic, and even metal. It works similarly on porous or non-porous surfaces and provides a durable mark still.

Another considerable advantage is the array of colors you get. With over 25 contemporary tones to choose from, this ink pad becomes a go-to option for anyone. Despite being a little more expensive than its competitors, it is still totally worth it.

At the same time, the ink is totally non-toxic and has one of the mildest smells in the market. You won’t have to get dizzy while working with the dye – even in the longest projects.

And finally, it comes in one of the most practical containers in the market. This container boasts a transparent plastic lid you can easily lift back to start working with the ink. And with the plastic cover it has, you won’t need to make a mess when using it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly effective multi-surface capacity
  • Delivers a durable mark on every surface
  • Comes in 25 bright and intense colors
  • Mild smell with a non-toxic formula for safety
  • Amazing containers for extra handiness

6. GYORGKSHI Washable Stamp Pad for Kids

Among the most affordable options in the list – the GYORGKSHI Washable set of Stamp Pads for Kids will surpass all your expectations.

You get a total of 16 colors to stamp with, every shade with an intense and bright formula. They can use the whole set to put their creativity into work. Or you can use the set to get any project done no matter the difficulty – as these inks are still mixable.

The ink also works on multiple surfaces with no problem. Whether it is wood or paper, fabric, notepads, scrapbooks, and much more – there’s no limit to where you can use these pads.

Still, every single ink on this set is totally washable. With a water-soluble formula, you’ll have no problem getting them off any surface so you can keep on working even after a messy mistake. Similarly, you can get them off your child’s if necessary – with no safety issue.

Applying the inks takes little to no effort either. You have a thick & large sponge that allows straightforward application. This goes well with the easy-to-store pad containers made of plastic.

Storing, using, and enjoying the whole set will be a piece of cake. This is a set of stamp ink pads you don’t want to overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • A convenient array of 16 colors to pick
  • Bright & intense inks for gorgeous results
  • The washable and non-toxic formula for safety
  • Large and thick sponge for easy use
  • Handy containers allow effortless storage

7. PMLAND Stamp Ink Pads for Craft

Want to have a complete array of colors to choose from? Then go for the PMLAND Stamp Ink Pads for Crafts.

You get 15 shades to stamp with, making it a piece of cake to choose what you need to use on your project. At the same time, you can mix them to get unique shades – adding an extra layer of convenience to the whole set.

At the same time, every color is fade-resistant and fast-drying. Because they come with a pigment base, they’re likely to last a long time on any surface. This also provides an intense and good-looking result with every stamp you apply.

The containers offer another advantage – they come with extra oil in the sponge. That’s an excellent way to keep them wet for longer. You won’t have to worry about a dry ink pad with this set.

Despite that, they are totally safe to use and come with a mild smell. You can get them for personal use and not get dizzy with the strong smell. Or you can let children use it without any single problem.

Considering the quality of the color, the number, and how safe they are – this is a set you don’t want to overlook.

Highlighted Features:

  • A handy set of 15 assorted colors
  • Fast-drying & fade-resistant formula
  • Gorgeous results with decent saturation
  • Extra-oily sponge prevents drying
  • Totally safe to use

8. Szsrcywd Craft Ink Pad Stamps Pads

To finish the list, we had to bring the cheapest option in the list – the Szsrcywd craft ink stamp pads.

This is a set of 20 different colors that allow maximum creativity while providing excellent results every time. You get everything from Purple to Rose, Brown, Gold, and even Pink. That’s enough to work on even the most demanding of stamping jobs.

Another advantage is the capacity to work on any surface. The ink adheres well to wood, metal, fabric, and more. At the same time, the ink is totally soluble and offers a water base so you can clean it after drying if necessary.

You could easily say that any person can use these ink pads without problems. Whether it is for a demanding job that demands lots of colors or a simple children’s project with no objective – these ink pads will work wonders.

Ideal for stamping directly from the skin, as well as enjoying its massive number of colors – this is a cheap set for those who expect quality without spending a fortune. You won’t regret getting this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Safe and washable water-based ink
  • Excellent color availability for cheap
  • Decent adhesion to any surface
  • Practical plastic containers for easy use
  • Unbeatable price for the quality

Buying Guide for Inkpad for Stamping 

Getting the best stamp pads won’t be the hardest thing you do. But it will still take a little time and effort to do right. Here are the different things you’ll have to think about before making a final choice:

Types of Inkpads for Stamping

There are various types of ink pads you can use for stamping. But only 4 kinds stand out like the most common. These are:

  • Dye-Based

A dye-based ink pad is usually made with dye. That means it has a water base that usually delivers an intense mark that works wonders on most light surfaces. What makes it so useful is the solubility, making dye-based inks more mixable but also washable.

  • Pigment-Based

If you like something that dries faster and doesn’t wash so easily, then you’ll go for a pigment-based ink pad. This kind of ink typically looks more saturated, making it perfect for dark surfaces. Still, it is a little hard to wash and dries super-fast which makes it excellent for quick jobs.

  • Hybrid

If you want something that dries faster than dye inks but still offers the chance to wash easily – then you need a hybrid ink pad. It combines the best qualities of the previous two kinds to deliver a highly resilient, fast-drying, and convenient ink.

  • Specialty

Here, you’ll find all those kinds like glue inks, watermark ink pad, glitter ink pads, and so on. Anything that has a particular color, effect, or purpose is a specialty ink pad. These are useful if you want to achieve something specific that other pads don’t offer.

Colors & Variety

Once you have the type of ink pad figured out – then you’re ready to consider the different colors and varieties available.

This is important because some ink pads come in sets of several colors, while others come individually. We recommend you go for the one that best matches what you’re looking to create.

For example, if you want to work on a big art project – then you’ll probably want something that offers at least 3 different colors. Luckily, most sets come from 6 up to 20 colors. You can go for a large or small set, depending on how many colors you may need.

But if you only need an ink pad for single-color stamps, then an individual model will do the job. Most of these individual ink pads still offer the chance to pick between different colors so you can select the ideal option. Typically, though, individual ink pads are of higher quality and ensure better results.

Pad or Container

You have the proper kind of ink pad, and you also have something with the perfect colors to play with. Now – you need to think about the type of container you would get the most from.

Most ink pads come in simple rectangular plastic containers or pads that are easy to use. They allow straightforward access and don’t make much of a mess when using them.

At the same time, you may find some with unique designs like clam shells or drop shapes that you can re-use if necessary. Some of them offer the chance to refill.

Finally, some containers or pads offer the chance to stock them over others. This is an excellent advantage if you want to store an entire set together without taking much space. And sure enough, this also saves time and effort before and after use.

Drying & Washing

Last but not least, you want to consider how fast the ink dries up when you use it. And of course, you also want to know whether it is washable or not.

Most ink pads last between 10 to 20 minutes to dry completely. Others may last way less than that at about 5 minutes. Be aware, though, those inks that dry fast are usually more permanent or harder to wash away. Those that dry up less quickly are usually easy to remove if necessary.

This is important because it will let you pick between something permanent that doesn’t fade out quickly, or something temporary that enables you to be more creative and play around. Sure enough, you should go for whatever meets your ink pad requirements better.

Tips for Using Ink Pads for Stamping

So you’re almost ready to start stamping – you already have the ideal ink pad in mind and the surface in place to get the job done. However, you don’t make a mess. How can you start stamping with ink pads most effectively without messing up? Well – here are a few tips you can follow for that:

Before using an ink pad, always try to have sufficient light around. This will let you know whether you’ve applied too much ink on the stamp or not. At the same time, it lets you see the final results more easily – and prevent any overusing of the ink pad.

Stamping with an ink pad requires little to no force. You don’t have to push the pad with your whole body trying to get all the ink to work. Instead, you need to be gentle with a single tap on the surface and that’s usually enough. This will prevent any bleeding and keep the stamp looking neat.

Instead of placing the stamp on the ink pad, you should set the ink on the stamp. That means, putting the stamp upside down and then inking the stamp with the pad. This will provide a more uniform result most of the time, distributing the ink better across the stamp shape.

Some ink pads look like they’re dry when they’re really not. Sometimes, they’re just low on ink or you just haven’t used them in a long time. To fix this, store the ink pads for at least 24 hours upside down and then use them. This should soak the sponge/linen in ink so you can use them with ease.

Always clean the stamps well enough after using. Especially if they’re rubber stamps, then you’ll want to keep them specially clean and free of any debris. This should keep them working well for longer and without any uniformity issue.


So, did you learn something with this article?

After reading, you shouldn’t have any doubt about what to pick. Or at least, you should be more prepared to make the final choice without much hesitation.

Whatever you go for – remember that the best ink pads for stamping are the ones that match your needs over anything else. Not the one with the most color or the most expensive – but the one that meets every single one of your demands.

Choose accordingly and you won’t have any problem doing some stamping from now on. The right ink pad will make it all a piece of cake and a total pleasure!

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